Should Lakers sign Carmelo Anthony or Markieff Morris? | The Jump

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 8-фев.
Brian Windhorst, Scottie Pippen and Rachel Nichols of The Jump debate whether the Lakers should try and add Carmelo Anthony or Markieff Morris, if the Boston Celtics are the favorite to land Anthony Davis and what was the better trade: Nikola Mirotic to the Milwaukee Bucks or Marc Gasol to the Toronto Raptors.
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  • When did Jonah Hill start working for ESPN?

  • Damn it’s over for melo May just announce his retirement

  • She was a lil puffy to day... and the body language

  • Not melo maybe morris

  • What does this fat pile of shit know about basketball this guy couldn't tie his shoes let alone run down a court yet another reason I hate ESPN

  • Hmm there were 9 other players making more than melo who were playing like trash how come they didn’t get their minutes reduced or bought out? Media hating on Carmelo for views and trying to push him out the league it’s pathetic and sad

  • To make sure you miss the playoffs... Sign washed-up Melo

  • Lakers don't need a selfish ballhog that can't win they have enough issues already.

  • #FearTheDeer 🦌

  • Ben McLemore

  • Morris signs with Okc Thunder lets see if he gets the same attention

  • Signed with OKC!

  • Thunder up!!

  • Carmelo , need another vet on the team

    • Anthony Montanez melo needs to go back to okc or go with Lebron , they both gonna push each other to be great . I would honestly start to like the lakers if melo do good with them.

  • When Melo was asked if he is a bb player, Melo said he is a businessman...

  • Dead ass Scottie Pippen is just a cool ass dude... None of that assholery like Jordan, and better than half the staff at ESPN on his analysis

  • Holy sh*t for the thousandth time: Carmelo is NOT on the banana boat picture!

  • Lakers dont have Enough scoring right now to even make the playoffs in the west I believe so melo clearly

  • The melo hate is real that's why he don't have job fans suck up anything the media say.. he still top 40 in the nba at least.. he should for sure have a job the Lakers get him maybe they can make the playoffs this year...

  • The melo hate is real.No respect for one of the greats.

  • The only Melo LA needa is Ball

  • Ben McLemore

  • For a second I thought it said that should the rockets sign Mello I died laughing 😂

  • Gasol must have seen this before the Nets game.

  • I love how stupid Rachel's logic is. Rachel: well I think the tampering rules should be abolished because some people get away with doing wrong so why don't we just let everyone do wrong and this way everyones equally doing wrong. How about they make the tampering rules even more strict so that no one gets away with it and no ones doing it anymore. But of course I wouldn't expect her to understand the business side of sports, she just reads whatever they tell her to off a telaprompter and that's it. How can you abolish tampering rules in a league that has teams like the L.A. Lakers and players like lebron james who are desperate as fuck to get another superstar, so they play dirty cause if they didn't do something dirty to get a superstar no one would want to play with that attention where lebron who gets all the credit but none of the blame. That's why they have these rules Rachel, so do yourself a favor and just keep reading what they write for you, and do your stupid faces and hand gestures to go along with it, no more no less.

  • We want Melo

  • Who wants to bet Brian windhorst's fuckin toad ass has a picture of lebron next to his bed.

  • I would cut somebody and get both players

  • Lol I am starting to question ADs basketball IQ. First he thought he and Cousins would work, then he thinks he and Giannis will work while they both operate 18 ft and in, he wants to be in New York, he wants to play with a 35 yo LeBron and he DOESN'T want to join a franchise like Boston that has young talent where he could win titles for years? Huh....he doesnt seem too smart. Kentucky edumacation kicking in.

  • Winhorse is correcting Rachel a lot even though he didn't get her reference. He doesn't fit well on the show; they should get someone else with Rachel and Scottie.

  • if they want to sell some more jerseys or marketing and hype overall then carmelo if they want someone to really help them without putting his pride in front of everyone then let them pick anyone else but carmelo

  • Or he can always win a ring like nick young and join warriors...

  • melo !!!!

  • Melo will fit in the lakers tbh

  • Please sign carmelo, the lakers will be the laughing stock of the nba

  • has anyone noticed how the ice on rachel's neck be shining non stop. she drippin out here looool

  • I like how he tried to change the conversation from obvious tampering to the Bucks having a max slot. One of the worst and most biased reporters out there. Dude's always in his feelings

  • She would have same hairstyle every single day I bet that wig smell


  • STFU Rachel!!!

