Our First I Love You

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
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Thanks to Kat Purgal for voicing the Babysitter :) . This is Babysitter Part 11.
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  • Alex not this is getting worse for me another cliffhanger god I waited so long for this part I watch your series from India its so good stuff I don't know what will happen next im assuming that you beat her ex something like that and Alex if you got just a little bit of extra time can you show this comment on the next episode it would be a Christmas gift for me.😘

  • I clicked the subscribe button and I am now unsubscribed

  • Prepare to die against James

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    • Did I get u like if I did

  • Ha that dude with the skul shirt looks kinda like Nico Di Angelo

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • That’s all I have to say

  • My hero academia isn’t a cartooooooon!

  • Flat out rude

  • I Subscribed you Boiiii *fist bump offering you* Me:yaaaaaaaaas

  • Yow my hero academia is not cartoon Its anime so exclude it in the cartoon category

  • Some days I hate you for the cliffhangers

  • fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee i'l subscribe

  • You should watch bee and puppy cat on vrv

  • 4:37 thet robbi from gravity falls...

  • My always I hate myself and everything.

  • what if Pam is actually the babysitter

  • U bully little girls



  • 😂😂 I love this dude

  • Why do you hate your dad?

  • As MuCh As YoU lOvE jEsUs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ahhhhh cliff hanger i shall dispise of you

  • Noooooooo why this torture man

  • OMG I love Cat and Dog also the Wild Thornberrys


  • The fuckin baby sitter story is still being dragged out?

  • I will kill you if there isn't a part 12 soon.

  • How many years older was your babysitter

  • Ayyyy Saturday is my moms birthday

  • 7 minutes is toooooo long?

  • Make part 2!!!!!!!

  • Always with the cliffhangers Alex, gives us all something to wait for though XD

  • Oof

  • i love my hero academia

  • When is this gonna be made an anime that you can watch on vrv with a premium subscription for 30 days by clicking the link in the description?

  • 2:33 (his pants)


  • Hoes be hoes bro

  • Alex i miss the old videos and im starting to get bored with the same story and i cant take the different parts to it anymore. Please just make normal videos again!

  • But DAD ! 😣

  • Alex sometimes I hate u

  • NO i was wrong... Eh is alright is cool really was expecting it to be the original letter giver... BUT maybe it is i mean it would make perfect sense: ex sends letter to ex gf she thinks it from new bf ex bf goes house to say letter from him...BOOM no im going to say the same thing from last time if you enjoyed this vid sub to alex clark and like tbis comment if u STILL agree (p.s alex dis is killergamingHD 1345 just thought id let u know bbbbhyyyyeeee👋👋👋👋

  • Alex's is always giving cliff hangers like dualingo kidnapping family's

  • you better make part 12 quickly man

  • Filling up baby sitters guts

  • BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MYU HERO ACADEMIA ISNT THAT OLD AND ITS DA BEST IL GIVE U A SHOUT OUT ON MEH CHANEL even tho i jest watched your chanel :3 AND I LIKE YOUR Chanel 9 ps im not on meh yt acc im on meh dads old 1 ;-;

  • I said this a part 11 thank you

  • Thank you for making this video I been waiting for this thank you

  • I was a wee lad when these first video of the series came out. I'll be able to show my kids by the time it finishes.

  • How old was the babysitter again? *fbi secretly watches*

  • Bull ! You ain’t sorry!

  • I subscribed to you Alex

  • I subed

  • Your dad reminds me of Mr. Krabs but even cheaper.

  • *I WAS GOING TO SAY I LOVE YOU. NOW IM* GOING TO SAve it for my mom........ :'(

  • I. WILL. KILL. U

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  • Finally i waited months to See Part 11😥

  • Anybody else think that he only started dating his girlfriend when she showed him her nudes.

  • I watching this at 666k views

  • Sooo how long has he been milking this series?

  • 666k views im scared :v

  • 4:56 You need to proofread better, that's a comma instead of a period.

  • No you re not

  • Dont worry i subscribed alex

  • I personally hate you and will give you the most cliffhanger award

  • Omg 😑😑😑😂😂😂

  • its not even 10 min

  • Oh cmon

  • bro can u NOT do cliffhangers it’s SO ANNOYING

  • not sure if it was meant as a humorous joke but after watching your series of videos in a row, sometimes, it's rather annoying that you ask for likes and subscribe so many times when i already did it on the first vid. Though some are humorous, like smashing the like button on the clock, which i almost clicked on the clock, but there are also times where it felt rather forced and get in the way of the story telling. No offense, but perhaps trying another approach for getting subscribers? This vid's subscribe felt like an emotional card is being played "the only person/ way to make me feel better is to hit sub..."

  • Omg I remember my crush giving me the exact loveheart note ! 😱

  • I don't subscribe to cliff hangers..

  • I bet his wife LOVES this series

  • This literally has taken nearly two years. The heck

  • I swear to god if you end another vid on this series with a cliffhanger I'm gonna cry

  • I'm just gonna *BAKUGOOOUUUUUUUU!*

  • *kicks the door down and says hail Jesus with bibles*

  • you could have said she could go to hell and suffer with the boy

  • PART 12 NOW

  • I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!! all the time man... all the time

  • 6 months more

  • Deathnote!!!

  • OUR


  • Dude I swear I hope you upload early

  • Come on men! that's just playing durty!

  • Plot twist: Pam was the babysitter all along

  • it’s been 1 year and you can’t finish the video😡😡

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  • Dude pls i am turkish but i saw the MAN that you draw iş weird pls stop it


  • Next part better be the last one.... >:(

  • Welp here comes another 3 MONTHS of me refreshing the page on a daily to see if the babysitter episode will be posted...


  • 881

  • This was released on my Birthday!