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күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 14-апр.
Ronny Chieng spotlights frivolous lawsuits against food giants, including absurd cases being brought against Godiva, TGI Friday’s and Poland Spring.
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  • It's true, Im an American and the sheer amount of idiots and stupid things i witness people do and say around me makes me want to kill myself.

  • Well water better girl

  • Trevor NEEDS to have Rep. Katie Porter on AND Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on! PLEASE MAKE IT SO. 🥰🥰🥰

  • Assume they're lying to you first!

  • I like the emo rony look. Emony

  • Poland Springs is the name of a small town in Maine where the water origionally came from. It was a Spring. The site is still there. Then Nestle bought it and now uses ground water.

  • Oh, Ronny. Parties can't serve process on others. Well, there goes his chance at millions from a should've been frivolous lawsuit~

  • A chinese man and a south african man criticize Americans in todays episode of racists criticizing the country they moved to untill its as bad as there's.

  • If people are so affected about the packaging and the like then they would freak out about the tea brand TWG hahaha

  • Why has Rony got bangs? Or common known in my country a bowl hair cut!!

  • Why has Rony got bangs? Or common known in my country a bowl hair cut!!

  • its sad that the belgium joke is even a thing......

  • Godiva chocholate is not made in Belgium in 1926.

  • What happen to your hair bro 😂

  • Not to be glib, I prefer Belgian chocolate, have been to Belgian and am American. Copenhagen also has good chocolate. In fact, most countries have better chocolate than the US.

  • Poland Wells

  • Yes these lawsuits are stupid but it prevents mislabeling. Companies put anything on the labels just so it would sell

  • What’s with the Kpop haircut

  • Ronny Chieng is my new favorite

  • We live in a world where lemonade for human consumption is made of artificial flavors but yet furniture cleaners are made with real lemon citrus like WTF!!!

  • Since when did Ronny join BTS?

  • Healthy fast food is easy. Just throw it in a blender..

  • I think everyone is missing the point, including Trevor Noah and this Ronnie dude, nearly all the hate you see for lawsuits comes from companies not wanting to be sued, AKA the same companies that have zero morals and abuse every single law they can to make their profit margin as large as possible, including law suits against private citizens that bankrupt them. McDonalds has done it the most brazenly, by forcing the old woman into a non-disclosure agreement, and then lying and paying the media to circulate their version of the lawsuit. Private citizens deserve some form of retribution/recompense when a company screws them. And the point of, you get your money back, is the dumbest thing I have heard today. That means there is zero punishment for lying to customers, which allows them to swindle millions of people and only have to pay a handful of them back. Imagine if we took the same idea to crime, you can steal a 5 million dollar diamond, but if you get caught you have to give it back. How dumb is this idiot.

  • Ronny needs his own show!

  • Wait so what does the potatoes skin bag bring?

  • "america just accept that everybody is lying to you or trying to screw you" = my fav sentence and thoughts!!!!!!!

  • ... “like how much did she spend on the potato skins?!? Like $4?!?! Here’s a $10.. go buy yourself .30 seconds of therapy!!!” Hahaha this guy killed it! I never seen or heard of this guy but he killed!

  • He's telling the truth it started when an old lady sued McDonald for wasting hot coffee on her old ass. Now they sue if you pass gas in an elevator. If sometimes you wonder how some people got rich.Just my opinion.

  • I fucking needed that! Still wiping tears and snot, love and respect Ronny, Trev & TDS. You guys RAWK!

  • This show isn't funny anymore.

  • ssoooo.....did they win the lawsuits, because I could use $5 million.

  • Ronny Chieng is underrated lol

  • Hello TDSTrevor, thank you for this stupid stories selection. Think your chose of Godiva to complain about is that there are 2000 cafes opening from the company according to early Mar 2019 news. That was the announcement. The lady was a complaint on that was it? Elle for small

  • Smart water from MIT....😂

  • Wait, potato skins aren't really potato skins?

  • Like if Ronnie chieng best person on this show

  • It's amazing how Americans will spend hours of their day reading their stupid phone, yet are too lazy to read the back label on what they're stuffing in their face

  • If I don't lock our food he ain't got to eat it if he don't like our desserts he don't have to eat it if he don't like American food he don't have to eat it you need to go back where the F he come from and eat swamp frog assholes and goat nuts and goat peckers and goat intestines without cleaning them that's super good food to them people

  • This reminded mi of that fancy bottled water commercial that says it's so pure it's bottled at the source in some spring, so... they have a bottling factory right in that wilderness? LoL

  • ummm Buyer Beware...

  • Americans are too litigious and not discerning enough... Said the Chinaman, whose mother died from eating an undercooked collie at a wedding reception.

  • So Flint tells people to go fuck themselves when they don't want water that comes from a source the provider lied about? Really? Don't you think some people in Flint are drinking bottled water right now? You think they want to get Detroit or Cleveland city water when they open a bottle that says "mountain spring" on it?


  • The problem isn't sue happy people......the problem is lawyers and they convince people these lawsuits are reasonable!

  • We all know Americas food are the most disgusting on the planet. its all about Profit, they are fed shit with flavoring to make it taste like something edible but in fact it shouldn't even be safe for animal consumption.

  • America has a problem. No need to elaborate

  • Yes "we" care where our chocolate is from cuz cheap chocolate-candies made in the US have wax in the ingredients! I don't want to eat wax in my chocolate! We don't think it's from Poland (one L). I absolutely care that my spring water, label 100%, comes from an actual spring and not a well. If I'm paying my hard earned money for better/healthier food products than give me what you put on the label. This segment was stupid!

