STAR WARS Rise of Skywalker Trailer BREAKDOWN! Palpatine & Leia Explained!

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Star Wars Episode 9 THE RISE OF SKYWALKER released its first teaser trailer, filled with mysterious clues pointing to Star Wars history -- Emperor Palpatine, the Death Star, Leia, and Lando Calrissian! Erik Voss breaks down all the details you missed in this latest Star Wars trailer from director JJ Abrams, returning from The Force Awakens, taking back the reigns after The Last Jedi. Why is Kylo Ren repairing his broken mask? What do Rey, Poe, and Finn want from the ruins of the Death Star? How will the film depict Leia after Carrie Fisher's death? How could Force Ghosts play a key role in this story? And what does the title "The Rise of Skywalker" secretly mean?
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  • It's not D-O, its me DIO

  • do you remember imperial tie interceptor this might be firs order tie interceptor

  • I believe each movie is being built on from an original overarching concept that JJ and Rian and the other writers had to develop their scripts within. So no retconning. I'm so sick and tired of seeing that question come up in videos. Also, isn't it Kylo's theme playing as the title is revealed?

  • In force awakens snook says "the last of the Knights of ren"

  • Ok this is something that annoy's me. That is not Luke's Light-saber that is Anakin's Light saber.

  • I hope E9 has 'funnies' like E8

  • its anakins lightsaber

  • It really is just JJ trying to put it back how he planned it to be. Rian Johnson just got rid of all of JJs plans.

  • I'm calling it...again...Rey is a clone of Palpatine and Luke's hand.

  • Tie fighter at the start could be a knight of Ren and the emperor will have to be a ghost, or a vision


  • I just wanted to point out that in the shot of Kylo body slamming the soldier that he doesnt look to have a scar when he should have one so it could be a flashback of some sort

  • I don't like the way R2-D2 seems to be largely ignored in this trilogy. He woke up at the end of TFA, guided them to Luke in TLJ, and in that scene where they're "all back together" he's missing. You've got 3-P0, BB-8, and D-0 (an extremely un-creative droid name IMO), but no R2? they've decided BB-8 is better, so they've replaced him?

  • What about the kid in the post credit scene in the last movie

  • Isnt the tie interceptor DARTH MAULS?? he was at the end of the last film and Ray Park has been doing alot of lightsabre training on his Instagram and shaved his head for the part (grown back now though) and the fact its black and red....

  • It won't be an official Star Wars franchise until a main character loses a limb. Someone needs to lose a limb

  • The starship thing that makes them look like pirates looks like the ship in the Return of the Jedi when they are being held by jabba.

  • I hope Boba Fett is in the movie

  • is it possible that Rey is Luke or Leyas daughter?

  • He said that things that were broken in the last Jedi were being fixed, the entire saga better be fixed because the last Jedi broke that too

  • I hope this movie retcoms some of the poor choices From ep8 and builds on some of the better ideas from ep 7 TFA.

  • More jango fett and bobba fett!

  • concept art of D-0 looks like K9 from Dr. Who

  • So sith Haunting Physical a Black Ring Snoke wore?

  • Could “no one’s ever really gone” be referring to Rey’s parents/family

  • Should be Rise of the Sith Empire!

  • Is no one gonna mention how the title of the movies are always yellow, (Except for I think Return of the Jedi and The last Jedi), and The Rise of Skywalker is completely BLUE

  • It takes place on yavin 4


  • Where’s the Ewoks

  • Nobody in these reviews has discussed the fact that the Star Wars script is in blue instead of yellow.

  • The yellow Lando shirt would in reality be a pathetic attempt to recapture his youth, like wearing that 1970s sport jacket in 2000 because 'it still looks cool'.

  • So Rey does a RendeZook? At least it's not Mary Poppins Leia.

  • C3P0 got his arm fixed?

  • Did he just say "frick" in my christian KG-tv server!?

  • Lukes dead, Hans Dead, Leia is dead and by the time this movie finishes I would not be shocked if R2, 3P0 and Chewbacca were dead. Such a joy to watch the death of an American franchise

  • Jar Jar Abrams .....ahahahaha!!!

  • I would prefer this movie begin as TLJ never happened.

  • I hope this movie gives a good explanation of Why/how Fin became deconditioned. I also hope at some point the fact that he was a stormtrooper has some emotional impact on the story like ‘maybe we should feel bad about killing these people who,if not for whatever reason, could have been Fin’

  • My prediction is that the title is referring to Luke’s rise to the spiritual plane (or wherever force ghosts go )and him becoming ‘more powerful than you could possibly imagine’.

  • I want it to fix them

  • rise of skywalker; people seem to be forgetting that Ben is a skywalker


  • Rectify last Jedi, rectify last Jedi, rectify last Jedi

  • Could snoke be sidious?

  • Rey is Anakin.. cloned... Called it first 😎

  • I remember the good old ''Palpatine is Rey's Grandfather Theory.'' ... good times

  • I hope Disney doesn’t screw this up, it’ll be strike 3 😫

  • I loved the Last Jedi, but I take it as J.J.'s message to the rest of the fans: there is a future, move on and accept the past; accept Ep. 8. I mean, honestly. 47% apparently felt like over Ep. 8 how I still do over Ep. 7.

