Remodeling a Master Bathroom | Part 2

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 7-фев.
We are finishing the remodel of our master bathroom! Thank you to Lowe's for sponsoring this video and the whole project. If you haven't seen it, check out Pt. 1
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Anatolia Marble HexTile (Floor)
Emser Marble Penny Round Tile (Shower)
Allen Roth Subway Tile 4”x12”
Mapei Mortar for Tile
Mapei Pearl Grey Grout (Wall & Shower Tile)
Mapei Silver Grout (Floor Tile)
Mapei Sealing Additive for Grout
Drill Mixing Arm
Tile Spacers 1/16”
Bosch Laser Level
Kobalt Tile Saw
Schluter Whole Shower Waterproofing Kit
Schluter Shower Wall Kerdi Boards
Schluter Sloped Shower Pan
Schluiter Shower Drain
Schluter Shower Wall Niche
Schluter Step-Over Shower Curb
Schluter Waterproofing Membrane
Kerdi Screw & Washer Set
Dreamline Glass Shower Door System
Moen Shower Mixing Valve
Moen Shower Faucet Handle
Moen Shower Arm with Diverter
Moen Shower Handle
Moen Rain Shower Head
DeWalt Drill & Driver
DeWalt Oscillating Tool
American Claw-Foot Tub
Antique Bathtub Faucet Set
Kichler Everly Light Fixture (Over Tub)
Seagull Lighting Light Fixture (Over Toilet)
Kichler Jasper Vanity Lights
Lighting Brackets
Valspar Paint (Color: Ocean Soul)
Kohler Bryant Round Sink
Jacuzzi Duncan Faucet
Delta Breeze Fan with Bluetooth Speaker
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  • Did I just see water under the bath??? Got a leak?

  • Not only do you need wet rating but for lights you have to also make sure they're IC rated if there is insulation around it, if not you need atleast 3" of open air around the can/light

  • i love how the blue cabinets contrast against the white, it looks so good! 💙

  • 10:35 looks like when you play gmod without the textures

  • Wow, looks way better, great job!

  • I mean. Wow.

  • That’s a whole lotta white, looks good though

  • looks quite boring

  • Really nice, couldn't help noticing the lack of baseboards.

  • Hey Bob! I think you should definitely try to make a cannon. Anyone else agrees with me?

  • you should make a pool table

  • Hey Bob, I'm Martin. You are great.

  • Sick

  • thats one big bathroom for one cat

  • Wow!!

  • I really enjoyed these two videos, very entertaining and informative. Plus, I always appreciate all the work that goes in to producing your videos. They’re so well done. Thank you!

  • I hate how he painted the vanity blue like the whole bathroom like white what!!!


  • What material is the countertop?

  • Love this channel and beautiful bathroom. Just thought though cold weather and you didn’t think of doing heated floors?

  • Love this channel and beautiful bathroom. Just thought though cold weather and you didn’t think of doing heated floors?

  • I wouldn't have made some of the same style choices, but overall good job! :)

  • Hey Bob. I have something that you may find very interesting. So my mom's a dumpster diver, For this exact reason, and while she was dumpster diving, she found a banged up acoustic guitar. The body of the guitar is really damaged ( like someone pulled a bille Joe Armstrong on it (( smashed it)) ) all the strings are rusted and the neck is really bent the spacing on the part of the neck where the body and neck combine is really far apart. Any way, I'm like you. I don't throw out stuff like this, I like to keep it and repair it. But i don't have the skills or tools required to do so. And you were the first person I thought of. If your interested just reply and I'll send some pics for you to examine. If your not interested and don't reply within the span of a few days I'll do something else I guess. Anyway, Keep Makin and reparin, Peace.

  • Great work.

  • I learned last winter to always disconnect my hose from the house when it starts to get cold. Even with a "freeze proof" faucet, if you leave the hose attached, the ice can burst the faucet pipe in the wall making a big problem come spring when you go to use the hose.

  • Oh boi I need an other bathroom, even if it's only for renovation purposes....

  • Bob the builder!!!! I can't be the only one thinking of this

  • Renovating is soo different in the US compared to Sweden. Interesting videos! I'm gonna subscribe!

  • Just my personal opinion. I think it would have looked better if you stuck with black for the faucets on the sink and the drawers. It would have matched the rest of the color scheme since you already went with black for the shower and tub hardware. Nice job by the way.

  • Nice Job! I am sure the Mrs really likes the new bathroom..

  • Super, super useful, helpful and timely. Glad to see that Lowe's has those nice shower tiling systems and other materials. I always thought that Lowe's has better materials than Home Depot.

  • Looks great

  • You're videos are amazing and I thoroughly enjoy them. I'd say my favorite so far was the arcade build. It would be neat to see you try and make an old jukebox (wurlitzer bubbler style) but modded to work with mp3s. Keep up the cool videos man. Truly inspiring and informative

  • Please make a bite on how to choose species of lumber

  • curious how long it took start to finish?

  • Where did you get the Kerdi Board? It seems I can only order it online because none of the stores have it in stock. Thank you for the video.

  • What if the water evaporates? But this is already too late anyway so?

  • Am I the only one that has no idea what he’s talking about

  • 21:15 Just a heads up, the "correct" way is to measure up the tiling, and average out the bottom and top tiles, so you don't end up with that narrow stroke.

  • Hey, you may have mentioned this in part 1 but what were the dimensions of the shower?