  • Ronnie’s haircut ... I couldn’t even pay attention to what he was saying ... 😂👌🏼😎

  • Misleading people into buying and paying more for chocolate when it's the same chocolate that is made in PA, is a ripoff... and the potato skins.. if it can be found in a vending machine, you know it ain't real..

  • Sup the hair 😂😂😂😂😂

  • that Flint joke was pure gold XD

  • I cant tell the political slant here

  • 1st World proplems

  • But seriously, Americans really love to sue for everything as if they care so much but then they eat chlorine and hormone chicken. Hmmm

  • Why does he have two mics on?

  • I am currently investing in some gold. Who can join me

  • Honestly its reasonable to sue false advertising, its not any more illegitimate of a way of making money than selling a fake product. And how does suing nestle water relate to Flint Michigan? Instead of feeling sorry for giant corporations that lie to people to sell potentially harmful products why not support those victimized by them?

  • Haha! First video of yours ive seen. I subbed, lol. This is great

  • Who is Ronny suing for that haircut?

  • Some of Poland Spring's water does come from Poland, ME.

  • I would rather it be done right than fast. Couch up the money cuz I know where Belgium is ! The TGI Friday and Poland Springs people are stupid I agree. Ronnie is hilarious!

  • From Flint and was honestly thinking that. And fuck nestle waters too. They're getting water out of the great lakes for insanely cheap, but hard to be shamed into still donating water to us.

  • Lmao why is this a lawsuit lmao this is hilarious

  • whats up with that haircut

  • I thought it was now called Moland Spring, I guess the merger didn't go after Mr. Pitt came out looking like Hitler.

  • Ronny looks like the "cool" manager of a shitty K-pop group named A.S.S

  • Nestle actually claimed to use real spring water in their ad. I don't understand why you're defending these fraudulent corporate companies.

  • you can have it good, you can have it fast, you can have it cheap: pick two

  • This lawsuit is simply karma for TGI Fridays stealing their Potato Skins snack from the genius '80s-'90s Keebler product 'Tato Skins" that had "Baked Potato Appeal." Sadly that product was discontinued after elf labor was outlawed in 1992.

  • That's exactly the problem with the people in the states: always blame others don't take responisbiliy. Use your brains, idiots!

  • Ronnie, baby... your jacket don't fit, your tie ain't tied, and your emover ain't working. Fire your stylist... or at least write them up

    • Triggered American lmaooo

  • Ronnie.....PLEASE....LOL...Lose the bangs!!! Doesnt look good on you at all

  • Great small segment on a very stupid set of lawsuit actions, with a funny bit at the end. Not to put down lawsuits in general against corporate scams, but there's a line between "Oh this product actually contains a nasty ingredient that they slyly lie about" , and "Oh it's made in Tennessee instead of Connecticut". Please, have a sense of proportion and scale before you go sue-happy!

  • There’s gonna be a class-action lawsuit against that hairdo ☠️✌🏽🍀🌈🌈

  • Desperate lazy people looking for a get rich quick ruining it for people who have actual lawsuits smh this is America

  • No, the problem is with lawyers who treat everyone of their clients like a victim only to make money off the trail.

  • If he is filming Super Simple Love Story that might explain the hair.

  • Chocolate is from Mexico #WaystoTriggerTrump

  • Chieng, get a haircut.

  • Finally Trevor Noah was funny...oh wait....that wasn't Trevor

  • Did Anyone realize he used Wendy William's divorce words for the paper suing to Tevor?

  • Actually companies like Nestle Water purchase up natural springs in Wells all over the country and push legislation that makes it easier to privatize water, and set the legal climate for a municipal disaster like the Flint water crisis

  • So boring and unfunny

  • Of course companies should be sued (and fined) for deceptive advertising. The amounts would make more sense if it were class action lawsuits. This is the new Daily Show. Shilling for corporate fuckery, but probably complain about Trump's FDA deregulation. What a shit show, you guys are complicit.

  • I’d give you money my self I you showed me where Belgium is on the map😂😂😂

  • "who expects food from tgi Friday's they give you 2 appetizers 2 antre's and 2 dessert's all for 20 bucks that's not a meal that's a yard sale"


    • chris spencer big *yikes*

  • Well water: water that comes from underground, pumped to the surface through pressure. Spring water: water that used to be underground that springs to the surface on its own due to pressure...

  • Haha dumb Americans

    • camila rivera big *yikes*

  • 1,4 dioxane is why I' don't trust Nestle. The whole country is fucked. www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2017/08/22/not-one-drop-of-poland-spring-bottled-water-is-from-a-spring-lawsuit-claims/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.685f1b76388c

  • I love this guy. He is Funny and smart. Everyone of the cast are funny and smart. I love the Daily Show!

  • Trevor noah is almost as bad as samantha bee.

  • “… this is a scheme people are using to get rich.” _What?! Noooooo._ Next you’ll be telling me people lie on the internet.

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm suing Ronnie's hairstylist. Cuz that's not the Ronnie we know!

  • I love Ronni just brilliant!

  • People just want easy way to get money !!! Come on America stop suing for everything!!!

    • Junnipe yeah well Cali is Cali

    • +ryska pinne I live in California, I know many dumm cases

    • Junnipe those were 3 cases out of 327 million people

  • If they think the chocolate is made in Belgium because it says Belgium under the logo, does that also mean they think it's made in 1926? I mean how dumb can one be!

  • "Willy Wonka killed kids and we didn't even care" 😂

  • Africa has a problem with food too

    • PureBeast 135 of the food is the problem, there is no problem