  • Melo curse. Look how Thunder and Rockets are like after getting rid of Melo.

  • big fella and the girl be going at it with each other. cameras off the be killing each other.

  • MirotiK?? Rly Scottie...

  • Morris is not/has not EVER been jalf the player Melo has. Tf y'all smokin?!

  • Fire Walton (they will) sign Greg Popovich, he’ll turn the scrub Lakers into champs

  • Sixers should get him!!!

  • Mirotek!!! hahahahaha 0:19

  • Just let Carmelo Retire or go to China!

  • This is why no one wants to play with Lebron. The media always pushing for help for Lebron.

  • 1:38 Why they got Melo in a Houston Rockets Jersey? That's complete disrespect to the legacy he left with the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Bulls organization as a whole.

  • How boring do you gotta be to actually be interested in this pointless talk?

  • All this Rachel hate i love her. Fuck Brian fat ass.

  • Is racheal getting more annoying?

  • Philly should get him

  • They should go get Anthony Tolliver

  • Fat Sweaty men talking about balls bouncing bouncing balls balls bouncing sweaty man handling balls sweaty big sweaty hands big sweaty man hands handling big sweaty balls balls balls bouncing bouncing balls balls big sweaty man hands sweaty sweaty men kind of gay!.

  • The protocols of the elders of Zion is the Truth


  • Carmelo would literally make all 30 teams in the nba worse by joining them.

  • Lakers should bring up Andre Ingram from g league

  • Mike Miller better than both of them Chumps 🤷🏾‍♂️ Sign him

  • Lakers need a true power. M.Morris they need more. But if I'm a fan I rather see Melo with Lakers.

  • Jonah hill just needs to pick a weight already

  • Hell no

  • Enes Kanter

  • Did Jonah Hill gain weight again? My God!!!

  • Franchise started in Vancouver... so that stat is a lie!!!!?

  • Fuck it get them both!

  • I love melo but the lakers need Morris

  • After watching Embiid go Shaq on us again, up I'll say Andrew Bynum.

  • They should sign that fat dude to a nutritionist

  • No body should sign Carmelo

  • I wouldn’t want Anthony on my pickup squad. Play defense you worthless pussy

  • They need melo legit have no shooters besides Cardwell pope and need offfence

  • Neither are better than zubac😕

  • If LeBron would have signed with Portland it would have been a guaranteed championship.

  • Doesn’t matter, Lakers Suck regardless. LeBron or no LeBron. Probably won’t even make the playoffs.

  • Morris

  • I think Melo has something left in the tank. He is certainly better than the Morris twin

  • Why is Jonah Hill giving basketball analysis

  • Lookout someone ate Jonah Hill

  • Neither.

  • Rachel sexy !!

  • did this chick get a nose job? i swear she used to have a pelican beak

  • No

  • Melo give up!!!

  • GSW definitely getting AD. Let me tell u how. KD, cousins leaves in the summer. Lakers get a free agent and keep their young assets. Boston signs KD and doesn't go for AD rental. Knicks fails to get #1 pick and fails to get AD. Then, GSW trades Dreymond, Livingston, andre, bunch of 1st round picks for AD.

  • The passive aggression is strong here 😂

  • Jeremy Lin

  • Fuck Melo remember when he turned his nose up on my LAKERS Fuck him 📣

  • No question on that sign with MM .....

  • Don’t waste your money on Carmelo

  • Omg yes they should I thinking the same way

  • Saying a player is signed with RP it’s like saying they sign with Lebron

  • Oh damn. Can you imagine the Bucks acquiring AD??? Scary.

  • Hell no

  • Brian Windhourst is better fit for the Jump #FireRachel

  • Honestly. I clicked this because I honest to god thought that man in the thumbnail was Jonah Hill.

  • Marc Gasol is 💯 on the down side of his career but he is still absurdly good. Pip obviously don’t watch much hoop because Gasol is awesome still. I’m a Bay Area/Dubs fan for what it’s worth. No bias. Still love Pip but badddd take.

  • Neither