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Let's see if the #pullapart #pineapple technique is as easy as it looks. And if you don't have time for that pineapple #peeling business, I'll show you 2 other ways to open a pineapple because it's the BEST.
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  • I've never been so excited about ovaries in my life.

    • +Ashleigh Jankowski human barroed the word overies from fruits!

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    • nope the pollen would be the sperm in this scenario the seeds would be zygot's forgive my spelling

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  • Emmy!!!! OMG, your Dad's technique is IDENTICAL to my Dad's technique!!! Identical! Watching you cut pineapple like my Dad, which is of course how I cut pineapple was so curious because I'm usually teaching my friends how to cut pineapple, Dad style!

  • the pineapple story made me realize how beautiful life is

  • My Grandfather used to toss all of his pineapple crowns into his back garden and they would grow into pineapple plants! He didn't even water them or "plant" them because his soil was so rich and he lived in a rainy town, so pineapple would grow almost like magic!!!

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  • You are toooooo cute, and your pineapple feeling tutorial is the bomb! Thanks much!😀

  • I just called my boss and told him I am gonna be late, because something important came up LOL

  • All these years... wasted... only to find this channel now.

  • Your dads technic is the best, thank you

  • That is really a proper way to eat a pineapple many people knows that. Specifically when its so ripe

  • to much talking just do it

  • Blend the leftover peels in blender and strain through a sieve. .lil salt.. additional pineapple juice is ready

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  • Its called nenas @ nanas, nothing 'apple' about it. XD

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  • I usually make pickled pineapple with sugar, salt, tamarind, fine chili, vinegar (if you want) . everybody loves it here..

  • This is the most analytical breakdown of a pineapple I've ever seen.

  • how about just peel it and cut it.

  • starts 4:02

  • Who has a pineapple under the sea??? *SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS*

  • U keep talking heheh

  • The moment you see the spirals (your like wow) and then she cuts them not along the spiral 😂😂

  • You could eat pineapple forever, or until it actually eats you 😂

  • tip: an easy way to take off the crown of the pineapple is to twist it until it comes off.

  • Bromelean. Anti arthritis.

  • Video starts at 3:40

  • Hawaiian secret exposed!! They are pissed!

  • am i the only one that brines pineapples before i eat them? =o

  • Talking too much

  • My boyfriend loves that pineapple is my favorite fruit. 🍍😘

  • My mom cuts pineapple the same way!!! However, before she cuts the pineapple into slices, she rubs some salt then rinses the pineapple - the extra step is to reduce the fuzzy feeling on the tongue when we consume too much of the pineapple. I think it’s the same enzyme you mentioned earlier.

  • Omg just cut the fucking thing?

  • Why people dislike this?

  • That's why it's called the "Queen of all fruits" not because of its crown but because of its composition. Each eye is considered as one fruit. 👌🏻

  • The enzyme in pineapple called bromelain that dissolves proteins, is something that elderly people used to use as a supplement to reduce inflammation for problems such as arthritis and physical pain. Doctors began to notice that patients which took these supplements were showing problems with the breakdown of the liver. The liver is an internal organ that the bromelain was attacking, and breaking down liver tissue. I don't ever recommend using bromelain as a supplement, but eating a little bit of pineapple is fine. Some digestive enzymes include bromelain as an ingredient, but it isn't as concentrated as it is when you use it as an anti-inflammatory.

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  • The core is the best part :

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  • I am always smarter after watching one of your videos.💖

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  • Your first pineapple still wasn’t ripe enough. But that was great

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  • Or you can buy the sliced one

  • I have two midterms tomorrow and have no clue why I am watching this video at 1 am in the. Morning . So unrelevant to my subjects :) 🐘

  • allergic af to pineapple. can't eat it. such a shame. Only way I can enjoy it so here I am 🤷

  • Somehow I feel like this is some type of information that should be strictly clasified

  • I love putting pineapple in a salad of purple cabbage and red and yellow peppers. Add a little red onion, salt, pepper and olive oil. Magical!

  • I subbed just bc of the fruit song

  • Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

  • This is very interesting!!!!

  • Knife would be faster and less messy.

  • When i was in the Philippines 🇵🇭 I went to the market and they cut it like they way her dad cuts it 🤣 i thought it was so magic on how they did that hahahah. 😂 i know I know the truck

  • 3:30 she finally starts

  • You have the best teeth ever. Oh I like pineapples as well.

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  • The enzyme in pineapples that break down proteins has caused some people who work in pineapple factories to lose their finger prints.

  • The way you get excited when you want to inform everyone of history facts or tidbits is so cute!

  • Maybe that’s why my tongue always tingles when I eat pineapple... it’s dissolving me. Lol

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  • If you take the core and dip in tajin it’s a good crunch snack

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  • I really want to eat pineapple now.

  • Amazing can't wait to try this! Pineapple is a great remedy for throat and sinus issues. I had a cold and cough recently and within an hour of drinking fresh pineapple juice I started expelling mucus and phlegm and everything cleared up. I snacked on pineapple for a few days after that. Put it in water to infuse too just like lemon water. I still dislike the annoying tingly feeling on the tongue, oh well!

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  • Put the leftover skin in a glass jar along with a cup of sugar,no water, after some few days, it turns into a strong delicious wine.😋

  • The core is best part. Wtf are you talking about?!?!

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  • I love pineapple 🍍 i have pineapple painting in my room. It looks trippy sometimes. Pineapple juice is delicious. New subscriber here.

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  • Is it weird that I love the core? lol

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  • Over 3 and a half minutes in and youve done nothing yet,,get to it!

  • You forgot that you should turn a pineapple upside down for a few house cause the sweetness settles at the bottom so before you cut it you wanna turn it upside down to allow it to run back to the top for more sweetness throughout.