Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame | "No Mistakes, Kids" TV Spot

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 15-апр.
On April 26, every journey has an endgame.
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  • Too late spoilers are everywhere!!!

  • While we have your attention: * Hawkeye goes dark after witnessing his family get dusted. * Thanos reunites with Lady Death (Katherine Langford's Mystery role.) * Tony and Bruce work on the Quantum Tunnel for time travel. * Time travel is used to help locate and/or recharge the stones so the snap can be undone. * Past Avenger selves think Present Avenger selves are imposters, they fight. * Doctor Strange’s best outcome vision was their time traveling. * Doctor Strange alerted past Nick Fury as to who needed recruiting in order to fix the future. * Nebula witnesses Gamora’s death during time travel. * Thanos realizes they’re working to undo the snap and tries to destroy the Stark Gauntlet. * Pepper Potts suits up and becomes ‘Rescue.’ * Thor wields both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. * Cap ends up with Mjolnir during battle. * Professor Hulk discovers the souls of the dusted remain in Soul World within the Soul stone. * Using the Soul stone releases the dusted. * Cue sling ring portaling of the undusted for a final Thanos battle. * Cap assembles the team. * Captain Marvel destroys Thanos’ ship and the Black Order army. * Tony & Peter emotional reunion. * Peter gives Captain Marvel the gauntlet. * Cap steps down as Captain America, Bucky takes over. * Tony joins SHIELD * Hawkeye trains his daughter to take over the Hawkeye mantle going forward. * Cap leads the New Avengers going forward. Peter takes a hiatus from Avengers leading into Far From Home. * While Hawkeye's daughter and Professor Hulk actually set up Old Man Logan, the franchise will move forward with setting up a movie about the Celestials and Eternals.

  • Captain marvel binary

  • Stop spoiler 😫

  • Can't wait for the fanmade recut without BREEEE Larson

  • 26th? Lol 24th in Jakarta 05.00 AM in cinema.

  • I bet y’all either Iron Man or Captain America are dying in this movie, both their contracts end with this movie, and Cap didn’t sign a new one.... Just saying. (I hope not but it’s logical)

  • Bye guys! my country release it on 24 april ! 🤪

  • I just wanna see a full pic of captain marvels suit and also it looks like she has another one in the end scene of this trailer

  • Turn on subtitles at 0:12 and 0:03

  • @ want old tamil dubbing team

  • Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that they're releasing new footage by the hour

  • Rap

  • 0:12 Look at the subtitles

  • Tell marvel India to change iron man voice


  • Ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣who has a fitness face

  • Lucky for us here, it'll be released two days early, April 24.

  • Super good animation

  • slow piano melody of avengers theme song in the end cap, tony, thor : walk me : "NOOOO HELL NOOO I WASN'T READY NO."

  • Siuuu xd

  • 😍🇸🇻

  • i will be watching on APRIL 24, 5 AM ... will be back here for give you guys some 'insight'.. yes... i live in wkwk land if you wonder

  • YEP I’m FiNe

  • War Machine: So now we're doing space missions? Cool!

  • Is no one gonna talk about the title? “No mistakes,’kid’ “!?

  • White people cant rap Endgame TV Spot : TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW

  • No mistakes *kids*

  • wow

  • 0:04 that clip of captain marvel she looks pretty

  • Thankz marval

  • Where is tony

  • Hahaha haha I live in Malaysia so Avengers 4 will be on 24th of April in our country Press this button if you are jealous 👇👇

  • Yeeaaaa

  • The vanished come back with Stark’s replica glove and stones. Iron man and spiderman hug it out. Captain America yells “Avengers Assemble”. They all fight.

  • It didn’t even say “ no mistakes kids” - doesn’t matter I’m still so excited for this movie

  • I reckon this film will surpass avatar at the world wide box office. We will see after a months release. If it reaches and surpasses infinity wars WW box office spot then it can certainly rival avatar. Avatar has been king of the box office jungle for nearly a decade. It’s time for change. This film has soo much more going for it. avatar was a perfectly convenient film that made the most money due to the 3D format. At the time It was a revolution for the cinematic experience but that’s about it. The film isn’t great but its a great looking film. Whilst this film endgame; has story, legacy, effects, format, history, not to mention a huge world wide fan base that has expanded from $500 Million (iron mans first gross) to 2 billion. The point I’m making is that over the course of 11 years the MCU franchise has expanded to gigantic levels of awesomeness. So there’s definitely tons of emotional investment for the audience with this final chapter. Which brings me to Stan Lee: with his recent passing I think fans, critics and spectators alike will flock to the theatres in spades rejoicing at this monumental extravaganza that is endgame. This means so much to us and it meant so much to him. By watching this film we are not only celebrating the MCU’s accomplishments with taking this type of mythology and turning it into a billion dollar empire, but we are essentially celebrating Stan lee’s life’s work. Take into consideration how many people find comic book movies and stories more appealing now than say 19 years ago when the first X-men film came out or 11 years ago with the first iron man. This is the biggest fight of their lives and this is the biggest film of all time right now. We live in the golden age of comics and it’s such an exciting time to be a fan. This film will become the biggest box office film worldwide. It will beat avatar. Whatever it takes. For Stan.

    • spoken like a True Believer!....😭

  • "No mistakes... we definitely made sure this movie has no bloopers..."

