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  • So many great jokes. But I thin 9:10 wins.

  • 3:52 look at thiz french xD

  • Want to oversimplify stuff huh... Breakup of Yugosllavia oversimplified... i dare you

  • hey man i liked your video before i saw it..your making awesome vids. :)

  • Do one on the Spanish Armada

  • Oversimplified was sponsored by total war 3 kingdoms. This enraged Skillshare who punished him severely

  • What’s the point of reading history books when you can watch Oversimplified’s videos? Reading is just a waste of time Your videos are the best history videos i’ve seen Even though I don’t have to learn even half of the videos you made (because i am i 8th grade and i’ve learned something years before), or because i live in Azerbaijan and we don’t learn that much of Western Asia/ Easter Europe etc.) i still watch them, because they made me know history without hating it. Damn, in fact, i liked the time i spent learning history by your videos! You are very good a this! Keep up the good work! Best regards, your subscriber!

  • The next video napoleonic wars

  • aha the gillet jeune at 3:50

  • Do a video on the war of 1719

  • that one guy spanking the eunuch lol

  • 3:51 now france :)

  • The game looks shit but this video was really well made.

  • Do the mughal wars in india

  • *China is whole again* *Then it broke again*

  • There is French Spy!!

  • Other countries civil war:two factions fighting China: Hold my rice bowl...

  • Please do oversimplified fall of the roman empire

  • What is dongs??

  • All high schoolers who got an exam next day give like to this video 😭

  • How do we know that Lu Bu was very powerful?? Oversimplified went through the work of making his own unique fighting animation

  • What software do you use

  • Why is Hitlers' father punishing severely an eunuch?

  • The fictional novel tried to make Cao Cao at least somewhat admirable (probably due to the political climate of when the book was written) but even that romanticized work of fiction couldn't cover up how horrible Cao Cao was. I'm going to check the game out after it has been around for a while so more glitches and errors are corrected as well as paying the Steam sale price.

  • *china is whole again* *then it broke again*

  • You should do something about Poland because why not?

  • now for sengoku plz

  • Vietnam war please!

  • We still need a vid for the French Revolution 🙏🏼🙏🏼 and btw nice job here you make the best history videos of all time

  • I love this channel! Please make video about French Revolution or American Civil War!

  • 8:30 Diaochan most probably didn't exist. Lu Bu was more likely to have betrayed Dong because he slept with one of his maids and was worried he would find out and be killed.

  • And did you know that there is a game called "dynasty warriors" like this game which is very old

  • sun's son, sun ce... pronounce that 3 times fast

  • Why hitter dad is there

  • Hey man please try to send more videos a month they are very interesting and enjoyable

  • I saw hitlers dad spanking ht eunichs

  • IT’S LU BU a few years later BOO HOO lu bu was killed

  • This video makes game of thrones look like lindsay lohan

  • Aww you forgot that Lu Bu and Cao Cao was very close before Lu Bu death

  • Although there are some minor problems, I am very grateful to OverSimplified for making such a video to let more people understand the history of China.

  • Pls do the Philippine and American war

  • This is probably the biggest betrayal in HIstory.

  • 6:08 is it Hitlers dad up on the stairs who is punishing that man severely?

  • Did you realize Hitler's dad when the eunuchs were massacred

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  • Where's my main man Zhu Ge Liang with his 1000 IQ strats

  • Minor correction: Dong zhuo is pronounced more like dong dgual not dgow

    • Also although it is a disputed issue as of now, Taiwan was definitely a part of ancient China, starting actually from Wu and Sun Quan was the person who ordered troops to take control of the area. Taiwan was quite culturally backwards(there were pretty much just indigenous people) at the time no settlements were made but discovering unoccupied(by cultured people) land is kinda considered annexing I guess? maybe? but at the end of the day this matters little

  • Upload more videosss

  • Who else saw Aloïs Schicklgruber in the back ground. He was with a eunuch punishing him severely

  • The video: look at you, now you’re the emperor..... I’m so proud of you. Me: yes I am.... yes. I. Am

  • 7:06 whats up f#%!@rs

  • over simplified can you do one on indian subcontinent

  • Man there is also kinda an anime on the rise of Qin Empire. Its also filled with betrayal and many exciting twists and turns if anyone has watched it

  • You should collab with bill wurtz.

  • Fun Fact : The bird at 0:22 RICKROLLED us. In Chinese of course. Edit : Also the calligraphy at 8:42.

  • How about the English Revolution

  • it seems like Hitler's father was a time traveller ....

  • 6:13 why is hitler's dad spanking a eunich

  • Next video should be about the Roman Empire!

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  • 6:05 Dude......., Uncool!!

  • Очень крутой канал ! Спасибо за видео !

  • Brain damage

  • But Oversimpilfied, the chinese didn’t discover the Xia dynasty, the Vikings did.

  • Hey OverSimplified , it is possible for you to make similar kind of video on the Kurukshetra war? Some say that war is real, some say it is mythical. But is surely a fascinating , though destructive war. And you can deal with it effectively.

  • boohoo LuBu was executed

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  • DO NOT pre-purchase. I made this mistake in Rome II.

  • 6:08 Oh Shit, This child looks like Adolf and I'm pissed he's asian.

  • That transition from content to sponsored ads went so damn smooth

  • I’ll give you 6 dollars if you make the 1916 independence war in Ireland

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  • Please make a bulkin war video

  • Hi. I'm a Chinese person, and I approve this message. (No, seriously) 作为一个中国人,我赞成这个视频。

  • The yellow jacket killed me 😂

  • I really like the Three Kingdoms movie. There are a lot of life lessons to learn from that movie.

  • Do the balkan wars next

  • 0:21 We just got Rick rolled in Chinese by a bird...

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  • 9:10 this lad roasting a marshmallow on a corpse smh my head

  • Can you do one on the Trojan war

  • 6:19 did anybody notice Hitler's dad beating the eunuch up?

  • If you play Dynasty warriors what side you on? Shu Jin Wu Wei

  • make a video on indian history

  • Wait, holy.... I just had a de ja vu watching this vid. I think ive seen this before

  • Man i hate these Chinese names

  • every kingdom that existed in Chinese history is like a game of thrones.

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  • 16min to notice it was all an ad for a game well played

  • where is guan yu that guy is one of the famous char

  • Hitler’s dad in the background spanking

  • Can you doing history veitnam war

  • I would be so happy if Oversimplified did a vid about the history of the Philippines or something

  • 36 years later, Western Jin fell, and China fractured again for another couple hundred years.

  • But Oversimplified... Chinese Warlords did not conquere China... The Vikings Did.

  • At 8:39, everyone got rick-rolled in Traditional Chinese. Look at the framed red parchments on the wall.

  • korean war next please

  • 6:25 ...So his father punished him severely