Irish People Try American Canned Meat

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-мар.
COME SEE US LIVE: - Irish people spread their meat... from a can!
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Someone somewhere once was like "I like meat. So much so that I've decided to turn it into spreadable mush!" Then many years later, one of our lovely viewers was like "I want to see Irish People try some canned meats!" And now, you get to see it!
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  • Spam is great. Uncultured Irish fucks.

  • Guess I will have to go Ireland and teach you all how to cook that. Remember it's not American until you deep fry it.

  • Oh, stop it !! What a bunch of whiners, you've had pate before, and that's duck livers and such, much worse than spam ! Spam is good for pantry meat when you don't have anything else!!

  • Most of those canned meat to the Irish people and I love the Irish people the American canned Meats are a survival can food in the event of an emergency where one must or provisions in an emergency this is what they are used for however the canned spam you removed from the can is slice it in thin slices and fry it by itself or if with a little olive oil or butter until Brown you can serve it on dark bread with a heavy grain mustard and some onion it's not that bad I've had it for 30 years but to each his own I just finished a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey it may not be the top of the line but I like Irish whiskey bon appetit

  • Potted meat and crackers will get you through a hurricane 👀

  • Irish Jesus looks like a heroin addict.

  • Spam Is awesome especially fried

  • As a Yank, my advice is: Pan-fried Spam from the Rectangular can. MMMgood

  • Spam eye's lips and assH(*& in a can.

  • Don’t worry nobody I know likes it either!

  • Ummm question. Shannon how do you know `its` salty? Hnmmmmm?

  • Adult cow concentrate😂

  • Goddamn this video made me hungry

  • Potted meat reminds me of my grandparents. Guess when you grew up during the dust bowl canned meat was better than eating dirt, which my grandfather admitted to eating as a child.

  • As an American I apologize. I refuse to eat those products. Whoever sent them or ordered them for you... Shame on them! Thank you for your bravery.

  • lol im in the USA and i have never ever tryed any of that

  • Try real SPAM

  • Okay I like some spam, but I have never tried spam spread.

  • I've never heard of spam spread, potted meat, or deviled ham. That must be some mid west or country folk thing... idk, never heard or ate any of those things.

  • Don't actually like them. Best way to eat canned meat is to throw it away a just eat the cracker.

  • As an American, let me say that I know absolutely no one who actually eats any of this horrible shit. Regular non-spreadable Spam is poverty food for the truly truly desperate.

  • sticky, pungent, acidic meat...mmmmm soo good Get in mah belleh!

  • Potted meat is best with some mayo on bread. It is salty tho...

  • I don't know anyone who really eats these.

  • She's my favorite... you all know who I'm talking about

  • We ate potted meat all the time as a kid, I loved it. Bought it again a few months ago and it was so salty it was basically inedible.

  • Yeah I'm American and never m et 1 person who liked spam .. and never heard of roast beef spread I feel horrible for u guys eating any of that

  • Underwood deviled chicken was eaten by Sling Blade (I forget the character's actual name) but he called it potted meat

  • Nice shirt lib hack

  • Two slices of bread, potted meat and some yellow mustard.

  • You can’t eat this stuff on saltine crackers because the crackers are salty and so is the meat. You’ve got to have it on something neutral like bread.

  • I love Potted Meat. I was also raised dirt poor.

  • Dude! You saved the worst for last! I had to eat that on a sandwich as a child, and I hated it. Now, here's a tip: My best friend used deviled ham as an ingredient in the dressing for pasta salad, and it was delicious. But you really can't eat it any other way.

  • "When nothing goes right, go left." Love the t-shirt. Reminds me of my saying: "Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts make a right!"

  • That devils food pate is hella good.

  • LOL. "defiled" was classic-this is very 70s retro food =)

  • It's fishy and there's no fuckin fish in it 😂

  • Hey now I grew up on all of them and still enjoy them today

  • Justine has an adorable look on her face @6:39 like: I gotta do this but I'll be damned if I'll let myself enjoy it. Elga is back on her game with Irish Jesus (I may send you a chocolate crucifix for Easter (yes they do make them). Shannon is as entertaining as usual. Dermot and Blaith'in great pair. Hey they love Spam in Hawaii.

  • Irish people try food most Americans have never heard of or seen before

  • cook spam and eggs you amateurs its delicious

  • You don't eat it right out of the can. you mix in a little mayo add sweet pickle relish etc.

