Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 14-апр.
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There are a LOT of theories out there about how the final season of Game of Thrones is going to end. This is the big moment that we've been building to for years! Everyone wants to be the first to guess the right answer... except me. You see, this is not a theory about how Game of Thrones WILL end. No, after looking through all of the episodes, the foreshadowing, the metaphors, the themes, and EVERYTHING else - this is how the battle for the Iron Throne SHOULD end. Are you ready to know the TRUE answer?
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Me and my girlfriend are both hoping against hope that the directors are balsy enough to do something like this, with like a few last characters fighting off thousands of wights. Not gonna happen, but it would be satisfying and final.

  • I don’t know enough about the children to fully trust them. They created the white walkers so they are responsible. Not mankind. The story has been very one sided so far and something just feels off about the children of the forest. There is two sides to a war. Hold on to your butts. This season is gonna have some surprises!

  • ‘As rich as LotR’? 😂

  • The music overpowers your monologue sometimes

  • 5:40 , Lysa poisoned him.

  • Winter has come and gone... and mankind with it

  • Euron is going to sit on the throne, you can print.

  • cant wait for daenerys to die

  • When matpat talks about pride I instantly think of Vegeta the prince of all sayians

  • 5:32 They did not poison the Hand of the King Jon Arryn, it was Lysa who did it at the behest of Littlefinger.

  • Should have been a game theory🤔

  • rich? ou mean empty andf dumb?? show me FULL picture...juste one...i repead, empty...

  • The Lanisters motto is "Hear me roar" not "A lanister always pays his debt"

  • FINE KG-tv Algorithm, I will watch MatPats new video and RUIN Game Of Thrones for myself FINE

  • Bran learned about the origin of the walkers in season 6, not season 4. Lysa killed Jon Arryn, not the Lannisters. MatPat showed a clip of the Northern lords pledging themselves to Jon Snow while talking about the wildlings pledging themselves.... There’s a lot I can nitpick about this video.

  • Damn straight

  • This Is How It Will End (CONTAINS LEAKS FROM THE SCRIPTS OF SEASON 8) Jon Snow will fight the Night King and all of a sudden Hagrid will come on his ugly flying bike and distracting the Night King while Harry Potter is shoving up his magical broomstick up Night Kings ass.. oh wait that’s the wrong script, sorry guys I think I leaked the new Harry Potter I meant..

  • How It Should End... Jon Snow: what do you fucking want? Night King: Frosted Flakes nigga damn..

  • All I know is that memorial quote, “All men must die.” So I’ve always thought the series would end with everyone dead. We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Film theory Idea: Could Contagion (2011) happen in real life

  • This is the best theory ever, it makes sense, everything you said was true. this is what should be everybody Theory and idea for game of Thrones. Good work!

  • Can you do a video on what the bee movie is really about

  • Danny and dragon dies, bran is the night king and Jon kills him which kills the night king too. Which kills all the undead, sorry guys

  • They didn’t poison Arryn tho, his wife did for little finger... do you even pay attention?

  • I to my surprise complete agree with this

  • John Snow and Khalesee are going to have a daughter who will eventually claim the Iron Throne. Remember this comment when it happens!

  • Donate £1 to the wheel appreciation society to stop blatant wheel abuse.

  • I would watch game of thrones if this is how it ends

  • I’ve been hoping for this ending since day one

  • "To go forward, you must go back." It seems like the writers got some inspiration from Matthew McCoughnahey's Lincoln adverts

  • If Sansa spoiled it for me I’d beat her ass. Why would you wanna know before it happens?

  • I love this video, as always, but I think you're missing a MASSIVE theme of game of thrones - the circle. It's not game of thrones if the wheel doesn't keep on turning. I think the place where game of thrones ends should be exactly where it started. With a proud and mad king (or queen) who has executed all those who act out of line, even those who were loyal, because they stated an opposing claim to the throne (Jon and his targaryen bloodline).

  • I think your logic is sound here. That's if things don't end with planned $equels and prequel$ from HBO trying to milk it.

  • I wouldn't mind that ending to be honest.

