VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 9-фев.
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Enter the high stakes and high dollar world of modern art in the horror comedy VELVET BUZZSAW, where it appears that newly discovered pieces of art of connected or possibly responsible for an increasing string of mysterious murders. Featuring an all star cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collete, Rene Russo and John Malkovich this hilarious and gruesome satire leaves us with many questions in the end. Learn all about the film's true meaning, the strange killer paintings, the artist behind them, and explaining the quite open ending.
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  • This channel actually sucks. He just gives a long ass review of the whole movie and tosses in some opinions that don’t really mean much. He doesn’t explain anything. I get fooled and watch one of these stupid things once every 6 months. Please let this be the last time

  • hobo man is just teddy perkins

  • liked it and there's defo enough left for sequel

  • The supers is wavyyy give it a look

  • Brings another meaning to greed is the root of all evil. Watch out guys George Washington might slit your throat next time you go to mcdoalds.

  • I think Dan Gilroy must have been stuck on a flight to Europe and watched the contemporary art documentary "The Price of Everything" on the plane like I did. The mirrored sphere could be a take on Jeff Koons' "Gazing Ball" series featured in the doc, just as Russo's character could be based on Amy Cappellazzo, who also made her name in the non-art town of Miami and sold her soul. I wonder if the mystery artist was inspired by Larry Poons? PS @13:20 Did Jake Gyllenhaal just turn into Nicolas Cage?

  • Coco played a very important role of discovering dead bodies and screaming at them.

  • I believe this movie's main message is that art is a subjective matter

  • Dee’s Nuts 🥜

  • Dease....dease nuts.....

  • To Kill This Dumb dumb LOL

  • 12:12 I don’t get the reference and I am scared

  • My favourite part of this movie was seeing Jake Gyllenhaal naked :P

  • I love your ginger cat... He's like, "FFS, here we go again."

  • everytime i see Jake, I think of malibus most wanted

  • thats not a good explanation

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  • I don't get why you call your videos "Ending explained" when basically all you do in every single video you do is go through the entire movie step by step. It's not even a resume let alone an ending explained.

  • LMAO 6:37 - 6:54

  • I didn't see you explain anything about what this movie want to say, just recap the whole story, then talking about why somebody didn't die on it, and don't follow a random cat.

  • So basically a movie explaining why plagiarism is extremely disrespectful and a terrible thing to do

  • Cute chubby cat

  • I’m surprised I don’t see a “Dease nuts” joke yet

  • Loved the tone of this episode! Great laughs and a great synopsis of the movie! 10 outta 10!

  • Coco was only casted to scream! Lol

  • Your cat is so cute!

  • i just finished it and the first place i came was here. Keep up the good work i subbed since your Krampus video i think 1-2 years ago.

  • That's a big boy

  • Honestly couldn't sit through this. Edit: not this vid. The movie.

  • Watching this high was especially mind bending.

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  • Thanks for retelling the entire movie. Nice "explanation"

  • Got to say I was very disappointed with velvet buzz saw. The trailer was a flat out lie really made it look like you was gonna watch a suspenseful thriller just for it to feel like a cheap tv show. I wasn't afraid once and everything was predictable and this was embarrassing for me since I got a bunch of friends to watch it and everyone just kept saying how this was a waste of time. Fantastic trailer but a terrible predictable film. Having said that I liked Jakes character it was acted well.

  • Make another series of you playing a game

  • This movie was a masterpiece....combining my two favorite things art and horror....loved the ending people forget tattoos are a form of art

  • Netflix is a content behemoth. That's a perfect way of putting it...

  • Explain American Mary pleaaaase

  • 2:44 ah sadly or surprisingly pleasant the art market is a billion dollar industry. Get your art on yall-- capitalisticly speaking as a rule of thumb I keep to Dr. Maya Angelou's saying: "all knowledge is spendable currecy depending on the market, know everything" and so personalizing every business interaction so as to not depend heavyly on moral behavior. If I know my worth I can set the price to what I do ,if I know what others may pay i can adjust to that measure and so on and so forth.

  • your cat is thicccccc

  • "just use a fucken crayon, or something" hahaha lol

  • I was just waiting for him to bring up the Deez nuts memes. So happy he didn’t.

