Chefs Vs Normals Reviewing Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 8

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-мар.
Will we ever run out of useless kitchen gadgets to test out? Doesn't look likely. And to top things off, we might have actually found one that's actually USEFUL in this video... it's a miracle!
You can find out more about the gadgets/ingredients we've reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, these are likely to be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
Pocket Washing Machine:
Candy Floss Maker:
Pineapple Slicer:
Potato Masher:
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  • you never know what's gonna happen in these videos when you click it... XD

  • 2:11 scream in gay

  • Ben is the best!

  • I ha e to call bull twat, because i decided to buy one of the candyfloss makers a while ago. And I can give you a huge spindle of candyfloss. Wait until the element is hot and use less sugar

  • For Pete's sake! You've got a perfectly good washing mashine with you at all times. IT'S CALLED HANDS!

  • Eat it! Bite it!

  • You’re supposed to use any type of hard candy for the cotton candy (“candy floss”) machine

  • Tide to go did it better

  • Not showing the potato masher in action is a missed opportunity. We can't say if we like it if you don't show us how it does its work or how the end result looks. I realize there's some sort of spinny motion that agrees better with one than the other, but I still don't know how well it does its job or how much stuff to mash there was inside to begin with.

  • Brits are not funny, never have been funny, never will be funny no matter how hard they try.

  • I think you should open a museum of the most useless kitchen gadgets 😂 I would definitely visit it haha!

  • When I worked in grocery I had to make fruit tarts and that pineapple tool was a blessing for the half circles we needed for our corporate set fruit tarts.

  • Sometimes I feel like James like to make things not work. The masher wasn't necessarily bad at all.

  • Partially shirtless James followed by Jamie sucking on a pineapple core while James is barking commands at him. This is definitely the kind of content that I'm here for!!


  • I actually use fresh pineapple a lot in the summer and might just buy that corer.

  • Bless you Jamie for that little bit of extra coffee splash.

  • Ok right I have the major crush on James !! I just want to act like a fool to make him laugh !! He is so damn cute !!

  • Oh please review the baby food maker!! Just.msml I saw the commercial on insta.

  • 6:54 me every time when i eat pineapple

  • Haire pocket washing machine - use a tide pen instead; cheaper, smaller, and actually works. candy floss machine/cotton candy machine - just because you can make a smaller and cheaper one, doesn't mean you should. OXO pineapple corer/slicer - OXO makes great stuff, this one is actual....oh my ever loving god...that pineapple core in his... bite it... oh dear lord... potato masher - hard pass good video, disturbing, but good.

  • Okay

  • When I said I wanted to see more of James in SORTED videos, that wasn’t what I meant but I am not mad AT ALL! Best part is when they covered his nipples with Ben’s face. 😊

  • Most guys would say: "DON'T bite it!"

  • This may be one of my favourite video’s ever by you guys. 😂

  • I wish I could eat pineapple but I would probably be in the hospital

  • As a man who has used a professional Cotton Candy (Sugar floss) machine at fairs and church events, the trick is that you need to know with the Sugar floss (cotton candy) machine is you need to let the center element heat up once its good and hot then you add the sugar in and you then you would go for a bit to start on the stick then gather up all the rest of the sugar off the walls of the machine.

  • 2:11 demonetized 7:16 channel strike 7:57 copyright claimed by BMI and ASCAP

  • #1 us useful. As a parent with young kids I never go ANYWHERE with them without a change of cloths. Or two. Sometimes three. Having a way to spot-clean cloths on the go would be useful. Okay, not perfect, but then neither is waiting until you get home to a real washing machine or allowing your kids to run around without pants!

  • so the pineapple core and slicer is very useful if you eat a lot of pineapples, the rest are rubbish.

  • Cotton candy candy floss would be a string

  • BITE IT!

  • Please do a VR Common Senses Quiz again. It was amazing !

  • I'd say if you eat pineapple on a regular basis, that tool works well and would be worth it. The other stuff, not so much.

  • You're supposed to turn on the cotton candy machine and let it heat first before adding the sugar, you'll get WAY better results

  • I have used the pineapples slicer/corer and absolutely love it!! Bravo! Well done! You can get it in stainless steel too!

  • What a shame, now that we know we can just pull apart pineapple by hand, the pineapple corer is now obsolete

  • Looked like a pineapple blowjob.😂😂😂

  • I want that pineapple corer, but I don't have unitaskers in my kitchen

  • If we don't get more salty James reviewing pretentious items I'm gonna lose it.

  • james is confirmed a complete dom

  • I wonder if that potato masher would have worked better if the pot had been replaced with a much smaller bowl. So that it didn't keep traveling from side to side as you try to rotate it.

