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күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
I always open Scrawlrbox a month late, nothing new here, hehe. Lets make some art with the art supply I just don't understand...Colored Pencils!!
Id love to be your #drawingbuddy! Let me know if you draw along with me!
► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPLIES: (Ends April 19th, 2019 - 4:00pm EST)
Staedtler Super Soft Coloured Pencils
Derwent Blender and Burnisher Pencils:
Mobius + Rupperts Double Hole Sharpener
Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Pencil: Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Pencil
Pilot V Ball 0.7 in Black:
YPO Jumbo Graphite Pencil
West Design Purple Sketchbook
Illo Sketchbook:
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► Featured Artist: Sakuems

Artist I mentioned: Loish:

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  • Hey um can you draw a siren

  • I love it to watch you sketch. Your ideas floating in your head like water. XD It's amazing and inspirational.♥ Thank you for being so cool. Love your drawings.♥

  • Put the pencils in warm water for 5 minutes then they should be more pigmented.

  • With the style Pixar has been gravitating towards recently, you would be such an awesome concept artist for them!!!

  • you could try identity V.There you can find inspiration.

  • You are very creative, I wish I could draw like that. Can you do animal characters from like books as in Percy Jackson

  • A great tip for pencil colours is that you colour lightly and then you take a paint brush and with a bit of water you blend it and then it looks better 😊....? And when I was watching this video is was watercolour ingredients and it was looking great the only thing was that it was normal A4 paper.😅😅

  • I love when you sketch out your ideas! I don't understand colored pencils either. Other than when I'm coloring in tiny pictures, I really feel like it's easier to color with crayons or markers than it is colored pencils, haha! I wanna learn how to really use them!

  • Its so cute and funny to see how you put that candy on the sketchbook page and then put it away for several times 😄🍬🍬🍬

  • For blending it works better when u start lighter and go darker when ur layering while blending them together

  • The same thing that an eraser does?...

  • At 25:12 what are you using to erase the extra markings? I need one of those

  • 15:18 T Pose

  • Aww I can't enter the giveaway I don't live in the US

  • Cool video

  • I have the exact same notebook

  • The first person to see a rainbow was Noah and his family and the rainbow was a sign from God saying he will not flood earth like that again

  • 6:28 SAME😂😂😂 Also 6:41 SUICIDE SQUAD REFERENCE ♥️♦️

  • Witch craft!

  • Maybe you could draw a girl with like a long jumper...Just an idea you can use it or not.

  • I kept screaming The burnisher is for when OVERLAYING!!!!!

  • Sad i couldn't get the art supplies that you will giveaway cuz I'm from Asia 😭😂😂😂 I love your channel too!!💖💖

  • "Who doesn't love rainbows?" Me: homophobic people. Jk

  • “That’s handy, so I can like- *sees book* wHaT iS tHiS??” 😂 I like how she got distracted

  • Just like to thank the folks here for pointing out tips for colour pencils. :) A long time ago, in my teens (so, uh, more than 3 decades ago...yeah, I'm old) I was pretty good with them. Alas, I moved to digital right before I hit 20. I've "lost my touch". Also, to add in the fun...I have rather severe fibromyalgia and I tried to use my old DerWent Watercolor Pencils and my Staedtler Watercolor Pencils (and even my really old Prismacolor's...old as in they were still made in Canada). After about 45 minutes of swatching out a dozen or so colors of them (oh, and the ones that came in this Scrawlerbox), my wrist, fingers, hand, forearm, etc is killing me. It started to get painful after about 5 minutes, but I popped a couple T3's and soldiered on. I even tried the brand spanking new Chameleon Color Tones (pretty nice, actually...smooth/soft overall). The Prismacolors, Chameleons and Staetler Super Soft (scrawlerbox) were MUCH easier to use than the others. So I think I need a very soft lead. I have a very light touch, so they worked well for me. Anyway...point being, I can't use coloured pencils like I used to, and not for very long. So these tips are really nice to see! :) I think I've decided to pretty much focus on my markers for base colours and whatnot, but use soft pencils for adding more depth/highlights.

  • Clockwork 😒

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  • I'm a small KG-tv that has hardly any subscribers plz can someone subscribe I'm lonely-_- :(

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  • Was this click bait?

  • You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You sketch so nice keep it up

  • Have you tried not pressing hard with the colored pencil, I tried all my tips 😂 :(

  • THAT IS A GOOD PEN. I have tye exact same pen!

  • lmfao click bait

  • I'm still learning and I'll be so happy when I can actually get my ideas out of my head and onto some paper. I love watching your process

  • Draw an e-girl

  • You sketch really good even better than me i wanna get better at sketching but im terrible at it

  • My friend:Me I hate rainbows Me:...What why ? My friend:Cause it makes people happy Me:What😂!? My friend:Don't laugh at me ! My life is depressing okay jeez Me: Oof thats just sad man I feel ya there on my family

  • Idk I kinda wanna eat it because on the thumbnail it looked like ice ._. I'm so sorry for those i disturbed

  • The giveaway ends 2 days before my birthday, and 2 days after today. I entered just in time ^^

  • You, SuperRaeDizzel, and KaseyGolden are my biggest inspirations!! I love your channel so much you have such good content

  • Where was the clear one?

  • ~c・l・*:.i..。c:*k・'(*゚▽゚*)'・b:.。a .。i.:*・t・*~

  • Color Pencil Tips: -Press lightly when coloring -build up layers to saturate the colors -work in circular motions (unless you need straight lines in your final coloring) -be patient (color pencils are a slow medium) -“burnish” as a FINAL layer (burnishing is when you press down hard to color. It destroys the tooth of the paper and you won’t be able to get smooth layers on top of a burnished layer. Also burnishing helps give the final piece a softer look rather than the coarse look of pencil) I know this was long but I hope this helps!!!