  • Steve : You die as a hero Tony : Or live long enough to become one

  • why are thre so many

  • Rocket and his lines though XD

  • Is it me or the suits are the same that Hank Pym wore in Ant-man and the Wasp when entering Quantum Realm ?

  • 00:06 Reason why I love Rocket

  • Rocket: Who hasn't been to space? Remaining Avengers: **awkwardly raise hands** Oh god this movie is gonna be amazing 😂

  • Is there gonna be a trailer every day? What do they want to give the whole movie away before it begins?


  • "Every journy has an endgame " that means noo avengers movie in future

  • 734 dislikes....DC fans.

  • Will Tony Stank die?????

  • This movie better has to have 64847 post credit scenes

  • After I watch Avengers: End game, I will go on top of a hill, sit there and silently watch the sunrise

  • Very nice

  • I just remembered okoye is alive what’s she gonna do?

  • *The moment Nick Fury appears in soul stone* Nick fury : ucker...

  • Soon they'll release the whole movie as small teasers

  • *On , April 26, Reallly?*

  • Q hermoso :'v

  • Marvel i have seen leaked footage you done awesome the best scence for me is captain america fighting with both thor hammer and his sheild avengers assemble and nobody died thanks thanku very much

  • Who is excited for Avengers The end game...

  • *Rocket* : Alright! Before we make this space trip everyone who needs to empty their stomachs, now's a good time to go. *Nebula* : . . . *Black Widow* : . . . *Captain America* : . . . *Ant-Man* : . . .Um, can all of you give me around 8 minutes? This is pressure beyond committing robbery, going rogue against the government, or stopping people from trying to get quantum technology from old man Hank. Hee hee, this is a lot of pressure. *Walks to the males restroom.* *Thor* : Um, who is he? *Captain Marvel* : Good question. *Captain America* : *Shrug* Is a long story? *Iron Man* : *Chuckles* Is more than a long story ladies and gentlemen...and racoon. *Rocket* : HEY! Myself: I love MCU interactions, which are the best part of these films. *GO ENDGAME!*

  • Cant wait

  • The movie will start, And then it will end

  • 0:04 🤯

  • 9 more days = 24 x 9 = 216 hours 😢😢

  • April 25 in Trinidad!!!!!!ahahahaha

  • Guess what I watched the movie already. Bruce banner wears the infinity gauntlet and all those who have been decimated came back. Cap carrying two Shields . Peter Parker part was awesome Tony hugs him.

  • Isn't it so 'marvel' of us that we expect the best even though we know that it won't happen according to us ?

  • O:11 Quantum Rein

  • Some people are only gonna see this once. But not us

  • There better not be some bullshit where Captain Marvel is the one who beats Thanos without a good reason as to why that would be possible.

    • +Brady Davis Says the bloke who thinks comic book superhero movies need to demonstrate 'good reason as to why that would be possible'. It's a comic book superhero movie. 'Good reason'?! You do realise your argument isn't so great, right? If they to do it for Captain Marvel, then they need to do it for any and all of the characters.

    • +Katie Kat You do realize you're argument isn't so great, right?

    • ... you do realise you're watching a movie with a talking space-faring racoon, right?

  • Watch all

  • OMG this reminds me of how ironman builds a mechanical infinity gauntlet for hulk and captain marvel defeats thanos in endgame

  • please change iron man voice in tamil endgame movie


  • They gave us like 50 trailers and each one has like one new clip

  • Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that the Executive Producer’s name is Louis D’esposito?

    • Vitas, for them all I believe

    • Yeah, he's executive producer for many mcu movies

    • I legit thought you were joking but it's actually real 😂

  • you don't have to speak that fast to finish your 15 seconds advertising 😂😂

  • WHoooaa it’s almost here

  • Im so excited!

  • SPOILERS!!!!!!!! HULK becomes professor hulk Introducing valkyrie Gi-Ant man and the quantum realms and worlds New classic iron man suit Everyone dusted comes bak, but with 1 exception Thor gains new power and his hair grows longer Then the cake to top it all off CAPTAIN AMERICA VS CAPTAIN AMERICA Two-Dimensional plane So enjoy

  • Bj

  • How did rocket come back to life?

  • Can't wait to see optimus prime and batman team againts avengers in order to save buzz lightyear

  • 8 days

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where's antman?

  • Im not even from usa

  • This is very weird because in my cinema i will go to the movie at 24/4 how is it possible

  • You better not throw up on my ship

  • I love to see avengers endgame movies it's going to be awesome 🎥🎥🎥🎞🎞🎬🎬🎬📽📽🔥💖💚💙💗💖💚💙💗💗💗💗💗💖💖

  • This isn’t just a fight for the avengers. It’s a fight for me to not go pee since I don’t want to miss ANYTHING.

  • It’s only PG13 because Deadpool’s in it

  • Them looking at the sky at night is captain marvek showing them her powers

  • I’m on holiday in Greece and it comes out on the 24th

  • after that they will have spider far from home and gotg vol 3

  • At this rate we’re gonna see the whole movie just from hype trailers

  • 0:04 looks like she’s gonna take off to catch Tony

  • you're just too good to be true..

  • 흐어!!!!! 후크아이!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 사랑해요! 마블!!!!!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ❤

  • Ty marvel