The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 18-апр.
PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
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  • Filming in 18:9 format what a king

  • “Foreshadowing”?

  • Apple made a phone that folded just as good as the Galaxy fold and got roasted for it. At least Apple only charged $700 for it!

  • @7:47 i remember back when s5 was released there were rumors/leaks about the samsung x which is now the fold i guess x was the project name

  • and here we are greeted by MKBHD....he's probably gonna rant samsung the macbook says it all ' - '

  • Its really worthless fold that makes direct loss 1980$ only peel off the prorector ? What the hell samsung has no brain atleast in this senario 😱

  • If I could control rewind... I would want... Fortnite, and brown ass mark lee

  • 2000$, well you probably gotta pay for more than one then.

  • Samsung tries so hard and sells so much, but apple is still richer!

  • Who is in the right mind would spend 2k just for a phone. waste of money imo.

  • what a joke of phone lol fold my ass samsung korean bullcrap

  • Apple would’ve made you pay for a new one

  • Fold Gate

  • Well that's a lesson for people who preorder stuff. Exercise patience people! It's not like they 're going out of stock...

  • Why the fuck would anyone want that phone anyways

  • JerryRigEverything ref i got the reference boys

  • @6:44 reference jerry

  • Company needs to start packaging extra screen and tools to replace the screen for the price they are selling the phone.

  • And.... What about a *Drop Test* ? 😐

  • If display is broken, that’s it !! 😎🚬

  • "if you know what I'm saying" hey Jerry

  • All of you claiming he’s lying for not showing us the footage, he has pictures -> 4:00

  • How can anyone defend this level of such low-quality? $2000 for this????? Sucker born every min.

  • Lol you reccommended that phone to everyone like it was the greatest thing ever. And people listened to you. And you listened to your pockets which samsung clearly filled. So when other youtubes had issues with the screen protector and you failed to communicate that. lol. come on MK, thought you had more credibility.

  • “Do not remove..” my Asian parent “don’t you dare to remove that protectors films” 😌

  • I think it is stupid to pay 2k on this mobile what ever you have .. its not worth it

  • Lol, damage control.

  • This is lack of common sense not lack of R & D on Samsung's part

  • It is why I'm glad I currently have a galaxy s10 thank goodness

  • I'm surprised at how people brush of huge problems like this screen protector with a samsung, yet one minor slip up from apple and people lose their mind!

  • And I am here, still waiting for Nokia to make that nano Tech phone they advertised years and years ago ;(


  • Lesson learned: stop removing screen protectors. They are there for a reason even if they are not official screen protectors 😏

  • sponsored by samsung

  • Had to be Samsung

  • *Thinks to Self* Huawei Please be good Please Be Good!! #✨

  • And that's why I just stick with my trusty IPhone. Don't need a brand new phone as theirs always an issue.

  • don't find excuses to them... costumers paid alot for a product and its bad.

  • Film on a phone with such a big screen, that’s shit

  • 6:45 to 6:48 I know JerryRigEverything

  • What's the point of a screen protector you can't remove in the first place, if it gets scratched might as well just be directly scratching the screen at that point

  • First gen problems

  • They replace u phone bcs u have a 8m viewer, if ordinary guy who got tht happen he will get to pay for service.

  • 😂

  • Mkbhd: maybe scratches at a level 3 and deeper grooves at a level 4 Jerryrigeverything: bOy iF yOu dOnT

  • 7:18 and the following 15 Seconds Really Speaks to Me.. As a Tech Lover!! ✨#

  • MKBHD: I have a server with terabytes of storage so I never delete any of my footage, I wanna keep everything I shoot. Also MKBHD: I kinda regret I didn't get to keep the footage... We: Sure.

  • Being a fan of tech doesn’t mean liking an rooting for every piece of crap tech companies put out. I don’t support VR and I don’t support folding phones I just don’t think they’re ready in their current forms. And wouldn’t care if they never became viable. The future belongs to devices that do things Right.