  • Do a Disney Ultimate Battle Part 2 using the 3 upcoming live action Disney films(Aladdin, Lion King, and Dumbo)

  • "Normals." Are chefs supposed to be "abnormal"? You couldn't say something like, "home cooks"?

  • This whole video has big gay energy and I’m living for it 😹😹 im’ma subscribe real quick

  • Suggestion: "Corner Shop Challenge" - make competing gourmet meals with ingredients exclusively sourced from bog standard corner shops (convenience stores).

  • playback speed .25x

  • James in this video = dreamy

  • “Normals” lol

  • Wizards vs Muggles review kitchen gadgets

  • The pineapple corer is the greatest invention ever. I'm going to get on tomorrow. 😁

  • "candy floss" 😁 interesting to see the difference. Across the pond we call it "cotton candy"

  • Finally a useful!

  • Literally just bought the pineapple slicer after watching this video.

  • Love these videos but want to see some cooking vids soon

  • Would probably prefer to use the potatomasher four ground meat.

  • The candyfloss machine does work, we used one on eid. We coloured the sugar (food colouring) to make colourful candyfloss. You just brought a .... one.

  • This video was a mess 😂

  • How could I have not noticed before how much Barry looks like Jeremy Renner?!

  • Hey a cool idea for a video could be that one normal has to follow a recipe read out by an other normal in a fixed amount of time (or it could be a battle with two teams!)

  • Chefs vs Normals What does that mean? Aren't Chefs normal people??lol

  • When they said Spudnik, anyone else think of Ross from Friends 🥔 😂😂

  • I couldn’t concentrate once I thought Barry’s beard looks like a bow tie!!

  • Read it as ”Hi errrrr”

  • Pineapple corer is best invention ever.

  • I think i found my favorite video of all time

  • Got a wish advert for food products 😂😂

  • I love these videos, especially when James just looks so disappointed every time one fails lol! I want that pineapple thing though!

  • You're supposed to have the candy floss machine run for a few minutes before adding the sugar

  • James: takes off his chef's jacket... Me: Jear Desus!! ... James: Bite it! Me: Lord, love a duck! ... Me in the end: Please, sir. Can I have some more?

  • Anything OXO makes is pure gold! Best company ever!

  • Geez, what happened to real men? 🤔

  • 1:23 I was expecting "Oh silly b**ch" 😂

  • Is this a gay show? 😂😂 Not that there's anything wrong with it 😁

  • 7:23 BITE IT!! lmao

  • You guys should cook for Ben and James!

  • 2:11 weeeeeeewww

  • The best kitchen gadget I own is the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It is awesome!!! Please try it out. P.S. I have one of those pineapple things and like it too!

  • I thought that potato masher was a clown nose for a second...

  • 😂 wtf is Ian from smosh doing there 9:56 🤯

  • So is james going to keep his shirt off next video 😉?

  • I always enjoy a spontaneous singing session from Jamie and Mike 😁 more singing, please!

  • 7:27 he didn't bite it

  • Could you guys do some keto recipes?

  • please fo a nacho ultimate food battle

  • "You Silly Billy" that was cool.

  • Love love love these videos, as well as the pretentious ingredients videos. Must do more please...

  • A pocket washing machine is a kitchen gadget and worth more than a third of the video?

  • Nipples.... jamie sucking on a pineapple rod and a rousing rendition of a beach boys parody... this episode has it all.

  • I genuinely think this is an underrated channel. These guys deserves so much more for their quality content.

  • I have one of the pineapple gadgets and the only reason I bought it was to make drinks in the shell. It works great for me but only use it a couple of times a year.

  • gadget collab with Barry Lewis?

  • I recall seeing James' nipples at around 11:50 in this wonderful video :D

  • The cotton candy machine should show up in a battle .... along with two other gadgets as a curveball. Winner of the previous challenge chooses first.

  • Take it ALL off JAMES!! 😍😍

  • Instant food challenge!!!

  • Can you do an "level up level up"? Like improve your level ups with all that you learned :)

  • How about a gadget video featuring “left handed” gadgets,. To see which ones are actually worth going for if you’re left handed, e.g. can opener, knife, scissors, etc. Could get Jamie to test as a leftie and someone right handed to see how hard they find them to use.

  • OMG! There is something called a HotDogger I think that is literally like a bread drill it is the dumbest thing I've ever seen! Next Gadget video idea? :)

    • +ProxUrAimz Right?! lol

    • it looks terrifying xD

  • Oi! That candy floss machine can also work on hard Candy's likr jolly ranchers, try that