Justin Roberts - Way Too Much (Official Music Video)

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 12-апр.
Official music video for Justin Roberts new single “Way Too Much” featuring Jordyn Woods & Sofia Jamora. The trio play life-size dolls being assembled and packaged in a toy factory and their daring escape from captivity. The song is a homage to young stars in the spotlight of social media and the consequences when fame becomes “Way Too Much.”
Way Too Much is now available on Spotify and iTunes
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  • Way Too Much is now available on Spotify and iTunes!! I hope you enjoyed the video!!!

    • Yeah man sick vibes though

    • man are u still a team 10 member?

    • Nice Ferrari

    • Well that's really good thing I love you

    • Justin Roberts holy shit this music vid is amazing I cannot wait for another one😆👌🏻!!!!!!!

  • Fire

  • Think I broke the replay

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  • Is that Erica Costell

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  • It should have been Jordyn woods who was set free😊😊 Free from those f****n Kardashians 😊💃💃💃

  • That's not fair Erika Costell broke up with Jake Paul and she did a vid with you OMG I really want to jake Paul to have her again

  • Tune

  • Producer:how much auto tune do you want Justin:way to much

  • Proves what you can do when ur rich

  • Proves what you can do when ur rich

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  • justin your sooooooooooooo hot i mean

  • Link to diss track: kg-tv.com/tv/video-tJgoPr77RVU.html

  • Sufferyt disstrack

  • I feel bad for your parents as they was so successful and now they’ve gave birth to this

  • Am i missing something?? J. Bartl said he looked like the terminator.. but he doesnt at all. He looks like his normal self.

  • nice job

  • omg he's annoying!!

  • His voice annoying

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  • Great

  • Video: 0:00 -2:24 Me: at end of video HUH?

  • Auto tune really help

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  • No talent lmao

  • Hollywood life made it seem like this was good I was lied to

  • Jordyn looked so beautiful

  • I was playing this in my moms office and she was dancing to the beat

  • vid is actually dope

  • Good music bad video

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  • I have way to much, way to much, way to much Fortnite V bucks

  • Justin is good at singing

  • Was that Erika costell Jake is going to be mad bro

  • I only clicked cause I thought it said Justin Bieber and I was like omg he released a song. Wtf

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  • Lit fire

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  • Is that Erika Costell at 1:23

  • Wait.... this is what they had that red carpet event for? It took longer to take his picture outside of the event than the length of this song.

  • Is that Erika costell

  • Bruh's dad is worth like 1-7 billion doe

  • Only $30 at the bank. I'm kidding

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  • If he was a rapper on the come up and no one knew about his past and saw this it would slap, its jus the thought that he was a cringy youtuber makes it feel like it’s bad, I can’t really explain it, if you know you know

    • still wouldn’t be a slap because it’s not a good song lmao

  • Love this song I wish I saw you a and jake and tydus

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  • I love Justin

  • You guys are haters

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  • wait hold up that was good but the video was weird

  • Your the best

  • I know this dudes got lot of auto tune but whatever u gotta accept it's too good for justin Roberts I mean come on 😄🙄😏


  • Sooo where’s the rari??

  • Loved it

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  • Not only a great song🎼🎙, but also a great Music video 🎥

  • Most of these views were to see if jordyn was actually in the music video

  • This song is ok in my opinion, far from the best but not nearly as bad as the other people in the comments are describing it.

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  • You suck as an artist

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  • Probably the best song in team 10 history even now there is that much auto tune

  • This music videos fire

  • Bro you wish you could sing like that

  • Jordyn woods in the video lmao

  • Explain how he has the money to do this

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