Tesla Model Y event in 3 minutes

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 15-мар.
This is the Tesla Model Y, the electric carmaker’s new compact SUV due out in 2020. It has a range of 300 miles, seating for seven, is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. It’s Elon Musk’s fifth car ever to hit the road, and the company’s second attempt at a mass-market electric vehicle.
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  • “S3XY”

  • Does the model S and X all come with self driving or is it extra

  • Y as for yawn

  • So a Model Y is a Model 3 with a 2" lift kit?

  • yeah will be good cars Tesla

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  • Fix climate change! Utah won't let musk sell his cars here. Fix this!

  • Still on trending

  • make it a little higher ground clearance and then it can be called a suv or a crossover

  • Don’t get me wrong what Elon is doing is great... but I would buy an electric BMW over a Tesla in a heartbeat

  • Not 3 minutes 2 minutes and 59 seconds

  • What's the difference between the model y from the model 3.

  • Dam its gonna electrify the world!!!

  • Model 3 with a slight lift kit.... Audience then goes crazy

  • No it's 2:58

  • The Y is for Why

  • LOL I got a Nissan commercial before this vid

  • Video is not even in 4K, come on Verge!

  • I hope tesla updates the interior before this goes into production. Make it even better than model 3.

  • Oh he do drug drugs

  • Is he okay?

  • The model why?

  • *_S3XY_*

  • Make a small cheap car for young people

  • Omg is its S3XY now 🙊

  • So does Tesla have a car the middle class people can afford yet .... it’s like dang what are you doing ? Guess going in space for who knows what is better than making a vehicle the working class can afford. What a piece of work !

  • He should’ve sparked a blunt up when the car came in to the spotlight😂

  • again. 2:59... *NOT* 3 minutes stop making me anxious

  • I really like Tesla, but that is NOT an SUV!

  • nice video

  • Whats next, SpaceX Launching the model x into space?

  • _11 years ago_ Elon: I'm gonna get up on a stage, and make a sex joke with cars. _today_ *this video*

  • _11 years ago_ Elon: I'm gonna get up on a stage, and make a sex joke with cars. _today_ *this video*

  • *Another car I’ll see on the highway that’ll make me question my life choices.*

  • it feels like he is not as excited as we are

  • Thats a lot of money of the car

  • He sounds like he came from the after party directly to a presentation. Maybe it's even the truth

  • Elon take some public speaking classes.I literally threw my phone away.

  • 300 miles

  • Mercedes AMG ☝🏻

  • boring car design of Tesla


  • I wanna be like Elon musk.

  • I’m surprised they let this guy on stage, what an awful presenter and speaker. Tragically bad. You run the company, hire someone to write speeches for you dude

  • I want an off-road Tesla!

  • It has a DUCKBILL front end. 😅

  • I want one!!! 😀

  • next car will be a dead deer in a pool

  • Thalaivaaa!!!

  • He’s rich, smart, intelligent but does presentations like a middle school kid

  • Tesla please make a truck model !

  • No disrespect but damn he stuturs alot.

  • Stutter

  • Wow, from hosting meme review to announcing a new car. This guy is going places.

  • t-t-t-t-t Today Junior!

  • he is the most intelligent person I Love.

  • Elons brain works faster than his mouth can cope with

  • Wow got a Nissan ad about their technology

  • Elon! Look a dead deer!

  • It was actually 2 minutes and 59 seconds

  • Yeah I just wasn’t really feeling like watching a 33 minute video about this car

  • I wish I would’ve saw this before I watched the 35 minute presentation

  • It is one second of for the video

  • He needs to learn how to speak in front of people better

  • The only thing with Elon is he stutters every 5 seconds but he is still an amazing person

  • S3XY

  • I love that he is kind of unprepared and not so serious, it makes him seem like just a normal person

  • There are so many Chads in that audience

  • That's for rich ppl anyway, haw I can buy it if I only make 10 k per year,😭😭

  • *Stop stuttering!*

  • This is S3XY

  • This same person hosted meme review

  • S3XY

  • aw man he needs some practice on the delivery but it’s gr8

  • Can’t wait to buy one

  • Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y S3XY... Hmmmmmmm🤔

  • I got a nissan ad and i was so confused

  • That was painful to watch, could they not find someone who could finish a sentence without stuttering

  • Tesla super nailed it with its new Model Y SUV. Tesla stock super undervalued. Will hit super 4.20 next week

  • Duck lips are out. No.

  • Seeing Elon be so awkward makes me feel so much better about myself XD

  • but... why?

  • The announcer is not even in the amateur range, he is an incompetent speaker. He stops and does not finish words/phases/sentences making it awfully hard to buy the car. They should hire a professional.

  • Tell them to make a pick up truck

  • So s3xy

  • Every Tesla will be named using the word model

  • The guy was wearing seat belt on Tue stage wtf

  • How did he get investors on board with a presentation like that

  • i i i i it...

  • Is it just me or is Elon a pretty bad public speaker

  • Elon was probably high af

  • S3XY

  • ..... 😂😂😂😂😂 Another expensive Tesla with Technology that nobody ask for ... Fact : many older used Teslas are seating on dealerships across the USA, they have been traded-in for gas vehicle, when the owners realized that payments were very unaffordable plus insurance. Don't get on the hype folks ... watch your numbers when buying a Tesla . For the price of a Tesla i could buy an RV Mobile Home and kill two birds 🐦 with one shoot. Housing and Transportation!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can't wait for the Model R - S3XYR

  • Next models out are the F and the U.

  • S3XY

  • Why would anyone buy the 3 when they could buy the Y for same price? Isn’t the Y cannibalizing the 3?

    • Just Me yeah that’s what I meant, my bad

    • Mike Kenworthy what are you talking about? I’m talking about the Y not X. Watch the video he says it starts at 39k

    • Just Me model 3 is ~35kUSD model x is ~50kUSD

    • Mike Kenworthy aren’t both like 35-40k?

    • Just Me they’re not the same price

  • Why does Elon sound so nervous?

  • Still hasn't recovered from Meme Review

  • Y is it so cool?