  • The screen cover doesn't do anything, people who didn't remove the protective layer are saying their phone has the same issue

  • A screen protector WILL NOT DAMAGE phone's screen if it is REMOVED, Samsung is banging you from behind just like Apple does!!! -.- People will protect stupidness because the majority is stupid... I said it so many times my head hurts: Foldable screens and screens where the camera is behind it will have issues. It started really fast with foldable screens now wait for S10 to have screen related problems. For those who doesn't know: All edge phones from Galaxy S6 to S9 and from Note Edge forward have screen problems and those are only Samsung phones, there are problems also with other Oled screens that use Lg, Huawei, Apple... people are blind beacuse they don't want to see the truth!!!

  • I’ll stick with my iPhone XS thanks 😂

  • so basically... ya'll just started pulling bits off it... before reading the instructions... *Smart Phone : Dumb-ass Human* - maybe next video, you can get the Samsung to review _you_ ...

  • Fucking yikes

  • Can’t wait for jerryrigeverthing 🤓

  • Jerry reference!!

  • Not ready for prime time

  • This is a plastic screen and not a glass one. Reviewers obviously haven't seen this in a decade or so so they just blindly go and take half of the screen off

  • Tht is why I stop buying Samsung smart phones, hang a lot n phone is always a slow motion movement n not good quality, only looks good, service always sucks.

  • You have saved Samsung so much money with this accident. They would have been more than happy to send you that replacement

  • yes

  • Why would you take of that "screen protector" its is usse

  • Still don‘t get the concept of folding phones ...

  • haha scratches at level 3 with deeper groove at level 4. Nice Jerry reference. Great video man

  • They expected techies like us to know

  • That phone would not survive a day in my life

  • Exploding phone... 😁😁😁

  • Jerry rig everything be like Scratches at. A level 3 deeper grooves in a level 4

  • Why would anyone want a folding phone

  • Huawei Mate X will be better

    • +TLG1700 Huawei has a better track record of Quality

    • It would be worser, The Fold struggles with merely one issue, The mate would fail instantly

  • Have been waiting for the Galaxy Fold durability test from @JerryRigEverything

  • I don't use tech gadgets much but I do understand that the foldable phone technology must not have made with traditional glasses that are being used in latest phones. So I would not peel off the glass cover pretending it's a plastic cover. It's a common sense. It's unacceptable to an experienced tech gadgets reviewer like you to not understand this simple thing is beyond my knowledge of understanding.

  • Yeah normal consumers probably won't get theirs replaced, because they were warned

  • O

  • O yeah they fucked up

  • Cost 2k to be alpha tester.

  • Why didn’t you mention that in first look. I can’t trust you anymore.

  • How much did Apple Pay U.??

  • Before this report, we were dismayed with the FOLD due to it's bulk and weight. Not to mention that it also requires 2 hands to open and close. Now with this piece of excellent information we will definitely pass on ANY fold for a good long time. Good info... fairly reported. Thank you Marques.

  • And people say that apple is bad

  • Just use FLEX tape to fix it

  • I'm guessing nobodys foldable phone will ever last a year because it's a rubbish design.

  • What a hunk of poop.

  • Έλληνες εδώ;

  • So you can just peel off the screen like a banana?

  • This phone costs my 2 kidneys and my liver

  • mk BHD PewDiePie

  • so if you had'nt seen those other tweets you wouldnt have said anything?

  • $2000 paper weight

  • Rip thumbnail ps

  • So you guys are all just ruining your free phones, and it's making the news around the world as if Samsung has done something wrong. Peeling that protector off, it's clearly not just a random film.

  • The price is outrageous, I get is new technology and all but 2k for a phone, forget it.

  • So now you don’t even have to break the screen... just tweak the thin layer of film & it’s done

  • Apple take time to make things right, samsung rush things just to say "first"

  • Just wait for Apple to do the folding phone. That will be done right.

    • Or they might just not release one at all!

  • MKBHD will upload in 2023 as well.

  • My wallet will be easier to fold after the purchase

  • This is why I always keep everything on before I'm satisfied that I should take it off now xD

  • Marques to the rescue of Samsung.

  • Now I hope Jerry's next video would not last long... Did u get it?😂

  • android fanboys would have gone CRAZY by now if this would have been an iphone!!!! but because its not.. nothing to be seen from them!!!!!