Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 14-мар.
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • पिछली बार Hulk नकली था इस बार Tony Stark..😜

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  • Scarlet witch Vs captain marvel? Who will win,???

  • Can we get one hundred million views

  • Antman: lets do that thing we did at the airport arrow guy Clint:the names ronin

  • Nice haircut Hawkeye

  • Tony Stark has the nanotech suite, the black guy still has the old iron man suite

  • I just want Peter Griffin to just come out and hold Thanos's fist And do that stupid laugh *Nehehehehehehehe*

  • I better see Galactus in this cause he was triggered when thanos did the finger snap

  • Marvel please release trailer 2 with thanos in it, you want more box office? Than release trailer that will get 200million views.

  • bOrInG....@@@

  • Ooooh.. Can't wait for pubg mobile to collab with marvel and release expensive costumes.

  • Well hawkeye lost half his hair as well...

  • Y’all really be joking but titan or not a bullet to the eye is a bullet to the eye, should at least be like a stick to the eye

  • Loh trending lagi...

  • 26 ON THEATERS 27 MY LAST EXAM But sorry exams, MARVEL first 😊

  • A million people may dislike . . . . . . But not us Not us.


  • it made me cry

  • This actually gave spoilers to peeps who didn't watch IW 😂

  • am not watching any other video untill this movies is over

  • Guess who is the luckiest in the infinity war???🤔 DOCTOR STRANGE:-; BECAUSE HE SAW THE ENDGAME IN THE INFINITY WAR. 😋

  • Plot twist: thanos has a car

  • Maja

  • f** is there a time machine to go in the futur

  • I'll go to the cinema for this one ... Whatever it takes !

  • Whoa

  • Where deadpool??

  • I hate captain marvel

  • no spiderman ???

  • I don't get why Tony doesn't create a bleeding edge war machine armor for Rhodey. They could legit kick the crap out of Thanos together.

  • Red color are shown because Captain Marvel’s on her period

  • Κανένας Ελληνας;;

  • Captain Marvel didnt moved coz she knew Thor doesnt go for the head 😂

  • Worst movie

  • Why did they have to cast Brie Larson. There are so many actresses that fit the type and can actually act. Her face always reminds me of whatshername from the sparkle vampire movies.

  • Thanos disliked this video

  • I like this one

  • Kevin Feige: I keep telling everybody they should stop spoiling the movies Mark Ruffalo: But not us

  • *_Plot Twist :_** Ant Man jumped into Thanos' butthole and then expanded . Endgame*

  • Whatever it takes, In this April THE THEATERS WILL BE DESTROYED MUAHHAHAHA!!!

  • When I watch this movie, I won’t blink once until it’s over

  • Is this the last trailer?

  • Top 10 most anticipated anime sequels

  • 😀😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • This movie name should just be whatever it takes

  • I have a exam 22-29 but i will watch this movie What ever it takes!!

  • well, i like this one

  • Every Avenger : Whatever It Takes! *Whatever It Takes Plays In The Background By Imagine Dragons*

  • Will watch first day first show video whatever it takes

  • The black widow had blonde hair, then we see her with red hair. Whatever the plot might be, it involves time traveling.

  • I feel bad for thor ..He is a prince ,a god had everything until thor dark world and then😢

  • We should all thank you to Starlord for giving us another movie

  • Awesome 💪😍😎❤️💥👏💣👏💥👏💣

  • Who else didn't liked their new dress

  • Plot twist : thanos is actually paul rudd wearing a purple suit

  • You know how they said two OG avengers will survive after endgame....well 1:31 - 1:50 4 of those OG avengers said "whatever it takes" and Bruce Banner and Thor didnt manage to say the line so what if Thor and Bruce Banner were the only OG Avengers alive after endgame. AND if you dont realised, Thor and Bruce Banner are the only ones not seen with the white suits at the end...may not mean anything but idk (Dun flare its just a theory which is sorta scary)

  • 👍WOW

  • Peggy Carter:All we can do is our best,and sometimes the best we can do,is to start over. Cap:I keep telling everyone they should move on.Some do,but not us. Black Widow:Even if there’s a small chance,we owe this,to the people that are not in this room,to try Those lines man,badass,as always. WHATEVER IT TAKES!

  • trending in pakistan

  • The release date is the same date when quake strike in nepal😿😿😿😿

  • I wonder if they're going to multiple universes to find other versions of the avengers to fight Thanos.

    • +Endangered Mexican Well they get the multiverse avengers and leave all the multiverse thanos' then.

    • That would be more thanos

  • Riou TV official marvel KG-tv support pliz

  • Nice smoke

  • Well, I can say War Machine *is* the big gun.

  • Who is more powerful. LIKE=THOR COMMENT=IRON MAN

  • Wow what a trailer me so excited 😘😘

  • Wajib nonton

  • “ Whatever it takes “ Love that part. Very motivating and inspiring💯

  • 1:54 power rangers

  • How is black widow and hawkeye not dead yet? They ain't strong at all. One with a gun and one with a bow and arrow. How to defeat Thanos who has the power of the universe?

  • Where is Deadpool?

  • انا منتظره وكابتن مارفيل حلو جدا جدا

  • Avengers Assemble That's way marvel always release avengers movies on april

  • avenger endgame full move

  • Who else is just commenting just to try to get likes but fail to do so

  • Does Everyone notice that nebula is two times in the suites scene (1.54 and 1.57)? Is that because They don”t want to spoil someone?

  • 3 Ideas: 1) The sand worms from either Dune or Beatlejuice! 2) When Nebula screams, have the fish from SpongeBob yell "Chocolate!!!" 3) When the Avengers are walking in formation, play a snippet of "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen. Have Freddie Mercury (Rami Malik from Bohemian Rhapsody) lead the group. Cut to different scenes from multiple Marvel films where characters are dancing and bobbing their heads. 🎶😎👍🏿🎥

  • I can not wait for this part anymore :D :D :D I wonder if beats the previous....

  • Is this the movie with the white men hater as well as the Trump supporters hater? I hate the radical left.

  • 2:20 War machine is Drax.

  • It's More like a Teaser

  • They'll rescue Iron Man then defeat Thanos with Antman going in Thanos' ears then do the trick he did before in his movie. That's just my theory anyway. I just hope NO one dies. 😢 Whatever it takes 💓

  • 2:13 did thor just call for thus mjolnir rather than his stormbreaker axe?

  • I cant get the scene where captain america is bringing up the casket, shaking and seeming like he lost someone close to him

  • I can’t wait for X-men to join the MCU

  • Why did Hawkeye cut his hair on 2 sides of his head? Thanos: *Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be*

  • Si kokot mrdka pičus

  • Whatever it takes to end the game

  • Birthday on April 26 Hell yeah

  • Mampir channel saya ya yang mau belajar edit vidio

  • Ok but this video really has 140k views Guys Thanos snapped away half the views

  • Oh yeah... This is gonna get goood son!!!🎬

  • Finally 42k Dislikes

  • *How did Thor got that hammer back in his hand? I guess it was broke. Marvel is playing with us.*

  • Where is thanos

  • I don't want to do messing or flirting with anyone until @pril 26th Whatever it takes

  • Finally 2,4m Likes

  • In this movie they are going quantum realm.!

  • I will wait till April 26 what ever it takes😀