My House Tour!

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 8-фев.
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm FINALLY posting my FULLY DECORATED 2019 HOUSE TOUR! I moved in 4 months ago and am the happiest I've ever have been. I'm so blessed to have a home for my team, friends, and family to come over. I've been working non-stop but I finally worked with Mr. Kate on the house transformation. I hope you enjoy!!

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Where’s the link?????

  • 9:50 lol

  • James Charles is not himself if he doesn't say "sister" In every video

  • Hell nah

  • can u tell that she loves the colour black(:

  • So amazing 😍

  • This is museum❤

  • James por favor pon subtítulos en español. Please para que podamos entender lo que dices. Y tú casa es de ensueño. Te deseo todo el éxito del mundo.

  • Hey sisters I loved this video and I’m a super fan of you and mr.kate so that was literally THE BEST collab ever! Ahh it was awsome I’m obsessed with yur house yay!!!!!!

  • That's literally my dream interior 😱😍

  • what about your backyard!!??

  • yess!!! please do behind the scenes video'll be so cool and amazing!!!!

  • Now he’s at 16 mil ahhhh! Love u sisters ♥️

  • dang his house is clean...


  • He’s so like me ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻all black white n plants which I love 💕

  • If you are hating on James for being rich and wealthy then move along. He worked his a** off to get to where he is. I love you James and I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do!

  • Lives Ian with James?

  • dale would love this house... so sad he cant see it. RIP :(!!!

  • I like how mice you

  • When James’s bathroom is bigger then your bedroom...........

  • Stock it with large San Pellegrino bottles. Tasty with a slice of lime 🤤

  • anyone want a tour of my dumpster

  • Where is grayson’s gift?????

  • #heysisters

  • But

  • *HI SISTERS* _I’m so proud of you James because you posted this video on 7th February 2019 and l was watching on 13th April 2019 and on 7th February you had 14 million subscribers and on 13 April you have 16 million subscribers_. _OMG Okay now you guys have to subscriber to James his just an amazing person_. *LOVE YOU JAMES* 💕

  • Your house is bigger than China ... 😂❤️

  • you can fill the wine cellar with Fiji water it would look so cute

  • wait so.. you have breakfast table AND A DINNER TABLE???

  • Don’t do house tours if you don’t want people to go to your house

  • Why cant you just put your makup in the empty wine room??

  • i love how aesthetic he is

  • this is the happiest house tour i've ever seen

  • Such a amazing mansion u have the worlds most amazing home

  • Hey Sister James I love the house and your Not like anyone I know you are my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD *ON KG-tv* I LOVE THE THEME OF YOUR NEW HOUSE IT IS SO SISTER SNATCH LOVE YOU 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞


  • I love you

  • You have an amazing home. God bless you!

  • Please make the same video but in spanish ❤

  • I love u

  • He’s 19 wtf. This is the amount of people who feel poor. 👇🏼

  • I agree that you should post a video on what you go through to post a KG-tv video lol.

  • 32:00 omg the little rainbow looks so good on him

  • Literally my dream house. Like I love the contrasts of black, whites and grays going on. And modern is my favorite style. AMAZING!! And I am OBSESSED with the marble backdrop in the master shower!!! Love you James❤️

  • I bet after James took a shower he threw The clothes that he was wearing away 😂

  • In our house plastic is like illegal and unherdof because that shit ain't reuserble

  • 4:58 that spin tho 😂

  • If you haven't already , I would love a video about the full process of making a KG-tv video. Thanks in advance ! 🤗💕

  • Looks like I'm gonna be a youtuber

  • this design looks boring

  • You go Sister James!🌺😊

  • i love piano

  • How narcissistic should one be to have their face on their clothes? 😒

  • Cinda circle mirror or CIRCLE mirror?

  • Que Divaza usa

  • Your so awesome sister James xxxxx love you and all your achievements xx

  • I would love for u to do a house tour

    • Elon Van pelt this is a house tour?

  • Hope you do a house tour

  • Your house looks huge please do a house tour

  • Please do a house tour

  • I will never understand how he has 16 million followers. He’s so tacky and annoying lol

  • Sorry mate but , I don’t like homosexuals, I don’t like cringed people, I don’t like your face , I don’t like your singing. But u are nice , but I wish u weren’t a man and if u would be a woman it would be great

  • I need this jacket

  • Love the house

  • james charles kissed you like to undo

  • I will never be that rich in my life.your so lucky ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Feee.... You are looking like woman...

  • Good job sister 💚💚💚!!!

  • Your my age doing exactly what I want to do I get so nervous to put a video up ughhh I hope I can get to where your at and achieve my goals

  • Can i move in with you! plzzzz


  • Tbh James had super style I tottallly agree with him on his choice of white and black only amazing choice

  • Do u have a dog

  • 32:01 the rainbow 💓💓

  • why does he look like kim kardashian tho?

  • "and i will never know how many inches it is" --- James Charles img dead XDDDd

  • Me:headphones full volume James Charles:HeY sIsTeRs

  • La version gringa de la divaza?

  • U shop a lot at IKEA

  • R u looking for a roommate?

  • For the wine cellar you could probably fill it with large Jarritos soda. It's a great Mexican soda brand

  • Is his nose blocked

  • He she or he or she or she or he or she

  • I just wanna know if James wants to be called a boy or a girl if anyone could answer that question it would nice 👍

    • I think a James just wants to be called sis

  • You forgot to show us the outside like the garden and stuff

  • I would love to just live in sister James house for a week or like even a hour like that would be so good and fresh

  • Why is ur name james charles when your a girl....

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  • *my second phone to take selfies on* 🤣🤣🤣I am dying Still my fave KG-tvr though xxxx

  • You house is beaitiful.

  • 21:15 when the richness takes a toll on you and your ass just...

  • I love your home. Can you please share the color and brand of the white paint!! Thank you!

  • yes pls do the behind the scenes youtube video!!

  • He’s 19 and has a *formal* living room and I tried to melt gummy bears in the microwave. Who do you think is going places?

  • “And here we have a charger for my 2nd phone to take selfies with”-James Charles 2019 HAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣 LOVE U JAMES♥️♥️🤣🤣🤣💞💖

  • 34 minutes and 3 seconds of me feeling poor

  • I would love you making a video of how to make a KG-tv video