  • Color pencil tip: get carpal tunnel surgery

  • What do u do with all the sketchbooks you get after u use them?

  • Tia Dalma

  • This was real fun to watch! I love your art style, and your sketches look fantastic. By the way, if your wrist is bothering you this much you might want to consider wrist stretches before and after drawing and maybe throughout the day, and maybe see a doctor, especially if it gets worse. But if you already do this stuff, don't mind this part of the comment! ^-^

  • Just ask uncle Stan from gravity falls he knows the answer to all of your rainbow questions😂

  • You can actually use rubbing alcohol to blend your coloured pencils and smooth it out.

  • Well obviously it’s made to draw *air*

  • ι тнιnĸ ιт jυѕт doeѕnт appear on тнe paper ⊂(ο・㉨・ο)⊃

  • Main thing about colored pencils, especially to save your wrists. Layer up the pencil coloring, it gives you more depth, and better coloring in general. And, you don't have to press down so hard. And try to go in all directions as you layer too.

  • Are u using a piece of clay to erase? And I just found u and ily already! And i love how u show your process... it is even more entertaining

  • I really liked the video, but you said something about a clear color pencil in the thumbnail

  • I thought I was the ONLY ONE AFRAID OF THE MUPPET WITH THE BIG EYELASHES AS A KID!! It’s like this big elephant with giant eyelashes and it was creepy...

  • Also a female who can perform magic is called a witch good job and they wear things called cloaks and a male who can perform magic is called a wizard . A person who draws their power from a moon to perform magic is usually a mermaid or merman 🧜‍♂️. These emojis has the merman with the whole trident 🔱!!!!!!!

  • ThAtS nOt A cOrReCt RaInBoW ! ItS Red , orange, yellow, green, blue, inigo, and violet !!

  • Your pushing down to hard with the pencils color lighter and it'll take less time to cover the bigger areas and that will help with your wrist as well

  • That sketchbook matching her nails gives me life

  • Omg we would be perfect art partners I love the colouring part

  • U just gained a new subscriber really like you taste in art and your very creative

  • How can you draw that good!!!!😀

  • Don't be too blocky with shading! It's same as Copics, just flow with the shape!~

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  • when you said "who doesn't love rainbows" I thought wensday from the adams family

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  • Drinking game: Take a shot everytime she says "Magic" 😂😂

  • Honestly I was hoping you’d drop the candy for a 3rd time.... 😅

  • *I'm only seeing the Virgin Mary with this and I'm not even religious*

  • Birthday month

  • 17:28 her: “I’m liking this shape of this one” Me : just looks like a bunch of lines and squiggles

  • colored pencils tip: start with the shading and gradually cover over that with lighter colors to blend the colors together nicely

  • I have a question. Can you order skrawlr boxes in the USA if so how. I really want some

  • I just realized that I acadently have a style really similar to yours 😐

  • We’re is the clear pencil!

  • Tips that I use: I like to put my pointer finger on the top and the rest of my fingers around it. I don't know if this will help for you but it does for me.

  • 18:33 "Let's erase the lines a little bit" *Erases half of the body*

  • I love the second sketch, the close up with the tattoos on her forehead. The meaning behind the drawing is amazing and beautiful. I love how you put a meaning behind your characters.

  • I'd say it's better to paint in circles. That way you don't get noticeable lines and scratches. Just make little circular moves instead of lines. And layers, a lot of layers

  • Why was the box soo dirty

  • 5:20 *my*

  • you should try to include the candy into your drawings every unboxing? just an idea~

  • I found out about already so no need.

  • a good way to blend without hurting your wrist is rubbing alcohol

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 actully😋

  • Please don’t take this in a creepy way but I feel asleep listening to u talk cause it was so soothing🤣😅

  • can you draw hands, if so can you do a drawing hands tutorial because i really cant draw hands :'). if you have already done one can someone send me the link. ta b xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love ya!!!!!111!111!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

  • I don't know if this works with all types of pencils or markers, but you could color the spaces first with light pastel-colored markers or highlighters, wait for the ink to dry, then color on top of them with similarly colored pencils. That way you don't have to press down on the pencils so hard to get the colors to come out. As for blending, just layer the pencils very lightly on top of each other, alternating the directions of the strokes every time, until you get the color you want. But the problem with that method is that it takes soooo much time, and i personally get bored of it halfway... As a result, one (professionally) colored pencil drawing takes at least a year to finish :(

  • When she drew that face out of nowhere it takes me like 15mins to make a head Structure it took you 3 seconds😞😞😞👌👌👌👌👌

  • I love watching your videos! Your style is unique and I absolutely love your videos! Btw... The enchantress is an evil witch villian from suicide squad... Hut thats the fun with art. You get to be creative and use your imagination ❤

  • I love the theme for this video, because I'm a spiritual (witchy) person myself and this is giving me inspiration to make a witch oc even more

  • When I watch your vids I feel like your a modern bob ross

  • The sweet was a humbug mint

  • Can someone give me a time when she showed the clear pencil

  • As other people say just layer and try to fade the the color when blending colors together, also sometimes its good to not use complimentary colors for shading it gives good coverage and makes the piece a bit more interesting :3

  • You know? you are the only KG-tvr whom I subscribed after watching only one video.... I really liked your way of sketching and speaking🙂

  • I love your drawings/sketches but I don’t like how you chose blonde hair but overall they are all good😁