We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!

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  • Had to skip the Elvis part. Too cringe

  • Lol someone comes to the “wedding” wearing an Adidas top😂😂???

  • I don’t believe you pregnant and this is fake

  • I’m not a fan just saying, how is she that thick when she’s like 14

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bruh you can see the baby bumb, that for all y’all saying that she’s lying about being pregnant 🤰🏻

  • Also...this video is cringey. Af. Jeez.

  • Guys. This place that they’re at. Is a fake wedding photo place. Look it up. You pay $35 to get “wedding photos” taken. The end.

  • a month ago: everyone: OmG sHeS a HoE sHeS gOnNa GeT pReGnAnT !1!1!1!1! now: everyone: SHE CANT BE PREGNANT!1!1! SHES TOO YOUNG!1!1!1!

  • This is helllllaaa fakeeeeeee

  • This looks like their fucking living room with some fancy chairs

  • I actually think this is adorable 🤷‍♀️🥰

  • And the sign for the "Fake wedding photos" "$35"

  • Use my like button as a divorce button.

  • Did anybody else notice the flowers are a pen

  • you can accept the fact that you're “married” yet, you can't accept the fact that you're 12 💀💀🍵

  • I'm cohncerned

  • Cringe level 100000000.... and more “0” 🤬😪

  • It’s a fake marry chapel it’s where jake Paul went that one vlog and if u got to their website they got the Elvis package

  • Since they're too young to get married I guess they did a "friendship marriage" because 1. Not that much people 2. Wasn't planned/planned too quick 3. The man never said husband or wife 4. The man said "if you become spouses"

  • Shouldn't y'all be on Roblox or sum?...

  • I can’t wait till they break up

  • This is actually more cringe than me in third fourth fifth and sixth grade.

  • They really did just copy jake Paul and Erika Costello and it’s unacceptable

  • lol if you look up pretend weddings in Vegas the place they are at pops up😂😗

  • Hay dios :v la sociedad esta perdida

  • Fake

  • isn't it some kind of law where you can't get married if under the age of 18..?

  • Fake

  • Fake Fake Fake WTF YOUR 15 These are just pretending photos

  • I've got carried away😍 notifications on already❣️ luv'yaa all guys😘💕

  • Uhm soo... Who was at Jojo's 16th bday?😅😅

  • Can we talk about how shes in 9TH GRADE TF

  • Jake Paul and Erika already tried this sweetie

  • But is she prego witha probably silicone eggo

  • El chabón está re en otra JSBWIWVUESJAKAB pobre piba

  • 8:14 why did Dani push her girls up

  • this is so fake bc: 1) there are like 7 people at her "wedding" 2) uhh her dress 3) her mom didn't even bother to do her hair 4) people can't stop laughing 5) you can't get married in the US except 18+ 6) the place is for fake marriage 7) if it was real, she would've at least invited 1 youtuber. sorry dani but you're busted😚

  • awww cute

  • 8:54 “when and if you two do become spouses” bish what😂😆

  • You should do a black eye prank on mikey

  • I don’t get who would subscribe to that

  • the ammount of cringe in this whole video is uncountable.

  • These is so fake

  • This a fake wedding chapel! And it’s also kinda dumb to because only 2 people are wearing proper clothes for the “wedding” and the rest are wearing normal street clothes

  • No one: Literally a random 15 year old : we got married.

  • Did you get married in your house oh and the plastic chair 😂

  • When I googled it , it said pretend weddings literally what was even the point of this

  • 13:35 her mouth looks like nemo’s

  • Ik Im late but I feel so bad for Willy like he didn’t do anything and they’re treating him really poorly.😕💔like in the first video they were saying it’s his fault and in this video he looks so uncomfortable.

  • What is part 1 about

  • I dpnt understand how a supposedly 14 year old and someone who is my age can get married. And how is her boyfriend not being picked on seriously if one of my friends said that they were dating someone 2 years younger I would call them a twat like tf and theres no point in getting married if in 2 year he can't have any contact for 2 years because shes a fucking fetus.