  • Oh, I know why it was called velvet buzzsaw! It was because at the end the busses tattoo killed her and her blood was kind of velvet

  • An elite group of backstabbing profit-driven pretentious snobs claiming to represent art but actually catering only to their own echo chamber? I'm not sure this is a critique of the 'art world' so much as Hollywood XD

  • When he said “exactly” it meant he liked that specific piece smh

  • The whole credit scene I was on the edge of my seat afraid that John Malkovich was going to be swallowed up by the sand.

  • Crappy movie. And even worse trailer

  • Why is every ‘ending explained’ video just someone going through the WHOLE movie scene by scene describing what happens as if we haven’t watched it... just talk about the ending? 🙈

  • Yeah, respect the cats lol

  • This sounds a bit like guertena's gallery.... Ib, anyone?

  • I just found it so funny Coco witnessed almost all the deaths :L She was so fed up by the end 😂

    • Veronika Alcoba I laughed so hard at the end when she found the third body. She just screamed “third one” or something similar like she was so done with everyone

  • People are talking about josephina being flat and emotionless or whatever, but i didnt pick up on that

  • The actors did very good but the story didn't really go anywhere.

  • Poor Coco...

  • The paintings seemed to affect artists differently than the people trying to sell the paintings. The artists saw the paintings move and were captivated by the emotion behind the art. The vendors saw nothing until they were killed.

  • You have real talent and skill. And you are truely a movie lover. I hope you find great success now and into the future.

  • *DEISE NUTS* sorry I had to...

  • 8:31 i love the way he said dum dum lol

  • Don’t follow cat just shove in camera

  • Really love your channel. Would you do a tv show? I'm just curious about Ghost Wars. So confusing. Keep up the good work!

  • *WARNING VERY LONG* (i took my adhd meds for once) I disagree with the last bit about the cats. While Josephina following her cat is what started everything, I feel like the whole thing was more a test, to see if she would realize the fault of her work and change, or remain the same. She didn't change and that is what killed her. The reason Rhodora died after following her cat is because she only got rid of the stuff at her house. I think if she would have made a call then and there to stop everything (stop selling, get others to stop selling) it she would have been safe. But she didn't, and the fact that she just got rid of the paintings in her home shows that she hadn't really changed at all, and she only intended to protect herself, not change her actions. The theme I get from this movie is that all the people who died only changed their actions regarding Dease's painting, not their actions and opinions toward all art. They never really changed unlike Damrish, who returned to his underground exihbits or, more symbolically, returned to the true meaning of art. Morf also didn't really learn as he, like Rhodora, only tried to stop the selling because of the danger. Even though he did it to protect others, and not just himself, he didn't really change when it came to the core purpose of high-brow art, to make money. His bad reviews not only ruined careers, but probably also stripped the artist of their ability (due to lack of income) or even their motivation to create art. While their biggest sin was and obsession with money, it was also the fact that in their pursuit of it they buried true art, that held meaning and emotion, that was made to inspired and express under pieces made for profit only. I think the reason Dease's painting were so compelling was because he literally put himself into them (I mean his spirit is actually attached to his paintings, and they contain his blood so...) as all art should. My opinion is that all art made with passion and and hard work. Whether the work is physically difficult (requiring skill or just takes a long time) or emotionally difficult (artist has to fight for motivation due to illness/lack of inspiration or just pours their heart and soul into it), the piece takes that emotion and expresses it. It's why those little plaques in museums are so important, or why art someone you know makes can be so much more important that that Picasso. The people who died didn't just not see it themselves, they also actively disabled other from seeing it. Hoboman is a piece made to tell a story, but because it is similar to something someone else made, Morf says it's a bad piece. The story and meaning in him is buried and doomed to be forgotten. In their pursuit of money are burying and forcing artists to strip meaning from their work in order to sell and survive, and overall erasing the real purpose of art. The ones who realize this and change survive and are better for it. The ones who don't and continue with their old ways or only change to save themselves but don't actually learn, die. I don't think Dease's spirit is actively working toward this goal, but I think the sheer amount of emotion in his work (his blood, his illness, his abuse) and maybe some frustration from the high-brow world (he clearly didn't show his art, and it could have been due to inability to climb the status ladder) manifested into a new purpose for his work. The paintings became a tool to reshape the art world, and restore the real meaning of art, while at the same time purging of the people who corrupt in for money. tl;dr the keep following kitties but be ready to learn from what they show you and remember that while money is important to survive, it should never become more important than other people, how they feel, and how you feel. Keep in touch with your emotions, be aware of others' , and you won't be murdered by haunted art.