  • I really hope they only build upon IIX because I thoroughly enjoyed the subversion and reversals, retconning would cheapen it I feel

  • Holy shit this trailer really is a love letter to all those disappointed in round head rains Johnsons attempt to "subvert" our expectations of a good star wars movie... JJ is literally fixing everyhing Ruin Johnson broke.

  • I liked your vid, but maybe just take it how it is, much simpler don't you think

  • 5:42

  • "every story has a legend and every legend has a story" I don't know if anyone famous already said this but it just came to me when I was masturbating. I know... You didn't have to know that and how does masturbating make me think this? Well I go into deep thought when doing something weird.

  • Rey is the Kwisatz Haderach!


  • Israel I knew it!!!!!!

  • That torso almost looked like a super battle droid.... hmmmm.

  • Luke said I'm not the last Jedi so Rey is the last Jedi

    • Maybe he thinks Rey can turn Kylo and Kylo will be a Jedi again

  • This is AMAZING. Watching all the details made me a huge fan again.

  • "Skywalker" could be talking on the significance of a title, like Caesar went from being a name to being a title and the route of such titles as Czar and Kaiser.

  • People always say that ray was Luke Skywalker's daughter

  • It’s funny, the words Palpatine used about Plageus was “... to create... life” I’ve seen theories saying that Palpatine, or even Plageus was the one who created Anakin, given Shmi had a virgin birth (Anakin)

  • Can we plz retcon the whole last Jedi

  • Where in the Endgame now

  • This should be a 3 hour movie. There's too much to explain and wrap up!

  • 2:47 or han solos daughter...

  • I would like to see episode 9 somehow go back in time and make episode 8 a movie that didn’t kill my interest in anything disney star wars

  • The Force Awakens The Last Jedi... so... he Rises.

  • Building is better.

  • In the dark empire comics palpatine returned by controlling someones body

  • Build upon the themes of #8!

  • "Lukes" lightsaber, its anikans

  • I predict this is the emperors guard's tie interceptor that Palpatine is using.

  • Skywalker is the name a bastard takes like Snow......

  • How is this the rise of Skywalker when Luke is so old?

  • pirates and witches on brooms 8-) ,,, wonder what Dark Vader would say about, a light jedi and a dark jedi together?

  • You overlooked a big one. The ship at 1:11 is the same that dropped Rey off on Jakku.

  • This is probably gonna be the last of the trilogies but I’m sure they will make Star Wars stories like solo or rogue one

  • Also Poe Dameron looks like Nathan Drake in this trailer. Is Abrams an Uncharted fan?

  • They should retconn all of the last Jedi. The last Jedi didn't fit with the force awakens at all. I wouldn't have paid much attention to the intersectionality olympics of the last Jedi as much if they followed JJ's original plan.

  • Retcon

  • What about that droid in Battlefront 2 that the Emperor was in or controlling (this is in the campaign)

  • Pay careful attention at 1:24 ...The repaired light saber seems like it is now going more towards Darth Vader his style of light saber

  • It could still be Kylo in the tie fighter because im pretty sure his first ship was a prototype

  • This Sequel Trilogy was SUCH a of 2 movies in...the time elapsed is LITERALLY just 2 weeks in REAL-TIME. HILARIOUS. I'm HOPING that The Rise Of Skywalker starts immediately after The Last Jedi's Ruin-SEE-Johnson(aka. "Spaceballs: Do Deux"®) and ONLY spans another 2 weeks. THUS the ENTIRE Sequel Trilogy will have then taken place WITHIN "1" month...and become yet ANOTHER TESTAMENT to its STUPIDITY.

  • WHY???? Wouldn't Ben Solo NOT KNOW about his Grandfather's "humanity" as Anakin Skywalker FROM his Uncle Luke Skywalker or his Mother Leia Solo(Skywalker). Especially...Luke would have told Kylo Ren about Darth Vader's conversion back to the Obi-Wan Kenobi...just told ONLY the GOOD aspects of his Grandfather...Anakin Skywalker.

    • And OBVIOUSLY...Luke would have told Ben Solo these things which Ben Solo would have had to DISREGARD in his attempt(LAME) at becoming as evil(PATHETIC) or --cough--more evil(MORE PATHETIC) than Darth Vader.

  • In my opinion the best way of ending this part of the trilogy is if Rey takes on the mantel of Darth Vader and Kylo the mantel of Luke.

  • Lightsabers....I need more lightsabers!!!!!!!!

  • At 9:20 it’s not actually a land speeder it’s a desert skiff. And where is R-2

  • what if its the rise of palpatine since he created anakin skywalker from the force making him his father. Maybe he made ray the same way, thru the force.

  • I saw somewhere a theory that I think would work perfectly and would make the last Jedi better and set up this movie. It’s the idea that Snoke was just a failed Palpateen clone that he then used to rule in the shadows

  • They need to fix that last Jedi mess

  • c-3po Pole dance.. This movie will be fire!

  • Build on Episode 8 Themes? What themes? Racing to a gas station?

  • Drama Llama much.....................?!?

  • Where is R2


  • People doing 16 minute videos on 2 minute teaser trailers the day they release.

  • Would you say that Luke completely rejected the Dark Side?