trying to make diy lays chips

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 11-апр.
vlog by julien

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  • This is my first video I’ve watch of Juliens and honestly I didn’t know he could be so calm. Lmao

  • I wonder if they would look the same if you used an Air Fryer instead?

  • Хочу сказать, что голос, озвучивший Джулиана из КамедиСтоп ему больше идёт.

  • Quality work man, I’m really loving the new camera angles. Keep the cooking videos coming, please.

  • **crisps**

  • Said calling them plain is insulting but proceeds to call the plain chips😂

  • Fs in the chat for lemon lime Gatorade

  • Julien dress up as the easter bunny and get people to submit things and people that annoy them. Easter therapy

  • No you didn't

  • Juliennn don't soak them! Starch makes them be crunchy and pale like an old grandpa's knees 😉

  • Happy belated birthday!!!

  • This reminded me of Claire lol

  • Lol it would've been better if you put them in the oven

  • Lol it would've been better if you put them in the oven

  • i want to make chips now LET'S START THE CANCER KITCHEN

  • I feel like Julien’s Aries energy is only visible when he’s on Jenna’s channel

  • this is the most virgo julien has every been in the kitchen

  • Refreshing how relaxing it was to watch this video. I love you guys❤️

  • 😮 WOW that Jenna girl is good she needs her own channel

  • "It's hot I'm gonna wait." *0.2 seconds later* "Okay I've waited long enough."

  • The classic ones there are too salty for me. I like the wave ones more

  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott -Julien Solomita


  • different feel to this video, yet i loved it just as much as all the others, thank u for ur content ily

  • Happy birthday chef

  • Have you ever thought about trying to make vegan/gluten free paska (easter bread)?

  • Nice bro! Next time try to find a way to control your heat. You want the oil right at 300 degrees and you want to pull the chips right as they start to curl and turn a light pinkish color. The color comes from the starch which caramelizes at high heat. The rule of thumb is that the hotter the oil, the darker and more bitter the chip. And I always recommend soaking in just plain water and salting right after you pull them. Usually we go from the fry oil into a basket to let the excess oil drain off(you can use a colander and a pot), then I put them in a plastic container and salt them while they're still hot so the salt sticks. Happy frying! -In house restaurant chip maker guy.

  • I've accidentally made that before when make hot chips at home cause I cut them round like that even when doing hot chips.. and I like them thin.. Some of them were so thin they came out more like crisp chips

  • I'm the same exact way but with Baked lays

  • I'm loving this! I didn't even know he had a KG-tv channel! Automatically subscribing bc I loved the vibe of this video and I already know his personality from Jenna's videos.

  • As a fellow chips lover, can you please try this again, but this time fry them on lower temperature for a longer amount of time? 😃

  • Happy BDay!!! Hope you had an awesome day!

  • *did brother julien really open a bag a popcorn just for one kernel*

  • Hi julien!!!!!!!❤️hi Jenna!!!!!!!!!❤️

  • Happy birthday! 🎂


  • i’ve never watched julien’s channel before and i always expected it to be very hectic and high energy and ARIES but this is so shockingly calming wow i love this

  • We need Kermit amsr 😂😂😂

  • Happy birthday! 🎂


  • Ok Julian, you need to do alot of videos with her on her channel. I'll definitely watch!! 👍🙂. Nevermind. LOL. I'm subscribed!!

  • XXX Vitamin water is as good as Lays Chips. I drink 2 everyday. 😋

  • pringles are better

  • Cinematic Julien is my fav 🥺

  • lowercase.

  • nasty boie got cronch chip

  • Honestly, Friendship goals

  • HAPPY BFAY JULIENN!!! best wishes😊😊 it’s fuckin aries seasonnnnnnnn (lol i’m an aries toooo)

  • Now I need a gourmet lays chips episode from bon appetite

  • Shallows has the BEST homemade chips I’ve ever tried

  • so crisps then, not chips.


  • " "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -- Wayne Gretzky " -- Michael Scott

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite Aries! Love you!!!!

  • Jenna’s such a good friend

  • What a friggin' waste of a perfectly good popcorn kernel.

  • Julen- the Aries, just said “be careful with the oil” 😭 Proud Moment.

  • hbd julien

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, YOU LIVE IN A ZOO. YOU LOOOK LIKE A MONNKEYYYYYY, ANDDDDDDD YOU SMELL LIKE ONE TOO! :D happy birthday julien, hope you have a good birthday todayyy


  • I thought this was going to be a joke, but it wasnt. And I've never been more here for this. Love this!!!!

  • Happy birthday Julien!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • *kisses the chips, Me: dies!😭😍😭😍

  • Happy birthday 🎉🎂

  • what a chill guy 🙂

  • lower the temp of the oil and the color will be more spot on

  • god julien please do as many cooking videos as your heart desires

  • happy birthday Julen

  • I agree to much with Julien

  • "'""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretsky" - Michael Scott" - Julien Solomita


  • Damn, Julien, the editing and filming of this is SO GOOD! I love the aesthetic of this video. I'm impressed!

  • When frying things in oil, you shouldn't crowd the pan. It causes the temperature of the pan to lower and the frying is done unevenly.


  • Happy birthday to a fellow Aries!

  • Happy birthday Julian 😂🎉lol it’s today

  • Happy birthday Julian!♥️😀

  • I can’t stand classic lays lol I’d have to drown them and limón y chile

  • Idk if you said this, but the reason you keep them In cold water is so they dont oxidize and turn brown

  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And you KNOW who said that!” Michael Scott, duh

  • you newbie, in order to get a better uniform chip an crisp you have to fry them at a lower temp and for much much longer

  • Maybe I’m stupid but I thought a mandolin was like a Spanish guitar lol

  • Boooooo to everyone who thumbs down this video. Buncha babies. Julien, you know they're just sad cause they wanna try your wicked kitchen cookin'.

  • Am I the only one who wants to know where he got that potato cutter from??

  • Okay I watch Jenna all the time and this is my first time watching anything of Julien’s and it’s so wild seeing him calm and tame and chilling

  • As a professional chef myself, I’m curious as to how hot you think a commercial kitchen gets? 😂 I have to wear those chef pants all day no matter how hot it is, and I live in Australia

  • We love homemade potato chips, they are a bit of extra work but so worth it. Even baked chips are better than the bagged.

  • He could literally be a cinematographer I love him!!!

  • Happy birthday julan!!! Dink dink

  • Love the popcorn trick! And I agree...lemon/lime gatorade!

  • Why is Aries Julien's kitchen video less chaotic than Virgo Jenna's?

  • Waaaa I just realized Jenna Marble is your girlfriend

  • Wow they are so cute #friendshipgoals

  • Happy Birthday

  • happyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Potatoes are poisonous to dogs.... not hating, just informing.

  • asmr in the end is AWESOME!!!

  • nice video, I like how you like details

  • Pringles is better

  • I love watching you guys cook