  • Snap! , This will be my another "Cring Compilation"!!!

  • No lo se pero quien masca chicle en su boda... es increíble.... y que clase de persona los estaba casando... en serio de ve demasiado falsoooo 😐😐

  • kg-tv.com/tv/video-i98L-8Ehggo.html

  • you can tell its fake because the man said i pronounce you best friend and best friend so they not really married. Like this up if you agree.

  • How can he afford a ring

  • 11 years old or 14 years old but still gets married what if I got married at 14 or 11 I would not be texting this right now

  • BRUH SHES 12 WTF 💀💀(ik it’s fake but)

  • This is so cringey and fake, I’m sorry. I know it’s fake because first of all, the acting is off point and also on Instagram if you find ‘The Little Vegas Chapel’ you can fake wedding photos etc.

  • oh ma gah

  • U need to stop this

  • Your 15 stop dressing and acting like you’re 23

  • U only do this to get attention

  • You’re NOT MARRIED

  • Not being rude but, this is so Fake!

  • This is why we need to bring back butt whoopins. The ones that leave marks because obviously she didnt get any

  • 8:45 “you aren’t spouses yet”

  • Danielle is 15... and her boyfriend is 18... *SIR, STEP AWAY FROM THE CAMERA, THIS LOOKS ILLEGAL....*

  • Wait is this the Elvis chapel thing? It was on the news it was being sold

  • 0:09 That boy on the left is me watching this hole situation

  • Back with my “boyfriend” if y’all getting married that’s your fiancé lmao

  • Guys this is a place where they take fake wedding pictures for money

  • “Mikey, do you take Dani as your best friend forever” If this was real, he would have said their whole names and he would have said “wife” instead of “best friend forever” wtf

  • She’s pregnant 😂and got married omg same sooo fake 😂😂😂

  • I’m surprised I watch the hole video

  • *This is the most cringiest wedding ever*

  • Yuck I almost puked 🤮but can’t wait till next week to see if they breakup

  • Little Vegas Chapel. It’s a FAKE wedding “chapel” look it up. These dumbasses thought this would raise their status but it just made it worse

  • Congratulations... To my 13yo sister, for not being like you.

  • Lmao poor priest have to give her instruction to what to do 💀😂😂

  • Ahora todas las britany's y brayan's se van a casar 😂😄

  • Alright so first feel free to like this before you read so it gets seen more But I’m going to discuss why this wedding is completely and utterly fake, a video will also be on my channel so stay tuned, if you look at any other little Vegas Elvis marriage when saying their vows Elvis always says “lawful wedded wife/husband”, instead he says best friend or BFF and then he says I now pronounce you “best friend/best friend so they weren’t technically marriage vowels. Second, there was no clapping a lot of zoning out and do you really think someone like Danielle would get married in the little Vegas chapel with like 6 people in attendance?

  • Nonce

  • Nonce

  • Nonce

  • Nonce

  • her mum is literally exploiting her OMG *THIS IS NOT OKAY*

  • Who else came here from isiah perysian tik tok

  • One thing you guys forgot and that is Imagine her ex watching these “Thank god I left this thot”

  • faker than fake

  • This shit was so awkward

  • So so so happy for you guyss❤️love u Dani

  • Something is really wrong with humanity I have my vote on your divorce I don't think you know the impact this have on your life school is the major thing now but you just throw it away . I am sure you will reget every single moment your together Don't the crime👌👈if you have a brain

  • This is freaking fake its a fake wedding you make online 😂 😂 💀

  • Bruh Wtf did I just witness?? BTW you heard that the priest said you BFF and partner in crime? TFF and what kind of fuckery is this priest wearing. If it's a prank you gotta do it better u thirsty thot cz this shit is fucked up

  • How is your gender reveal party nicer, fancier than your wedding

  • Ur 15 years omg why so early u know there consequences in life it's to early dani

  • At her age im watching el demente videos :/

  • She can finally do smth without photoshop.... faking pregnancy