We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 10-апр.
Hello! We are back (for at least this one video)! Here is our experience at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan last May! We slept in small pods and ate giant gyoza, it was a ~good time~.
A big thank you to the Bay Hotel in Ginza and to Amanda for helping us produce the video!
You can check out the Bay Hotel here: www.bay-hotel.jp/ginza/eng/
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  • hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!

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  • You guys say like way too much... is it on purpose? A drinking game?

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  • You guys are the cutest!!!!!!!!!! And your videos are so detailed I just love 'em all!

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  • A Close phobics nightmare

  • I stayed here for 10 nights!!!

  • My love for her bloom even more when I came to know she is half indian

  • Time for a meet me at mac Donalds

  • If I slept in there I would be so claustrophobic!! Especially if I woke up in there I would freak out.

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  • They should put these in the airport

  • Saf is one of those lucky people who are pretty with makeup, and gorgeous without it

  • I could not even last a minute inside a pod because I’d get claustrophobic right away,,even tho it’s not that small..I’d keep thinking of it.

  • Actually even if it isn't lit up, it is still available unless there's a red x on the buttons.

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  • I had a panic attack watching this.

  • Can't. "Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like." Lost, like COUNT.

  • I feel like it would be too hot and not enough air

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  • So they travel all the way to Japan... But he's not getting any? Separate pods?

  • I love that peach water, though! So good!!

  • Idk but I actually wouldn’t mind staying here for a night or two

  • feeling claustrophobic just watching this

  • I would have a panic attack if I was in that small of a space lol

  • Only 35$ wat

  • Why do I love watching this before bed

  • This reminded me of a mental health facility

  • I’ve had that peach water

  • Fun!!

  • You guys are hilarious!!! I just watched this vlog again

  • Try visiting Saipan after you go to Japan, please.

  • Why are some comment sections getting turned off?

  • Next up staying in a air pod capsule

  • U the best

  • Tyler looks like Spencer Treat Clark

  • What did they mean by “on ice” ????? Please mean something other than what I think😖🥺

    • they meant because they haven't uploaded to this channel in 11 months

  • Why did u go to japan there is a killer

  • Wow Tokyo is beautiful!

  • How many times do yall say like, like alot like a whole lot is that like, your favorite like word?

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  • Felt claustrophobic watching this ahha

  • Gyoza dog is an actual thing at Tokyo Disney Sea.

  • Claustrophobia!

  • Who else would get SUPER claustrophobic??? Just me?

  • Love you both Tyler and Sofia huge fan I wish I could meet you both you inspired me to do my KG-tv channel don't know what talk about yet I would have to say Tyler ,Sofia ,Shane,ryland,the try guys are huge impact in my life keep doing you cause you both inspired us to be better each day and made want to travel more

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  • Seems a little claustrophobic , but I would try it!

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  • I want to go there looks cozy

  • Idk looks cute but scary

  • Why would you want to go to a capsule hotel with your girl man 😂

  • Hey! Sameeee! I went with my boyfriend, and we had an amazing time! ...In my dreams I don’t have a boyfriend.... And I’m broke lol

  • Chest hair was one of the highlights ;)

  • Tyler went to sleep at 4 and woke up at 6.50 😭😭

  • Wait, back for at least this video......... does that mean you guys are stopping!? Im so sad if thats true!

  • I wish I could sleep in one of these but in claustrophobic..😭

  • the chest hair actually did startle me and when you said it i lost it. 😂😂😂😂

  • Was there free WiFi though?? 😂

  • I'm watching this from a capsule hotel lol

  • Congratulations on 1M

  • This was such a cool video 😍

  • That was so completely adorable

  • I'm going to japan too in may!

  • When Tyler said, "It's very comfortable in here, I feel like this-" I think he said, "would be a good place"

  • its cozy tho

  • There is also capsule hotel in Singapore

  • Honestly, I have like the opposite of claustrophobia. I would've absolutely loved that experience!

  • We should have these in the usa. Affordable sleeping pods. Overnight or even for few hours rest. Really cool.

  • Safiya said once Tyler got 1,000,000 subs he would get a perm hair style

  • She is much more beautiful without makeup!!

  • Should be ‘sleeping in a coffin’

  • You should relatively be okay in Japan and it’s much more safe in Japan compared to some other countries

  • Sooooo when Tyler is gonna get his perm ? He did hit the million...just saying.. 😂

  • Hey Tyler ,since u hit a million subscribers u promised that u would get a perm......

  • Congratulations for 1 million Tyler!!!!

  • that is a tiny hotel, i mean it whaaaaat

  • BTW I’m new so your voice is weird girl

  • Haircut!!!!!

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  • Japan is gay

  • Safiya's pod made me feel so claustrophobic, it looked so much like a morgue ;A;

  • Saf In that orange robe you look like Billie Eilish 👇if you agree

  • Omgsh I’d be having such anxiety with all the high rise buildings everywhere and worrying about an earthquake and then dying in my morgue like pod. I have nightmares about this crap you guys. I enjoyed this though you both seemed truly comfy there. I’d also worry about rats, mice & bugs getting into my pod and not being able to get out fast enough lol

  • I live in japan and the reason they jasmine tea wasn’t lit and you can’t get it cause you didn’t put enough yen

  • *claustrophobia*

  • Going to put my experience but I was studying abroad in Japan and my school had fall break, so my friends and i went to South Korea and our flight got delayed from 2pm to 9pm, which was fine but the issue was that when we got back to Japan, the trains were going to close. We took the lose by taking a taxi back to our uni (dont ever take a taxi for long time rides, it's super duper expensive). our uni was 1-2 hours away from the airport and we realized that the fare for the taxi was getting wild so we ended up stranded in the middle of no where. luckily we found a capsule hotel with an onsen for ¥2,500 so we did that and it honestly saved our lives. so i guess use my experience as advice, when you're stuck, dont ever take taxi, just get a capsule hotel, you will save so much money.