  • As someone who grew up in America I will say the deviled ham that they had and the chicken salad which they didn't have but comes wrapped in white like the ham actually tastes good spread on bread with cheese as a sandwich. That being said I don't live in the US now so it could taste completely different than I remember! Love to the TRY family from Deutschland! 🥰💕😘

  • I've never eaten canned meat but my mom likes deviled ham and Vienna sausages. No thanks. I prefer my meat on a bone.

  • That stuff just looks so nasty. it all looks like dog and cat food.

  • Omg why

  • I used to eat those out of the can with my fingers.

  • Potted meat is crap you eat because it's cheap, however caviar is crap you eat because expensive!

  • Canned meat is the lowest grade of meat that can be sold for human consumption.( I had a friend who's father was a meat inspector for the USAF).

  • Americans hate that crap it's as much as you guys do,well except for the southern part of the country, they'll eat anything!

  • spam really isnt even that bad

  • No one in America eats this

  • spam comes in a spread? never knew, I like to fry it and cut it in little cubes to put in my mac n cheese

  • Lmao...potted meat and sodee crackers, pretty good if your hungry enough 🤣

  • I never knew the Irish were such wimps.

  • So terrible canned meat, is still surplus terrible meat.....M.A.S.H. rehash.....50 years ago. Why not M.A.S.H. So Community could be a thing

  • I like spam, I admit it. However, I understand the apprehension....😆

  • 0:33 i would make fun of him 2 but my teeth ar straight so it wouldn't look the right


  • Nobody eats that shit.

  • 3:32 You heard it here first folks, sperm is stored inside the penis.

  • Who's idea was it to turn meat scraps into pet food consistency? Maybe WWII era? I'll have to check the history. Deviled chicken spread is tolerable.

  • Well... Irish people always were stupid as fuck 😄😄

  • I like potted meat but I fully understand that it's not something most people would enjoy

  • Hey Dermot, no peanut butter!

  • I love the US Military Ham MRE.

  • Are they all drunk?🤔

  • I personally, have never seen spam spread, and I don't like any of the canned meats you tried. Potted meat is very inexpensive, and mixed with mayo it will make several sandwiches. My mother had it growing up, and I suspect many have eaten it when money for food was tight.

  • Say what you want, that Devil's Ham shit is fucking delicious.

  • Shannon kills me omg what’s inside the penis

  • I heard spam is okay fried.

  • I hate potted meat. Especially since I am allergic to processed meats. 😂

  • SPAM - Stuff Posing As Meat

  • I’m American and I don’t eat that shit Hahahahahahaha

  • Never heard of spam spread still too salty

  • All I went thru and you can't even taste me!!

  • Hardly anyone under the age of 80 eats this shit.

  • Yeah, I'm not going to be in Dublin. {Waves from Waco!}

  • All this is doing is making me crave some potted meat on crackers :/ used to have it as a snack once in a while! Keeps the goiter away lmao

  • As an american ive never ate spam lol, most of the people who do that ive seen are usually using it for camping or theyre just a nasty human being. We use to use it for catfish bait😂

  • Happy st Patrick’s day

  • i didnt know any of these exist and i live in the same state as the spam museum lol

  • I’m American and I’ve never had this LOL

  • Never heard of any of these meats except for spam. Americans don’t eat this stuff


  • Some of these Irish people should also try a dentist

  • So when the Irish were starving during the potato famine, they would have turned their noses up at SPAM? Don't forget, this was the only food around during WWII and Ireland was part of the war as well. Soon we forget.

  • Dislike from me bc of the thumb nail. Literally no one in America eats spam

    • Well that will be news to the people in the North West, west coast and Hawaii. Because we do eat spam. My son and dad love this stuff. Know your facts before committing. Hawaii is the number one consumer of spam.

  • I'm American and I've never eaten any of these. Gross.

  • I grew up living in cars, potted meat and ramen were my go-to meals and to this day are my comfort food.

  • Yay! You guys made it to the bottom of my trending feed, yay.... Although this is the only thing I actually watched on the trending feed. Ooooh, Amy Sedaris..................oh I'm back, sorry where was I??

  • You guys need an American to show you how to eat it right

  • S pecial P oopy A ss M eat

  • Ahhh Potted Meat... I Love potted Meat! No joke! The rest of that is yuk


  • all made in china...

  • Not many people eat this

  • you are just over reacting but we know you love it!!!

  • I've literally never even heard of any of these "spreads"

  • They're speaking Pokemon Sword & Shield!