GIANT 10LB Edible Tootsie Roll

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 14-апр.
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Today we're showing you how to make a giant tootsie roll, as well as how to make edible play-doh.
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  • a foot long log..... thats what she said

  • 💡 can you mix food colour. In a mealted iron. For this i need 2.5k likes plepase like

  • What’s one of those?

  • Who else has never heard of a tootsie roll?

  • Freeze a bullet proof galss with liquid nitrogen and shoot it with a gun...........

  • Can you cook a fish in a dishwasher

  • 8:01 “this is a terrible idea imma do it anyways” 🤣🤣 MEEEEEE

  • Am I the only person who was bothered at the fact she touched the play dough and then touched the 'edible' play dough?

  • Whats up with the random numbers and letters appearing and disappearing through out the video

  • *a footlong log* also 7:55

  • Play-doh is a little salty (to me)

  • You guys should do the queen of random to

  • 8:00

  • Check on the pot of paint

  • 9:45-9:46 there was a flash of the king of random icon

  • But play doh is already edible 😂

  • Edible Tootsie roll? Since when?

  • Whag were the ingredients and how much of each ingredient

  • Nate, I dont believe you've ever ordered 1000 small cans of play doh off of amazon. Maybe you guys can run some of your regular tests on a oot of play doh? Heat it, cool it, foundry, solar scorcher, liquid oxygen maybe?

  • It looks like a turd

  • Eat it

  • Their was a secret logo at 9:46.

  • I love how she said YUPP 7:45

  • 8:15 it looks like Sh!t

  • to sciency stuff to cook show

  • 9:45 i saw something on the screen..

  • Edible Play do play do was already edible

  • P.S. try casting hot wheel car in silicon/proto putty

  • Are you still in grants house?

  • *tootsie from dan and Riya is quaking*

  • Is it a world record??

  • The king of random please make a giant caramel eclair

  • Not like he tastes pretty much everything he can get his hands on 😂

  • hey I won in the pubg contest in india I won 1 million rupees (indian currency) I am very happy

  • am i the only one bothered by how she touches the play doh and then touches the tootsie roll all with the same finger? no? ok

  • 9:46

  • Lol

  • What is a tootsie roll

  • I was hoping it would be something I could buy :(

  • Call it *Diabetes roll*

  • Those candies are so dis

  • I don't know if you have done it already,..... GIANT REESE'S PB CUPS!!!!! (My favorite!!!!!).

  • i would LOVE getting that for halloween.

  • Should have just stopped at giant 10lb edible

  • YOUVE EATEN PLAY DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY

  • They should put orbiez in the toaster

  • 9:46 logo is seen

  • but playdo was already edible


  • I know what Play-Doh tastes like. It's disgusting

  • White chocolate as a base for fruity rolls? Use your brain.

  • 8:14 “I always beat my dough - who’s your daddy” - vine

  • Anybody else see the logo pop up at 9:46 in the video ?

  • 2:06 “two shots of vodka”

  • I liked it better with the original guy

  • All u got to do is melt the rolls and combine them

  • What if they were just making videos in target at the example set up kitchens 😂

  • Hmmmm playdough was already eatable

  • Make honey glow in the dark, then make it look like you're eating lava.

  • 9:46

  • Lowkey would smash her

  • "This is a terrible idea... I'ma do it anyway."hahaha hahaha hahaha 😂

  • Tf is a tootsie roll

  • Play doh tastes salty

  • I bet someone watch this and then made it

  • "Put a few drops" *Puts like 10*

  • Theres a random king of random sign at 2:46 put it in the slowest playback speed

  • You could use the term carryover cooking

  • Me: OMG I got a full size candy bar while trick-or-treating!! The king of random: hold my beer

  • there is properly 3 or 4 pedefiles looking r now lol :-)

  • What if u leave popcorn in the microwave for too long??

  • 9:46 the logo anyone else see it

  • freezedry tootsie rolls and antifreeze then see if you can reconstitute them

  • 9:46 i saw the symbol ive seen it twice is it like a glitch or is it a first person to find it thing ??

  • Did anyone else see the glich at 9.45

  • You should make a video with a cube of iridium.(second densest metal)

    • I was thinking something to do with sodium??

  • thats one big tootsie roll

  • can we maybe see the dried out paint from extreme spray painting?

  • Make edible playdough? Wasn’t it always edible?

  • I see..... Now you’ve moved from building to cooking.

  • you should try to make a life size version of a jolly rancher and then see how long it takes to melt down

  • 10:07 Thats What She Said 10:15 That What HE SAID !!!

  • You should try melting a lot of hot glue in a pan and cast a sword then harden it in liquid nitrogen. 👑⚠️

  • That's weighs as much as a newborn

  • Please put cotton candy in your vacuum chamber!!

  • You should try freeze drying cloths

  • The original recipe calls for the inclusion of the previous day's batch, so theoretically there's bits of the very first Tootsie Roll in every one of the sixty four million Tootsie Rolls that Tootsie produces each day.

  • BTW: You twisted the ends wrong. It needs to be clockwise both sides. You have counter-clockwise on one side.

  • Put concrete in a vacuum chamber

  • What would happen if you put orbeez in glow fluid? Like would they absorb it like they do water?

  • did the other guy quit??????

  • Hey king of random how about a chocolate bar made in vacuum jar

  • can you make a giant cookie or tootsie pop?

  • 8:36 I saw a n. This might be a secret message.

  • In a future video can you please extract DNA from human hair, sweat, blood and maybe urine.

    • you're a bit f***ing weird bro get some help

  • Try boiling all types of metal in the foundry 😀🔥 👑

  • What if you extracted DNA from either a fruit or from a human and did experiments on it like freezing it from liquid nitrogen and also melting it or burning it.

  • What’s a tootsie roll. Can you get them at coles or woolies.

  • I want tootsie rolls, even though they don't exist in my country.....

  • I'm curious to see if your vacuum chamber would be strong enough to cold/vacuum weld inside