Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 5-фев.
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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, and Chance Cole
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
The Bible
Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures
The Call of Cthulhu
At the Mountains of Madness
Get Out
Bird Box


  • The monster is the spirit of Paul walker

  • May be they did not show it because then it would effect us

  • the monster could maybe medusa from greek mythology

  • It’s t-series sub count

  • I just assumed it was a Lovecraftian entity lol Rapture theory is interesting

  • John Cena

  • 8:00- "Why not Zoidberg?" (V) (;,,;) (V)

  • The creator of the movie said that what you see is something you love or a baby with wrinkles all over it’s body

  • The monster has airpods and we cant see him because he doesn't speak broke

  • No i love god

  • the monater is big chungus

  • So... doesn't anyone think about zalgo?

  • I watched like 30 minutes of the movie and couldn't watch anymore because I was gonna cry

  • Surprise it's cthuhlu

  • *ACTUALLY, IT'S A PINATA FILLED WITH SOULS OF DEAD BEINGS. 1. If you cheat you must kys. 2. Lunatics don't follow rules. 3. The person who helped Mal in the house seen her mother sticking out. 4. People can imitate voices. 5. It is a beautiful pinata. 6. Pinatas can't open doors. 7. It wants you to die so you can join the pile. MY EVIDENCE IS CLEAR.*

  • I was thinking that they saw the cruel reality of the world. ;^;

  • 17:24 why is Bendy here

  • 7:43 “Horny”😏 It’s a joke. Don’t take it seriously.

  • Now I want to see Kratos go toe to tentical against Cthuluh

  • Cathulu is right but the fox can be one to prooven when the daughter that tried to save the woman said “Mom” and walked into the fire

  • I know how the monster aka devil looks like If you know the guy who is crazy that was let into the house by the saved woman He did some images of what it looks like

  • What if I’m the monstEEEERRRRRRR

  • I feel Nyarlathotep would be a better fit than either Cthulhu or the rapture. Nyarlathotep is another H.P. Lovecraft creation that actively takes pleasure in stalking and torturing humans, has a cult following and uses illusions to drive humans to madness. What if the pregnancies and inability to open doors are the illusions created by Nyarlathotep to gain sacrifices to awaken the old ones?

  • Chulthulu maybe?

  • 6:10 Nine tailed fox? Sounds familiar ugh. Catch me outside ski mask

  • Oops *_I didn’t know how scary I am when I find snacks in the grocery bag_*

  • What if the monster was a wendigo as wendigo can copy voices and pray on the individual

  • The monster is t-series

  • the Monster is the plastic bag from American beauty

  • The monster is the Gremloblin, from Gravity Falls. Just think about it, the Gremloblin drove a couple insane.

  • 18 minutes of video just so he can say i dont know.....

  • The monster is the flying spaghetti monster

  • No it's the anti crist

  • Its the moon lord

  • We can’t we the monster because we have different fears

  • XD

  • **after watching video** *the sight.... its beautiful.....* **kills self** (Ofc I didn't really do it! -^-)

  • Elephant nose has gas mask like features

  • Its literally just a lovecraftian horror to the most generic degree. A being whom you cant comprehend. And its imagery is literally just Spirit of the Night from Magic: the Gathering's Mirage set in aesthetic.. (Mostly the art style)

  • I can just see matpat making grunting noises in my mind

  • i hate how instead of saying "bad people" they say "insane", as if mentally ill/neurodiverent people are evil or smthn that kinda ruined the whole movie for me tbh

  • i hate how instead of saying "bad people" they say "insane", as if mentally ill/neurodiverent people are evil or smthn that kinda ruined the whole movie for me tbh

  • Am I the only one who hasn't seen the movie yet

  • what if the monster is SCP-055

  • everyone should watch this movie

  • I still think they're demons

  • surgat is just a raptor from jurrasic park 5:25

  • I know the opening of this episode is supposed to be a joke to get a little laugh, but he has his eyes closed inside the house even though the monsters don’t go inside. So technically the joke doesn’t work.

  • Chibi Cthulhu

  • Obviously the monsters Gabbie Hanna

  • Just saying in the Bible it says as long as you believe god and ask for forgiveness you will go to heaven. So criminals can go to heaven...

  • Its the l-_legend 27_

  • The monster is an edgy nine year old, dabbing of them t-series subs

  • My eyes can stay closed

  • is that how ninetails came to be?

  • my name is isiah

  • I don’t think this had to be 18 minutes long

  • But that’s just a theory A FILM THEORY

  • To kill it show it a mirror could it kill itself ? And everyone saved or will it just still make u kill urself

  • The monster is 5G

  • we need scooby doo

  • its pretty good in my opinion

  • i just watched this on monday

  • what debunks this theory of this being the rapture and Christ being involved is that it states in the bible that if anyone were to commit suicide, they would not be forgiven and sent to hell. It also states in the bible not to worship anyone but him, it claims he is the only God, and the criminals and insane people literally worship the creatures they seen and throughout the movie every time someone seen the creatures either they became worshipers or they committed suicide. therefore it cant have anything to do with the rapture because it goes against everything in the bible. unless it is the Anti-Christ God in no way would make anyone kill them self, nor would he make anyone worship him, therefore your theory is wrong. at least on that detail anyways. it goes against Christianity and its beliefs. it upsets me how you did so much research on other religions and other gods and mythical creatures, but when it came to Christianity you basically didn't even bother to research on how the religion actually works. your telling people about a religion you have no clue about and its upsetting because of how misleading it all is. people who do not understand the religion will really actually think that's how it works, and it really isn't... i get you stated that its a problem, but the fact you still think its a possibility, when really it isn't (unless the writer actually thinks that's how Christianity works) it makes no sense to make sure everything else you researched was spot on, but dispute a detail that is actually very major information to the story line. when a person sees the creature they automatically try to kill themselves. just by that information alone should let you know it has nothing to do with God, and how its not how he operates. i enjoyed your theory, ugh i don't know why i became so butthurt over it, i guess because i just want it to at least be accurate and not sending false information. but its okay, the video was still good

    • 16:06 - 16:23 debunks your entire point.