  • This movie had SO MUCH potential

  • Another great example of not following cats: Alien

  • begone *thotafina*

  • GGGGeeettt that $$$$$

  • What a ad...I love hoboman...

  • actual explanation only starts at 17:32

  • I would've loved to see more horror aspects in this film

  • I can't with this movie. I watched it expecting real blood action or something??? but nada. it ONLY GOT INTENSE in the last 13 minutes (minus the credits) The movie is pretty but not that engaging. I'm so sorry I feel so mean writing this.

  • So, I recommended this movie earlier, but I’ll do it again. Please watch “They’re Watching” (2016) found footage film, based in Moldova, and has creepy villagers. I really can’t give more away without spoiling the movie besides it being cleverly written, you actually like the characters, and it’s a movie to not take seriously. I usually am disappointed in most found footage films, but I loved this one for its cleverness. Please please review or just watch it!

  • I was dissapointed with this film. The have a great set up, but went nowhere with it. No explanation or any kind of real point. People just killed by "art" and that's it. also, why was John Malcovic there? his character is completely pointless

  • The cat. It’s so, so, fat.

  • I honestly didn't enjoy this film

  • Cats are known in ancient Egypt to keep spirits away, or act as guardians against the dead. Cats can be trusted you just have to realize whether to listen or observe them.

  • Yasss Phantasm shout out. Only you understand me

  • Wow that is a fat cat! I love it!

  • When I think high art I think Fountain by Duchamp.

  • I remember when you got notifications. I rang the bell, not notified, thanks youtube

  • velvet buzzfeed

  • Cmon we arent gonna credit Daveed Diggs? Wheres the Hamilton love at???

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  • I know it's a tv show but can you explain the ending of Russian doll?

  • hi,i can’t find anywhere 2001 a space odyssey like a good explained video and i like how you do it so if you have time that would be great thanks if ya

  • Can you do The Prodigy pls

  • I watch foundflix, get myself a bit freaked out. Then promise not to watch em’ and do this to myself again..... yet here I am..

  • Do a review on Tank Girl

  • Daveed Diggs!!!!

  • Can you do 2012 supernova ending explained

  • hey does your cat need a body guard i would take a fucking bullet for that sweet heckin angel also ur show honestly saves my sanity and is exactly what ive been searching for thank you for the explanations oh my lordy!

  • Please do one for “Await further instruction” I’m so confused

  • The movie is really good

  • Velvet Buzzsaw FuII Movie :

  • has foundflix ever said what the scariest movie he has seen was?

  • Am I the only one who was bothered by John Malkovich?? Why was his character in the movie at all?? He added nothing to the film other than being irritated by everything

    • He represented the artist that started his carreer out of passion and that ran out of it by the time we met him in the movie. He was just producing whatever for the paycheck. He then, through seeing Dease's art, remembered what passionately painting was like. You see him drawing on sand at the end of the movie for his sole pleasure, he reconnected with his long gone passion and was producing temporary art for himself. Not for money and recognition. He represents what Damrish would have been like in the future if he didnt get out of the "elite art industry" like he did: an uncreative sucked out souless money machine.

    • there was my question as well. why was he there? i felt just wanted to put him a movie and never bothered to write him in

  • "Just use a fucking crayon." 😂 That was very funny Foundflix Guy.

  • Can you please explain American fable?

  • ..just summarized the whole movie...

  • If your talking about the ending why the detailed synopsis? You didn't understand the film not that it was that good but not everyone was motivated by money

  • Depedning on where tin the world you live, following a cat can be good or bad depending on its color

  • Jake looks like he is reprising his Donnie Darko role

  • Could you please do an Ending Explained for "the children under the stairs"?