Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
"Tastes like a wet diaper"
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  • What episode is this ?

  • My name's Steven by the way

  • I know it's a show, but it always cracks me up when they thing they don't know what he's talking about.

  • He is not a even devil Gordon hold my beer

  • Owner looks like a Mafia Don

  • White people really don’t season anything lmao

  • Guys be careful this couldve been an endgame spoiler stay vigilant

  • White people.


  • Omg I love Steven xD

  • Steven is my favorite

  • Can't season food bloody hell what is this guy trained at Disney World

  • Server's gayer than my gay brother, and I'm gay too.

  • I’ve lived in Maine for 17 years. They are full of crap saying it’s what they do in Maine.

  • Id love to see Gordon revisit the places again to see how they be doin and if there not gone back to there other ways or not

    • *Ehhh most likely they be close down already*

  • Does he ever just go to a place and say 'Not bad' and that's it? it's either the food is great or he spits it out. Definitely some playing up to the camera involved.

  • The Mac and cheese looked pretty good though.

  • Nino would have made his own seasoning

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not a living soul: Steven: 👺

  • Nobody: Waiter:mY nAME is StEven iF you neeD anYTHING JuSt LEt mE knOw

  • If the chef can’t season the food then why be there 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • 5:37 No, he also dicks me down during his breaks 💁‍♀️ 💅

  • Why videos are in 360p?

  • Why do i find it so offputting that Steven is friendly

  • Is it just me or do you think Steven and Gordon can be friends? xD

  • Waiter: here's the water, Gordon ramsay: Its Bland!

  • Mac, cheese and ... LOBSTER?? Wtf everything is wrong whit that

  • "If he lived in Maine for three months then he'd know a lobster roll is exactly the way we make it." - I've lived in Maine my whole life. Always had it well seasoned.

  • Back in my teenage years, my hometown was served by two local hangout/burger joints; one of them is still open, "Burger Chic"; the other was called "Tasty Treat". Tasty treat had a problem with catering too much to the old crowd; the ones that had to eat low sugar low salt in their diet, but wanted to hang on to their old days of cars and drive-ins/cruise-ins. Stuff like no-salt french fries and sugar free ketchup was on the menu, at a time when that sort of health-nut food wasn't particularly popular, nor had they figured out how to make them taste proper; they simply left out stuff from the recipe instead of finding substitutions to make it taste good. For a while it offered up two menus. Then, after a local chain opened, Tasty Treat decided to only go for the no-salt sugar free menu (which they sucked at making); and they eventually closed down, and the land has now become a parking lot. That, is why his "Maine Lobster Roll" has no seasoning; this moron owner thinks he can just leave stuff out, puff up his chest and people will buy his crap. It just doesn't work that way. It didn't work with Tasty Treat, and it won't work for him. I'll bet he's a cuck.....

  • *Cymbals and drums start to play* *DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS* *Woosh* * ting ting ting* *BWOOONG* *trumpet plays*

  • Gordon: *Drinks water* It's fucking bland no seasoning whatsoever.

  • Guy asks "is he paying" dang do you even care about your restaurant? You bring in a pro and ask "is he paying" so much facepalm guy needs to go back to mcdonalds or something.

  • I have worked in restaurants and I have always see owners over stepping in Chefs and cooks space. There is 2 differents types of owners the hands on and the control freak. If you get a control freak just get out is not worth the headache.

  • Can't be that hot or Gordon wouldn't have drank water afterward, we all know water makes it worse. He's full of it every now and then lol

  • I see Gordon as more of a god than a devil

  • Steven playing defense

  • 3:44 that sounds like an evil villian laugh.

  • I like Stephan

  • “You’re a kidder”

  • I saw this clip of Gordon hanging out with his family. He asked his daughter (who looked about 13 or 14) "what's it like to have the greatest chef in the world as your dad?" She came back with, "I don't know, he's not my dad."

  • To me, that owner looked like a guy who comes home to find his wife catting with some guy in the kitchen of whom he knows nothing. The guy could be a contractor who just finished fixing the sink, or he could be her boyfriend. If anyone was "confrontational" it was the owner.

  • Gordon: Hi Owner: UMMMM Gordon seemed a bit CONFRONTATIONAL BUT its fineee

  • 1:02 That voice crack though😂

  • I'm not allowed in the kitchen so I can't relate

  • Does he pay for the food 🥘?