  • Jon is related to daneyrs

  • Hey guys don't forget "Cathe" said it, not Quaithe.....

  • Bronn is staying in the throne...he still needs to get his castle 🏰

  • Agreed. I've been about 50/50 on that possibility for a really long time now. It would be a really appropriate thematic ending, and I think I'd be happy with it.

  • I agree with almost all of this. Mankind didn't make the right choices, indeed. All of Westeros is deeply corrupt, indeed. BUT: There are some of them, that actually learned from their mistakes or where good since the beggining. Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Sam Tarly, Theon Greyjoy, Jamie Lannister, Brienne of Tarth and propably more that I forget. My point is that if we take GOT as a metaphor for our world, white walkers could be, I don't know, even global warming, and they are here to end all of us, but do all of us deserve it? Don't we have nothing good in our history that deserves to survive? I believe that the now "good" characters of the show that I mentioned above should fight a war against white walkers and against the corruption of their society. And I think mankind could win.

  • Rob didn’t inherit the throne though, he took it in Rob’s rebellionz

  • I havent watched your channel in 3 years, and its okay

  • I've been saying the White Walkers will win for years... with the final scene, a close up on snow ridden iron throne, the warm voice of Tyrion Lannister narrating a dark, moving piece, "Our price to play the Game of Thrones." Then with seconds left in the episode, a ray of sunlight is cast upon the throne and we hear the playful laugh of children, knowing that indeed there were those who survived, and they will have brighter future, for winter has ended. Roll Credits.

  • You forgot to say that the children teamed up with the men to defeat the white walkers - putting their petty squabbles behind and winning. Now that the night king is back and Cersei refused to help, the ending is pretty obvious. Only problem is there’s no mention of Azor Ahai here.

  • It is a massive bummer that Martin will never finish the books. I hope he, or his estate, allows someone else to complete them.

  • Anyone else getting a global warming feeling from this? lol

  • Arya will finish her list, night king will reach the iron throne.

  • That's exactly what George R. R. Martin wanted to show us: we will get nowhere and just die if countries, religions, races or any other shit keep fighting. we will die cause of nothing and leave the world for wild nature.

  • OMG, this is what I have been saying and everyone keeps calling me dark and evil. I am so happy I am not the only one rooting for the white walkers.

  • Peter baelish isn't dead bro he paid the faceless men to fake his death

  • Tyrion is my guy. Everyone should die except him and he'll find some lovely gal to help him rule on the Iron Throne giving a thousands years of peace. :)

  • the show runners could make a lot extra money by just betting who will win lol

  • Jamei and cerise didnt poison john Aaron


  • Your voice too cringy, couldn't listen more 30 sec

  • The only one who should be king is Bran. I don't want him to, I think he's boring .. but he seems to have some sort of calmness that would be good in a leader. He has insight and he is not passionate or driven by emotions. Besides, if we follow your analysis, he is also the given leader. He has never claimed the throne and he is one of the only ones who explicitly said he did NOT want to be king. He has forsaken his Stark identity (now he's more of a weirdo three-eyed raven than a Stark) and he hasn't directly killed someone .. People have sacrificed themselves, but he has never asked them to and it has never been on his request or for him to receive some sort of power. He might get help from the white walkers in killing everyone in the big houses (he seems to be connected to the nature and the first men and the children of the forest, so maybe he befriends them) and then he might be "elected" king. He doesn't seem keen on ruling a whole lot, so I could imagine some sort of democratic monarchy under Bran. The price for him is the family he has lost along the way. The failure of institutions would be showing since the only reason the white walkers could win is due to the fragmentation of the "south" (of the wall).

  • Collab with because science ?

  • it leaked that Bran will have to kill his sister in the last episode.. but will refuse the throne, leaving it empty.

  • LEAVE GREYJOYS ALONE!!! ....they'll be dead soon anyway 😢😢

  • Will end with the iron table instead of throne :) Night's watch and Iron Islands are proto democracies. It will turn out a proto democracy is the least worst system. They've tried everything else.

  • Little Finger didn't kill Joffrey... Olenna Tyrell did, she even says so in an episode, Little Finger only provided her with the poison upon request.

