Epic Rap Battles of History News - Season 6

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
Welcome to ERB News! Epic Rap Battles of History return for Season 6 on Saturday, April 20th! That is soon! This season, you can get involved more than ever before at www.patreon.com/erb
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  • Fuck you and fuck you and fuck you oh yeah..and fuck you hmm what else..yeah fuck you fuck you fuck you and almost forgot fuck you

  • William of Orange vs Elizabeth ll

  • oh dayumn!

  • Roland Deschain VS Arthur Morgan!!! You can use movie Roland THEN BOOK Roland. It would be such a good idea!!!

  • Brasil EUA

  • Tupac vs biggie It has to happen

  • Clint Eastwood vs lucky luke

  • John wick v jack reacher

  • I still want to see Teddy Roosevelt vs Franklin Delanor Roosevelt

  • HARRY POTTER... Hufflepuff against Ravenclaw against slithern against Gryffindor!!!!!!!

  • GAMES OF THRONES !!!! Houses against houses !!!!!

  • Knowing youtube, all your videos are probably getting demonitized.

  • Yes!!!!! It's coming on my birthday (4th May).. So excited 😊😊

  • Hold on. This is being released on Hitler's birthday..... Hitler v. Vader 4 confirmed?

  • As Ticus once said: "Hell, it's about time!"

  • Ideas: Donald Trump vs Kim Jong Un. Angela Merkel vs Vladimir Putin.

  • Bruh Robbie rotten vs Skeletor

  • FDR. vs JFK.

  • What about Osama bin laden vs Hassan Rouhani

  • Hitler vs me or you’ll go to gulag

  • I love ERB

  • Linus Torwalds vs Richard M Stallman 🐧

  • Obama vs Putin

  • I waited for this, but didn't get notified :-(

  • Would you guys also set up a Subscribestar option, Many people refuse to use patreon now. Also Steve Shives V milo yiannopoulos

  • Carolus Rex (King Charles XII of Sweden) VS King Xerxes I

  • Shia LaBeouf VS Howard Hughes Fonzie VS Eric Von Zipper Interupted by James Dean

  • FDR vs. Ronald Reagan-the hero of liberals vs the hero of conservatives!

  • Pewdiepie vs Tseries

  • April 21 is my 21st birthday

    • CONGRATULATIONS! It's a celebration! P.S.: And my cousin's third birthday. And my parents' wedding anniversary.

  • Geralt of Rivia vs Aragorn

  • Shrek and donkey vs shaggy and scooby doo pls

  • Do Sloth (From Goonies) vs The Elephant Man!!!

  • Doooo MR. BEAN

  • Oh god yes

  • Nic cage v Johnny cage, that is all

  • ㅋㅋㅋ너무재미잇어요 ㅋㅋ

  • One direction vs Maroon 5 plz also please Heart this

  • Judge Dredd vs Judge Judy

  • one on 420 and the other on may 4th...getting a bit meeme guys xD

  • Henry Ford vs. Willy Wonka

  • Hey guys, i don't know if you know about this or not. But my country just made a high budget epic rap battle. It's called jokowi vs prabowo rap battle. The creator said that he is inspired to you. And that video is a big trend in my country since yesterday was my country's election day and the 2 people that are battling are the 2 presidents who are competing against each other. I would be thankful if you make a reaction video of it.

  • LEEEEETS GOOOoOOO!!!!!!!!💪💪⚡️⚡️🔥🔥💥💥☄️

  • Garaa vs toph

  • Stephen Hillenburg vs Walt Disney

  • Rick Grimes vs rickrollings

  • Logan Paul vs Ksi

  • Finally, the empty void will be filled once more. See y’all when season 6 starts.

  • Dark Lord Showdown Emperor Palpatine vs Voldemort vs Sauron

  • Make erb ninja vs tfue

  • Altair ibn la'haad vs john wick.

  • Assassin creed vs hitman

  • Xxxtentacion vs Jonh Lennon Because both of them died by bullets and both were mans of peace. Like if u agree. Or xxxtentacion vs Tupac

  • Lol theodore Roosevelt

  • Alan Alda vs John Wayne

  • Every buddy say hype in comments if ity can wait for season 8 and click this down there the little l0thums up

  • Jesus vs Satan God vs Morgan Freeman Hitler vs Vader 4

  • YES! Teddy's back!

  • *Patriotic tears intensifies*

  • Gen.Douglas McArthur vs Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Hidecki Tojo vs. Benito Mussolini Erwinn Rommel vs. Soviet General Zhukov Theresa May vs. Margaret Thatcher Mikhail Gorbachev vs. Vladimir Putin Luftwaffe Gen. Hermman Goering vs. RAF Gen. Sir Arthur Harris Gen. Henry H. "Hap" Arnold vs. Gen. Ira C. Eaker Those are my suggestions, Thank you ERB! I'm so excited for new videos!!!!!

  • Here's a suggestion: Horatio Nelson vs John Paul Jones

  • Billy the Puppet vs Annabelle. Make it happen!

  • What is this PBS

  • ERB season is just as awaited as the Game of Thrones season. And this year both are coming out :D couldn't be more exciting

  • RICK (Rick and Morty) VS DOCTOR WHO

  • If Christian rock bands had a rap battle.

  • Karl Marx vs The Marx Brothers

  • A new Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler battle.

  • Doctor Who vs Doctor House

  • nazgul vs dementor

  • King Henry the 8th vs his 6 wives (Where my SIX the musical fans at)

  • Thanos VS Avengers!!! Possible lyrics in the comments please, my fellow viewers

  • Hey, excited for season 6! Just a suggestion, I think it would be better(best) if after every episode of ERB, you make a video explaining the character(s) in the video in short or what a specific line was referring to. The current episodes are already fun, entertaining and educative. But you could push the educative part a bit more. Really wish you guys the best!!!

  • You are just the best!

  • Collab with Mac Lethal

  • Any chance we could get Phineas and ferb against Rick and Morty??

  • how much do I have to pay to not see Hulk Hogan in those shorties again??? cuz I'll pay that.

  • Bob Marley vs Willie Nelson

  • WHAT'S UP BITCHES!!!!!!!

  • Mickey mouse vs bugs bunny

  • Shazam vs one punch man

  • Marvel vs DC


  • Arnold swartzneggar vs. morty (I probably spelled that wrong

  • Dear channelers, I want you to make a rap battle between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi please

  • The burger king vs ronald mcdonald

  • John wick vs james bond

  • Snoop dogg vs wiz khalifa

  • Rick sanchez vs jerry (Rick & Morty) Or Rick sanchez vs dexter (dexter’s laboratory)

  • Diesel brothers (i forgot) vs gas monkey garage (richard & aaron)

  • Chris (family guy) vs junior (the Cleveland show)

  • Colonel (kfc) vs poyepoyes lady

  • Bob Dylan v Johnny cash

  • 1:31 I can't stop laughing! XD

  • Sam and Dean Winchester V Bo and Luke Duke

  • Yeayy

  • who used to own them?

    • Maker Studios aka Disney. That's why Walt Disney said in Jim Henson vs Stan Lee, "I'm owning this battle, in fact I own this whole series"


  • Pewdiepie vs tseries? UwU

  • Man I'm loving it