Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 10-фев.
"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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  • Rie is a one of a kind chef tasty is lucky to have her

  • 2:40 *My face in math class*

  • I'm from Singapore

  • My mother makes something like that

  • Omg pineapple tarts are my favourite

  • Wholesome as heck!

  • "My name is Gladis and i love a lattice" 😂😂

  • Rie is like the Asian version of Collete from ratatouille

  • You guys should come to Singapore and eat some of the food here


  • Hiiiiii. I'm also from SG, in fact, I'm in SG now. My mother also makes the pineapple tart every Lunar New Year. From what I observed, the pineapple is to be fresh one (freshly cut from a pineapple, not canned) and then blending it. After pouring it into a pan over the heat and cook it into a thick paste. While cooking, gradually adding sugar and tasting it to have your favourite sweetness. I hope this will help you to make a better Pineapple Tart.

  • Pineapple tarts are soooo goood.

  • I always eat all my pineapple tart in one go 😍😍😍💓💓💓

  • I'm asian

  • I just found out today that Nikki is lesbian and IS MARRIED TO A WOMAN. Also I know it's legal, I just never thought Nikki was lesbian.

  • You need to use fresh pineapples and cook to darker brown colour. And add milk powder to the dough, it will add extra flavour to it.

  • We called the filling thing, bagkat at philippines 😊

  • This shows that Rie is the boss

  • I love how Rie always says "Alright." when another Tasty member makes a pun 😂😂😂

  • I would love to try the cookies but I’m allergic to pineapples witch is sad bc when I was younger I wasn’t allergic but when I got older I ended up getting allergic 😢

  • What is this QUIET food processor? My kenwood screams like it's being beheaded by ISIS whenever I use it at the lowest setting.

  • I hope they give the recipe for pie crust as well 😁😁😁. Came here for hari raya or lebaran prep...

  • If i can just be 1/2 as good as rie at cooking then i will have succeeded in life.

  • pineapple tart, Eid must have cookies

  • 6:01 well Rie is japanese alright


  • My name is gladdus and I love iladus

  • It's simple. I see Rie, I click. Never disappointed!

  • omg the sound at 6:48

  • 11:02 *YAAAS,*

  • Is it just me or does it seem like the chef dosent like Nikki ?

  • It’s a egg I think :3

  • I want to try those tarts... you may ask then get them it's not so hard that's the problem... I'm allergic to pineapple... always have been always will be 😢

  • Is this nastar🤔??

  • Why does the ookie when in a cartoon forn it kinda looks like a basket ball

  • Don’t touch too much

  • no offense it could just be Ries personality but i she being a bit sarcastic

  • I like the cookie cutter song🤗

  • Rie vs mom. The average battle

  • Is just me or is rie such a mom. I feel like she is such a mom. I want her to be my mom. X3

  • i think it taste like nastar

  • i’m singaporean but i’m not familiar with the strings of dough

  • Rie: Once you’re done, make it Niki: Fancy? Rie: No.

  • I seriously want to see Rie and Nikki in more Singaporean videos trying Auntie recipes :D

  • i mean u can search on youtube for a recipe but ok


  • Nikki, you can find pineapple tarts in asian supermarkets in Virginia

  • Rie has the cutest laugh ever. It just makes me wanna hug her

  • is there a recipe somewhere or what

  • This is that story: Nikkis born in America Nikki: I'm born in Singapore what the fu-

  • It may taste like Nastar here we make in Indonesia.

  • I’ll visit you😂

  • In indonesia we called that 'nastar' it's really famous and so delicious.

  • Why didn't they have his aunty teach her how to make these tarts??? Since she knows how to make them.

  • Lol I’m from Singapore and the dough is much much thicker than that and the pineapple is much browned than that but it does look more artistic. So idc

  • 5:56 ya ya ya ya All the talking really gettin' on my nerves you used to hate on me but now the tables turned






  • Letak minyak sapi.

  • I love pineapple tarts too

  • I am from SG born

  • 7:25 final solution

  • I thought she was going to start crying when she tasted them bc it reminded her of home


  • Niki's reaction when the cookies they created were finished was priceless. That was just me when someone gives me a gift.

  • Is it just me or the animation at the beginning was really well done?

  • Niki and Rie have such an awesome dynamic together!

  • it was really fun to watch because my mom knows the recipe and I’m waiting for some right now😂😂🤪

  • omg niki is from singapore?! high fiveeeee!! and yes, pineapple tarts are BAE!!!!

  • I just had those yesterday, night. Guilty pleasure of mine. :9

  • In Indonesia called NASTAR

  • I swear Nikki is so irritating

  • Later in life: the grandmas that track each other down and make cookies together

  • I can just imagine the judge if Rie were to face Alvin in a cook off

  • They are so much fun together

  • Lol 😂 why are you so good at this? Rie: because I payed a lot of money to go to colenary school

  • I love pineapple tarts!!!

  • I love lunar year so much and the way Niki described the pineapple tart and the chinese traditional sounds in the background .... oh my i miss my hometown and family 😔😭

  • We all knew This was easy for Rie

  • 4:43 omg did anyone catched Rie's face

  • Rie is the platform of Tasty

  • I am from Singapore!!! Who else?!!

  • Rie can we add Cinamon powder instead of Cinamon stick

  • SOOOO GOOD!!!!!

  • I would be crying if I was her tbh

  • Ok I just have one question... why doesn't she just ask her relatives in Singapore for the recipe?

  • i love their dynamics, they seem to be so different but get along very well

  • 9:05 SANS?

  • I live in Singapore and it looks so accurate 😂

  • I will always eat the pineapple filling then the pastry HAHA the pastry is so good :)

  • Ahh girl

  • Make a giant one

  • I wonder instead of pineapple if we can use other fruit: blueberries or strawberries ?

  • Ay yo nikki sea fam what up

  • Thought the cookies look like footballs

  • Old lady cookie plan 😂😂😂😂

  • In indonesia its called nastar but different shape