  • Do they give any info on the integrity of the “dry wall” and foam flooring you used in the shower? Any issues with weight on the flooring or step up/over area of the shower? Also with the cubby area?

  • Winter is the best time to do home renovation's because you cant do anything outside

  • Was a nice bathroom until you painted the vanity blue

  • The blue :|

  • Like the tiles on the floor and the shower it looks modern and clean 😁

  • wow that looks so good. The blue paint looks amazing!

  • my only comment was when you put the vanity up to the wall i did not like the cut out for the plumbing on the vanity it looks sloppy should have had a decorative pipe cover the wholes should have been better not just cut a large hole in the back of the vanity

  • Always a pleasure. Great video. I like how you are supplementing the mundane/easy stuff with the Bits videos. Super cool way engage audience as well as generate additional views and page traffic. Your new bathroom looks amazing! Here’s to many more videos and projects. Thank you.

  • First I wasn‘t sure about the hex and the round tile, but now I really love it and wished I had it at home. ;) You did a really good job there!

  • What were the dimensions of the room? I have a similar space and wondering if that layout would work.

  • Don't grout the corners, caulk em.

  • In my experience grout in the corners can crack over time, I always use silicon for any corner where two tiled walls meet.

  • Dang that's some Home and Garden magazine level work! Absolutely insanely awesome! Great work!

  • Why would you keep the popcorn ceiling

  • Who would even dislike this video?

  • did you really need the can with that recessed led thing?

  • Why didn’t you build your house

  • Very modern and cool would love that to be my bathroom

  • What does the building-permit process look like for this kind of DIY work?

  • it is your home you can do what you want with it. That said that blue is not the blue for that space

  • Bob, you may have been asked this in previous videos, but I really think that you should make an electric guitar from scratch. Ive found a lot of videos online that go through a FULL build, but I really like your detail and attention to informing the audience and it really inspires me t work in my lowdown workshop and create. Just a thought, but I would love to see it!

  • Awesome bathroom!

  • Lots and lots of work! Great job. Just wondering why you fixed gold faucets with black shower/tub hardware?

  • nice video

  • I wish I was rich

  • Although personally I wouldn't have necessarily gone with the style of fixtures used, it still looks great. Good work.

  • This is the sexiest bathroom I've seen in my entire life

  • Wish I had the time and money to make my bathroom look half as good as that. Bravo sir.

  • 26:27 liking how even the toilet paper fits in the backround

  • Woooo! I have a remodeling company and do this day in and day out. Really top notch professional work Bob!

  • Bob, love the details you put into your work. Would love to talk about a collaboration.

  • Hey can you guys make me a desk for my pc

  • It looks amazing

  • Why did you do the flooring before drywall fixing and painting?

  • Fantastic job, I love the white colouring, the bathtub, and all the other little details. Even though it is alot of work, learning how to do stuff yourself is a great experience. I love this channel.

  • make a flight simulator!

  • You need to teach us how to make a charging drawer. It is drawer with a power strip in the back to plug stuff in to charge it and free up counter space.

  • I wish i had the budget for stuff like these. help my family abit

  • I actually might start to renovate stuff when I’m older this is oddly satisfying

  • Omg didn't know you had a podcast! Time to start binge listening to another podcast service!!!

  • 7:15 your bit got stuck twice😜

  • So does the pan provide an incline so water flows toward the drain?

  • It's awesome to see this kind of projects documented as well and thoroughly as you do! I'm learning a lot. Thanks!

  • My father is renovating our houses master bathroom and our house is over 100 years old

  • 25:47 guess Bob did realized that tile is 1/4" thick and with two layer its 1/2". Good on him for showing his mistake but just another reason why it tough to trust people on youtube when it comes to stuff like this

  • great job. Been there done that, and I love the tile! What we did was put an electrical floor warmer that got embedded into the thinset, just to take the edge off the cold tile. I love the look of what you did!

  • Looks fantastic. Congratulations!

  • This is a beautiful bathroom! i would like to have the prices on everything with a total at the end of the video please.

  • Hey Bob- When you drilled through your tile for the door hardware, did you have to do anything special to avoid cracking the tile aside from using a ceramic bit? Did you use a fresh bit for each hole? I have had mixed results with that. Also, were you able to return the too-wise door, or did Lowe’s cover that?

  • Amazing work!

  • Please come to my house and renovate my bedroom, it needs updating😂

  • I didn't realise you uploaded and I didn't have notifications turned on. That's changed😂 great job sir. I've been with you for a while, and I've got to say you're really doing an amazing job with the channel. I love the way you not only read the comments, but you communicate with your fans aswell. That's dedication Bob. Great job :)

  • انا متابعك ،،احسنت عملا والحمام جميل جدا وانت نشيط ورائع 😘

  • My names bob and I like to grout stuff.

  • I see why people don't like the floor tile. It looks plain dirty because of the different colored and textured pieces. But it probably looks way different in person. It's a good thing the process is the same no matter what color tile You choose for Your bathroom. :)

  • My favorite thing about your videos is that even I don't intend to "follow the recipe", I still learn a lot! From a brazilian fan: thanks a lot!

  • I'm surprised you didnt get rid of that nasty patterned drywall on the roof

  • Love that Cobra Snake shirt!

  • 0:01 - "Today we're gonna finish renovating... THE MASTURBATHROOM!"

  • beautiful, but wished it wasn't popcorn ceiling