The Try Guys Old Age Makeovers

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
The guys get professional makeup to get a taste of what they'll look like when they're 80, and then show their loved ones to gauge their reactions. The final video of a special four-part series exploring old age.
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Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Ariel Fulmer
Becky Habersberger
Jae Yang
Make-up Artist - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Make-up Artist - Jen Osborne
Make-Up Assistant - Brenna Haukedahl
Make-Up Assistant - Alexa Coleman
Devlin McCluskey
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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto
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Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
Producer - Nick Rufca
Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
Editor - Devlin McCluskey
Editor - YB Chang
Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof
Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
Social Media Manager - Allison Bagg
Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore
Sound Operator - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Sam Johnson


  • "What causes liver spots? Fried Chicken?!"

  • Who else is in tears

  • 😁😁Is this Maggie’s first official video? ♥️♥️♥️

  • Becky’s reaction has me dyingg 😂

  • Becky was the freaking highlight of this video. Why is she not in more videos?!?!

  • First five seconds in and Ned is getting friendzoned by his own wife, jk

  • I’m gonna learn how to do this makeup so I can buy alcohol from the shops

  • any problem occurs: Eugene: bEcAuSe oF tHe wAr

  • why does keith look like me rogers’s 😭😭😭

  • I think Becky lowkey hurt his feelings 😂

  • Eugene looks like my grandfather!

  • Damn this was way damn too cute...

  • Nobody: Eugene: I AM ASIAN

  • Ugh Ariel and Ned and like so cute I can’t even

  • i thought i got an ad at 0:29 but it was just the intro thingy

  • Eugene is looking the best for sureeee

  • Wow! Zach's gf is gorgeous.

  • 17:01 had me crying

  • I'm still waiting for Eugene's gf/bf.

  • “Cause like everything in Asian culture, you gotta’ get 100”’😂😂🤣

  • Make your girlfriends look old, turn the tables!!

  • Keith looked like Mr. Rodgers 👀

  • You guys should make the try women old too!!! That would be hilarious!!! I would love to be old and have my husband react to it, so I want to see you guys to that! 😁

  • "Because of the war"

  • 15:54 is the cutest part!!! Awwwwww Zach :")

  • 15 seconds in and maggie is soooo beautiful!

  • Luckily you grow old very slowly and then you suddenly see your mother's or father's face looking at you in the mirror. It creeps up on you that you suddenly don't have that jaw line anymore you had when you were 20 etc, luckily you don't care anymore by then, that's a plus hahaha. ;)

  • Eugene looks great!

  • Eugene, you should get marry too😔

  • “And I’ll love YOU no matter what!”

  • Zack actually looks good bold

  • Fuck the Try Guys

  • keith looked like the old guy from monster house

  • New resolution: put on sunscreen daily and slowly turn into Eugene’s dad.

  • The Eugene war comments. I laughed

  • keith and eugene don't look half bad for old men hahaha on the other hand, zach and ned .... XD

  • Thanks Zach. I was literally eating raisins while watching. Iron and antioxidants for the win! Thompson or bust! Suck it saltanas!!

  • becky and keith's relationship is showing. they really are best friends and its so adorable. i laughed with her so hard

  • Becky is me 😂😂😂😂😂 I’d Crack up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Awww Ariel and ned are soo adorable together Becky and keith are soo cute together Maggie and zach are soo funny great sense of humour perfect for each other Eugene and beer they are such a attractive couple they deserve to be on ellens kiss cam😆😂😂😂😂😀😀😀

  • Translate this: /3+@7#3 9& 5(3 2@4 &49: 37*3;3

  • *whispers* because of the war...

  • Ned looks like a koala bear 🐨 with his hair like that 😂😂

  • I think Becky definitely has a fear of old age

  • Zach: I look like One Punch Man 😂😂😂😂

  • Im not even korean but I understand him😂

  • Eugene and Becky are the two chaotic energies we needed, at least in this serious of a video they just bring the comedy relief which I love Also Zack and Maggy are so funny to watch interact omg

  • “Because of the war” “Oh gOD”

  • Zach said he looks like one punch man but I can't stop laughing at nerdy Aang from Avatar

  • Becky had the best reaction!

  • A gay BBQ place ROFL

  • i think the asian dude was the one that looked most accurate to what he'll probably look like when he's old, amazing job

  • Wait wait wait... hold up EUGENE IS THE OLDEST ONE?????????

  • Can I just say I love how Becky is the salty to Keith’s sweet? Like, gosh dang, I love how savage she is.

  • is it normal that i just love magie now? like, i need her in more videos now, she is so funny

  • Becky and Keith ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maggie and zach looks awkward..when she say she won't date him..

  • I really wish they showed them taking all the makeup and prosthetics off. That would've been so satisfying!!!

  • And Eugene still looks great

  • Raisins suckith. I wanna deletus the raisin fetus

  • Of course Eugene still looks great of course

  • I kinda look like "One Punch Man". Lol. My thoughts exactly!

  • Still waiting for Eugene to Get a Girl so we can finally have the Try Wives! Try Girls? Same principle Or he could get a man 😂

  • Any one else getting a Harry wells from flash vibe from ned

  • Keith with that creepy nice guy smile. He's like an old Ted Bundy.

  • Wes should’ve reacted to old Ned😂

  • Actually, the gene for male pattern baldness is carried by women, so you should check your mom's side for that!

  • Eugene talking about the war is a mood.

  • They all still looked like young people wearing makeup because they didn't make them droopy

  • 11:55 "And I'll love you no matter what" xDD

  • is it just me or does Zach look adorable bald?

  • OK BUT EUGENE’S DAD IS SO SWEET.....what a cute old man

  • Eugine still looks good... HOW

  • Wow Zach looks great when he is bald

  • "Get that mole checked" IM CRYING

  • Because of the war

  • Can we cancel Neds girlfriend and Keith’s wife lmao

  • Who the hell did Ned's hair? It looked like a cheap wig of Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures

  • I'm not korean, but i know what you mean eugene

  • I hope Keith looks like Steve Carell or George Clooney

  • 1. Becky cracked me the fuuuuuck up lmao 2. Eugene’s ever evolving relationship with his dad is so goddamn heartwarming ❤️

  • Can THE TRY GUYS do a new holiday Calendar for 2019 to 2020!? PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Zach is giving me Bernie Sanders vibes!

  • i loved this!!

  • Maggie is so cute

  • Can we have a Keith’s and Becky’s skincare (night and day) routine video?

  • “And I’ll love you no matter what”😂

  • that one punch man reference though

  • Eugene and his dad look so similar!

  • Can't wait to see the comparison photos when they really do turn 80

  • I think zack low key looks better bold!?... Maybe?

  • Them: Why do you keep watching Try Guys videos instead of studying for finals? Me: Because of the war...

  • Eugene made me laugh so much through this!!!

  • B E C A U S E O F T H E W A R

  • Of course Eugene can pull off 100

  • 6:36 lol

  • They didn't take nano bot technology into consideration

  • I love Becky so much! 😂😂

  • Video idea : Try Guys transform into the Beatles

  • ,she was describing the movie “UP”😭