He Hid from his Boss All Day... AGAIN (You'll Never Guess How He Did It)

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
Danny's goal is to hide from Jamie for the entire day while remaining in plain sight. Can he do it?
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Danny and Jamie go head to head in another epic hide and seek game. Danny gets to hide at work for the entire day so long as Jamie does not discover him. Find out just how long Danny lasts.
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  • When I play hide and seek I just go into random areas and shout "I found you" 😂

  • Wait... this couch does not go to this chair? Isn’t it a cushion???

  • Do a part 3

  • I didn’t say I wOulDn’t PunCh tHinGs DaNnY!!!

  • I could hide from you !

  • Yeah I could hide

  • Theory, (btw I haven’t seen the whole thing yet) what if he’s in the bathroom but using the speaker so that it sounds like poo and he’s got multiple shoes

  • Vat19 the company with a cool boss

  • Should’ve called him

  • Jamie I saw you get drunk in a video during my drivers ed class. Hope this comes back to haunt you!

  • i can leave the area lol

  • I knew it

  • part 3 part 3 part 3

  • Wow that was a great hiding spot

  • This is like an informal tour of their building.

  • I can

  • Please tell me you didn’t get fired.

  • Jamie is so conceited

  • lmao i guessed what happened before it actually happened

  • You're in a position of getting fired for a minor accident

  • cool boss... I WANT THAT WHEN I GROW UP

  • I literally new he was gonna hide in the toilet

  • Lol

  • Absolutely fantastic work!!!?

  • Lol love it...he said the bathroom was rough😅😂🤣 love it. What a cool boss👍I want to work there. Lol🌝😁🙂😏🤫🤔

  • I knew he was in the bathroom

  • I will

  • If he hadn't sprayed it so often he probably got away with it. The power of the smell gave him away but when I heard occupied with that sound board like quality I thought he was done for.

  • I knew it ha

  • Can vat19 do Something special if we get 19mil. Subs

  • hope u get fired..

  • Dam how big is your office place???

  • I feel like he kew he was in the toilet cos of his reaction the second time

  • Just go on the roof

  • It says hid

  • What was ur job anyway other than KG-tv

  • I am the hide and seek QUEEN I can hide from ANYBODY for a whole day and not be found once I hid for 2 hours till my whole family started looking for me then it took another 2 hours for them to find me but remember I live in a small house so imagine me hiding in that building I could be hiding in there for days and you wouldn’t find me and I could keep myself occupied while I’m at it so just sayin you can’t beat the queen


  • Part 3

  • Think he’s just in the bathroom changing shoes Wait did I seriously get this right?

  • Please make a gummy taco or a gummy donut🙏

  • It’s him in the bathroom changing shoes!

  • Is this channel sell everything? Do you sell house?


  • I think I could beat you

  • "Office 2.0"

  • I can and ik a perfect place

  • I bet he’s using the speaker for voices, different shoes, fake poo spray. Before I saw btw

  • Part 3

  • Real life office

  • lol

  • 0:20 number two Danny: how did you find me???

  • it would me u will never find me cause im so very the champ u will never find me and i challenge u

  • He should’ve gone in the women’s BEST HIDING EVER

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ̄▽ ̄)

  • Do some more hide from boss

  • I paused the vid at 6:16 to comment he’s prob in restroom using the ass spray and wearing different shoes

  • As soon as he said "different shoes" I knew that he had extras.

  • Jamie is spoiled Can I have yr Tesla

  • 4:24 No. That would be telling you where he is.

  • Is he trying to kill him by pounding on everything?

  • I want more of these videos

  • I probably could, I’m super short and tiny so , I could uwu

  • I remember I played hide and seek with my mate, and he was hiding in a box, under the ground. And hes been hiding there for years! now thats a true hide and seek champion.

  • 😡

  • DO A 3 RD ONE

  • Jokes on him I hid in plain sight all day AT HOME and nobody knew 😎

  • The boss sounds like my friend

  • Danny probably was using liquid ass to make it seem like he was unloading

  • You guys should try freezing the Carolina Reaper powder into popsicles

  • I know a really good spot And you would never know where to look

  • this sounds a bit scripted

  • MORE

  • XD

  • Can you please do this again

  • I could

  • My guess: in bathroom with multiple shoes with fart spray Holy crap

  • I can and I'll always keep moving the entire time

  • I never thought i see vat19 join in on the mystery title craze

  • Do a part three

  • He could of been in the bathroom and sprayed liquid ass

  • Should make a Vat19 version of “The Office” I would 100% watch that But the US version

  • Did you fire him!?

  • A box

  • S

  • me bitch

  • Who else thought this was buzzfeed


  • I could

  • *Cool. Intense hide and seek.*

  • Do more!

  • omg I called it! I knew it go me!!

  • i called it he was changing clothes

  • I knew it that it was danny

  • Not fair, he got two hints

  • Do a part 3 please

  • I defenetley could

  • In b room changing shoes

  • Flexing the Tesla

  • Eric would fail this challenge