  • 1:14

  • steven is now my new favourite server LOL

  • 0:23 when u are trying to show of to gordan

  • David walked in like a supervillian

  • why do these fuck nuggets get Gordon ramsay to fix their restaurant then disagree with everything he says.same every episode.american fake acted shite

    • Their attitudes are usually a large part of why they're failing. My dad is just like a lot of these people. He ran a gym, it wasnt doing well, hired a consultant, and then disregarded everything he said and called him an idiot. My dad was not, however, an owner. We fired him.


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  • 1:54 “ur a kidder” he sound like he 5 Lmaooo

  • Such a sassy Steven

  • Let's see miku squad?

  • Owner has a rational conversation with Gordon "I think he was a bit confrontational" *Oh boy do you have something coming*

  • If I was there, I would literally die. I’m not even joking, I’m allergic to crab and lobster....

  • I live in Maine and the lobster is heckin good

  • Awww not a wet diaper lol

  • Did anybody catch that waiter's name?

  • This is the nicest I've seen Ramsey lol, hes a really pleasant guy

  • 1:27 Look at the way the waiter is checking Gordon.


  • ...why would they put fries on all 3 plates of lobster rolls? lol

  • Nino would remember Stephens name

  • I like Steven

  • Is it just me but at 1:42 he sounded like a girl for sec

  • Some struggling teenage cooking: 100 cups of salt... An idiot who actually can't cook: *wE caNT sEaSon wITh sAlt iTs a rOCk*

  • His server is *Gayyyy*

  • Wait the owner thought ramsey seemed confrontational!? 😂 I don't know if it was just me or what but the first owner seemed confrontational to me.

  • Bro those lobsters rolls look like they came from 7/11! And bruh maine uses, mayo, salt,pepper, and sometimes made with maple syrup- the real kind and just a tiny bit to help complement the sweetness of the lobster savory and deep flavors!

  • Steven, is adorable! Anyone knows his social media handle? ;-)

  • 1:22 is that dude guy (NOT Gordon but that other dude)

  • *hELlO MY naMEs nINoOooOOOOOOooooo*

  • I don't think i have ever seen a Gordon Ramsey episode where he actually likes the food.

  • “ Ramsay isn’t this evil person that everyone thinks he is”” ME “” hahahhahaha just wait my friend “

  • Confrontational for saying hello lol

  • Nobody: Literally No One: Steven: BTW My names, Steven and if you need anything let me know.

    • Kinda awkward, but he seems nice enough. He's just trying to do his job, I think he did fine.

  • As a New Englander. it absolutely evades me how someone can fuck up a lobster roll that bad, I’ve made better ones myself at home.

    • As a fellow New Englander, I am with you 100%. And when the head cheff said we don't use salt and pepper? Like wtf. Where did he go where they don't use salt and pepper. And seeing that clam chowder was pittiful. The one thing that was going for the chowder was there were no tomatoes in it.

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  • season and episode anyone?

  • Steven wanted some of those muscles bang cock!

  • Just so you know my names Steven

  • That server look like shawn mendes gay brother

  • Gordon is not evil at all hes trying to help and just doesnt have a filter. I would rather have a friend that is honest then lies.

  • "mac and cheese it's chewy and rich"...he liked something!

  • I love Steven 😂

  • Dethperately

  • Gordon Ramsay is a savage

  • This shrimp is RAW!!

  • Nino would season the food

  • The waiter is such a flamer. Lol

  • That owner considered his first encounter with Gordon confrontational? What a little sensitive pussy.

  • Lmao @ the way that cock sucker walks in with his sunglasses and scarf.

  • Sassy Steven knows how it is

  • shOUTout to my boy steven, hes actually a cool guy


    • Back in middle school, the cheese from our grilled cheese would literally bounce. Kids would sometimes peel it off the edges of the grilled cheese, roll it into a ball, and drop it on the floor to see how high it would bounce.

    • +Ethan Robinson that must have a bunch of fat on that burger if it has that much grease

    • Grilled cheese at my school is burnt on one side with soggy bread on the other and it's so greasy that it literally turns a napkin completely see-through.

  • Just so you know, my name is steven

  • “Is he paying for this?” You’re a joke.

  • Waiter... brings water with ice Gordon.... its fucken frozen