  • Gendry wins Game of Thrones.

  • Bad choices lead to a bad ending, just like in some video games

  • your theories never go anywhere,you just babble on and on about things everyone knows and come to the same conclusion as other people have

  • Yeah, you lost me after "Lannisters poisoned Jon Arryn," it was his wife at the behest of Littlefinger, come on man.

  • No one wins ? No throne after walkers

  • Let the white walkers rule the westros! White walkers rule!

  • Mattpatt you did it again ...*applause*

  • Everyone dying is a cop out and not thematically resonant at all. Sure, characters face the consequences of their actions and their lack of political savvy, but not everyone deserves to die for this. I think the iron throne is the biggest red herring in literature sure, but ‘they all die’ is weak.

  • Way to steal content from other GoT theorists

  • i don't think that ending with white walkers killing everony is possible, why ? because battle for winterfell will take place in somewhen between 2nd and 3rd episode so if white walkers win i dont really think that there would be 3 80 minutes episodes about them walking south

  • U should have anime theory

  • The last scene is going to be the Night King sitting on the throne bodies all around, and as the camera fades out, he will take off his mask revealing Arya. She whispers "valar morghulis" and the screen goes black. The End. I know some HBO ppl.

  • Oh fuck off you self loathing marxist cnut

  • Jon snow is dani's brother

  • Winter has come - take that, climate change.

  • Daenerys is a selfish twat

  • The Lanisters didn't posion Jon Aryn though. Lysa Tully did, under the direction of little finger

  • Aarya was one of my favorite characters (alont with breinne and turion) until her character arc made a weird and unnecessary leap to what she is now. She's nearly emotionless and it doesn't make sense to me.

  • 21 minutes of reinforcing the views I already hold haha

  • This is great thesis, beautifully written and done

  • Can you plzzz do a theory about megamind?

  • Is it just me, or could the white walkers be a reference to the climate changes?

  • I'm sorry, did you just say littlefinger killed joffery? lmao what?

  • Hey Do a kollok1991 theory

  • The lannisters didn't kill jon arryn, it was liza (Nee tully) under the manipulation of littlefinger, and it was Olena Tyrell who poisoned joffrey via sansa's necklace. The Lannister motto is 'Hear me roar', the one you mention is more unofficial. Not like you matpat, your research is always so watertight .

    • Edit. Numerous sources state it was baelish and olenna. Although for the life of me that passed me by. I can't quite place his motives.. I'll have to have another look. Olenna never says anything when jaime takes highgarden outright admitting it I still stand that the queen of thorns was the main antagonist in joffreys poisoning. Edit 2: baelish provided the poison apparently. Missed that completely. Olenna still killed him though. If someone hands you a gun and you kill someone. You are the murderer.

  • Fuck Democracy that's who should win...

  • Hmm

  • Just me or is the background music way to loud?

  • Littlefinger poisoned Jon Arryn (Arryn's wife did but she was manipulated by him)! He is actually the reason that Robbert travelled to Winterfell wich led to all the other events!

  • my bet is that they're going to lose winterfell because the third episode is the fight for winter fell and if they win then it won't take long to defeat Cersei.

  • Heads up the music is too, voice too low

  • Littlefinger played all of us. He paid a faceless man to die in his place and meanwhile he is prepping to get the Iron Throne.

  • There's one thing a Westerosi always keeps.......HIS PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this video makes me really glad we have capitalism now

  • The White Walkers killing everyone is literally the ending I've been hoping for after a few seasons in. I hope you're right, it would make my time with the show way more worth it.

  • i agree 100%. itd be some beautiful karmic justice, but HBO would never allow it.

  • How did I ever not see the show one time since it started and I watch TV a lot sorry to say???

  • Hey,MatPat,I wonder sometimes.....if Thor's hammer is made from star matter,how is hela able to destroy it?

  • You just put into words almost everything I was thinking. Except I would prefer for Westeros to become white walker domain, with a few surviving characters fleeing to Essos.

  • Use me as a MatPat doesn't even watch GoT button

    • Yea it seems like someone else did the research here, badly.