How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
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Ok Dukeys, this piece took sooo much work, but it was worth it. In this video I show you how to carve a super realistic Japanese Rhinoceros beetle out of different species of wewd. Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe if you haven't already. Yay! Love you guys.
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  • Send wewds

  • do a calosoma scrutator

  • can you do a bewterfly next

  • hi. can i buy it.

  • that’s so cool. if i saw that outside i’d immediately try to step on it bc it looks so realistic

  • Eww i hate it hate it hate it i know it's wewd but that's really disgusting feeling it in your hand ewwwww

  • Hilarious 😂

  • Cool

  • Can you buy it? Also try making a Hercules beetle!

  • Isten freaking cool that insects have wings they can just fold out, with shields to protect them. you see aloto of cool aliens and robots in films and go like "ha ha cool, but unrealistic" or so you think but the animal kingdom is just full of WTF

  • *Poreless Duke*

  • Your art is amazing! I hope someday I can do something like this! If you are up for taking requests/ideas, i thought you could try and make an articulated/jointed animal out of wewd. For example a horse or fish. Or maybe a cat or unicorn... idk, I think it’s a cool idea, and if you did it I know it’d turn out amazing because you have a lot of talent. Keep up the amazing work, I love watching all of your videos!

  • More beetles please! Maybe some sort of gold scarab style one would be really cool?

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  • I use 1st music as my ringtone❤❤


  • I love beetles! Ugh I want one.

  • Most amazing piece of wewd you made.

  • Bobby x Wewd fanfiction anyone?

  • It looked cool! The video was funny too lol. I'll add another Rhinoceros beetle fact: The front pair of wings are called elytra!

  • Sick wewd beetle

  • Protect this man at all cost.

  • Can't get enough of this guy's sense of humor 😂 love your videos

  • I think it would be cool if you made different species of beetles

  • 我想看你做更多甲蟲~~拜託 plz~~

  • OMG how are you using all those tools without wearing gloves 😱😱😱 The knife is too close to your fingers!!!! I like your work by the way 😍 watching you carving the wewd makes it look so easy.

  • You can let it go for massive auction in Japan.

  • Could u make me a bird out of wood ples

  • Rhinoceros Beetles are my favorite!! I'm so glad to see you make this gorgeous boi ❤

  • Try a stone scarab

  • That beetle is the coolest thing I've ever seen

  • Does anyone remember making pinewood derby cars if you were in Boy Scouts? Well I was thinking, “What if Bobby was your dad?” It would mean a guaranteed win every time.

  • Are you gay, i don't wanna insult you, i just wanna know. I know 2 gay guys, 2 of which are my uncles, so I got nothing against homosexuals, but I really think ur excentric behaviour is as if you were gay. Pls let me know

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  • What stores do you go to for wewd?

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  • Beautiful !!!

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  • You should carve yourself out of wewd!

  • pleaseee make it a series, these beetles are so beautiful

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  • 2:23. His wife is like uhhhhhh?

  • ummmm...there are no words to appropriately describe your talent bud.

  • I was casually watching the start then I realized one of his daughters had a bt21 hoodie on But still this kewl

  • I want that . You gotta do all different kinds of insects like spiders the deadliest ones tarantula

  • I thought the title said weed

  • wish I could have that wewdie little flying rhino 😍🤩🤗👍👍

  • It looks like a real beatle


  • Beautiful

  • Damn. I'd live me some *wewd*

  • I actually spelt this in class once because of how my teacher says *wewd*

  • Absolutely banaynay! Best art you've done so far! Forever climbing past your expectations, amazing! Keep up the amazing art and we'll keep watching! (Not in a creepy way) obviously wewd like.


  • That... Was not funny lookin frawgs fewts as I led me to believe.... It's okay though... This was butter... ER... Better...

  • Best beetle ever! That’s beautiful

  • I issue a challenge upon thee. Create a Beyblade, namely Galaxy Pegasis, made of wewd XD

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  • Your channel, hands down, one of the cooles KG-tvchannels on KG-tv. I absolutely adore your creations.

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  • 0:09 is that Destin from Smarter Every Day?

  • Beetles in different colors. Bring us some wewd magic!

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  • I need to know how many times you’ve knocked a leg off

  • Beautiful work! I appreciate the tips you shared too. Would love to see more beetles!

  • Fucking hell that is a cool ass bettle

  • I'm not a native speaker of English and I had to watch the video to understand that wewd was wood, and for a bit I wondered if it was some specific type of wood. -_-

  • Why don't carve a beetle, like the Volkswagen beetle..... please?

  • a bee would be cool its not a beetle but i love bees :,)

  • It would've been better If you made the wings fold in & out just like the real thing. I assumed you were skilled enough to see that.

  • Oh man, this is so great! How much tho?

  • R u bashurwerse????

  • So weird to see Deadpool carving wood

  • 🕊I admit I was high, know what I mean people..? @@🌿

  • Make an iPhone out off wewd and then try to make it look like a real one! (Luv ur vids!) ^3^

  • If u use cqptions when he said "wewd" it says weed, wood, and whoo

  • A beetle series or insect series would be pretty cool, tarantulas would be a good one too

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  • هههههههه انت مذهل

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  • this is truly amazing

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  • Is one of the most beautiful works that you have done till now! The wood selection must have been hard

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  • 0:07 Destin!!! Yeahhh. @SmarterEveryDay. It is awesome when two of my favourite KG-tvrs from vastly different fields know each other. Possible collab on the physics/chemistry of Resins or anything Art?? You guys already did one on the video Yeahhhhh!!