  • Maybe it’s the sun

  • Oooo nicethats y good people kill their self bc they are going to heven and bad guys stay on earth

  • Hey MatPat, I was wondering if you could do a theory on the new Alien movie, Alien Convonant, it's a pretty darn good movie, however the ending many of with questions. Just an idea but I hope you at least see this comment and ponder on the question that is "What happened to Walter?" and perhaps even answer it in a video. Have a nice day (evening where I come from) and enjoy the holidays

  • The monsters got into my place, we had to hide in the closet!

  • Nice theory but got to say you’re miss using Bible verses, at least to someone who doesn’t believe in the rapture

  • No, it's just a dog with the anomalous ability to make people commit suicide. That's why it can't open doors, and why the criminals want others to see it, they want people to see this rad doggo.

    • The voices are just Bigfoot screwing with people, the silly lad

  • i like to think the monster was lovecraftian in nature

  • You forgot Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos, god of a thousand forma, messenger of the "Outer Gods" somewhat unlike the great old ones but still terrifying. He is much more interested in the affairs of humans and is a mischievous trickster who has the ability to change shape and appear human. And he rules the dreamlands and it is said he will one day come to consume the earth in madness. Also smaller Lovecraftian creatures such as night gaunts, shoggoths, and flying polyps would most certainly take the time to stalk humans. It's pretty much a lovecraftian rip off through and through.

  • Adressing the voices people hear. What if it's a creature of infinity, like an old one, people trying to comprehend it go insane. Those already used to insanity are able to deal with it without killing themselves, but still get worse. If looking upon it causes you to go insane, why can't it make sounds too that you're trying to comprehend. Human brains trying to decypher the sounds turn it into things they're familiar with, or want to hear. Longing for dead relatives, or comforting words of close ones telling you to give up the stressful situation (take off the blindfold).

  • Its a big nosed Jew

  • MATPAT please do a theory on Legion!!!! It's so incredibly messed up and has so many twists! I think you would like it

  • it was a man body but with a baby face sandra laugh so hard they just took it out

  • Dude.... Great theory. Probably one of your deeper ones, imo. Great job!

  • Combining both aspects of your theory; what if the suicide inducing force isn't the monsters that we see shadows of? The Great Old Ones, or more specifically their star-spawn have finally awakened on earth to claim it for their terrifying parents. Some of the star-spawn in the Lovecraftian mythios can't open doors so that fits. Which causes the Judaeo-Christian God to hit his rapture button to emergency evacuate all of the souls on earth. That would explain why "It" isn't ever that bad, but we still get these horrifying scenes of humans being chased out in the open. Why aren't the blind taken? because it is physically impossible for them to visually witness the horrors remaining and they can be left to die of natural causes. -My Theory

  • ɓµƭ cαɳ ɦε ƒαɳ∂αɳɠσ ƭɦε ɱαɳɠσ

  • Since you find out in the book, this Is for people who can't read

  • Can't interact with this world, but needs worshippers to do so? Tentacles? Can appear in any shape it wants to? HERMAUES MORA GETCHO ASS BACK TO APOCRYPHA OR IM CALLIN TALOS

  • If your a Brexiteer the monster is the EU, because Nigel Farage has told you so, keep on wearing your blinkers egits.

  • Why the hell did you use the great red dragon on the cover of your photoshopped “call of Cthulhu” book? He’s not Cthulhu, he’s a dragon from the apocalypse. I’m surprised that you didn’t bring him up, “the great red Dragon and the Lady Cloaked In sun” depicts a PREGNANT LADY under the powers of “Cthulhu” as you depict him

  • Ist your Parents having Sex

  • I love 17:27 we got a creepypasta, a kaiju a zombie a xeno and an Egyptian greek gods and a celtic/norse goddess

  • Or God, since according to the Abrahamic religions, no one could possibly look at it without going insane or dying,

  • Btw I honestly think that the monster is Satan.

  • 0:13 I wonder how many times MatPat laughed trying to do those noises.

  • Exploding eyeballs.....HERMAEUS!!!!

  • Puca is a skrull and the skrull is rhodey

  • I just watched the skrull video right before this and that skrull and rhodey shapeshift in this video got me good

  • MatPat fucking dies

  • Its just shaggy on 7% of his power

  • So you are telling me that the monster is a Boggart.

  • The bird box book was before a quiet place

  • What happpens to blind people? Even criminals can't make them see the monster.

  • Huli jing is the nine tailed fox

  • Maybe it will make kill yourself?

  • It’s also impossible to fathom nothingness But that can’t be personified.

  • The bit from the bible sounds like something put of an elder scrolls prohecy.