Bronny James 1st 360 DUNK!! Bronny Gets HEATED vs Trae Young's Team! Blue Chips Put To The TEST!

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 13-апр.
Bronny James and the North Coast Blue Chips faced off against Trae Young Elite in their second game of the Made Hoops "The Warmup Event". Bronny showed us his new dunk package during warm ups too!
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  • this is some shitty basketball lol the refs don't even ref and they are all bias af, these kids don't even hoop hoop all they do act big and get in each others face like just play

  • Number 34 trash 🗑 he is just big and fat

  • Blue chips are overrated don’t @ me

  • Is bronny the away team

  • I wish Mikey was in there.

  • nr. 7 on the black team is such a pussy...

  • They got carried by that number 23

  • not a 360 but ok😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • This ref sucked for both teams

  • Its not even 360 its even 180

  • Jshzare is trash

  • Number 23 looks like a smaller professor 😂

  • They center big asf

  • u call that a 360

  • Not even a 360'

  • Can we all agree the refs were kinda bad in this game?!

  • Lol that jump ball tho

  • Number 21 really cooking

  • 0:28 Travel like his dad

  • Those refs sold

  • Where did he dunk

  • Big boy ain’t all that

  • That play at 2:30

  • At 0:37 I laughed so hard at the side difference smh

  • their center ass 😭

  • Left mans hanging at 1:13 🤣🤣

  • Bronny can't score

  • What's with these skinny white kids they letting into the team

  • How are you gonna score 25 points in the first half with a 6'10 kid and brons son

  • 25 point first half for the best players in the country. I hate how hyped these kids are.

  • Jahzare need to go play some football

  • When the d card only has 144 minutes😳😳😳

  • Todos andavan las lebron 16 :u

  • İs this game do not have shot clock violation?. . 😂 7:07, thats almost 30 sec. 8:42, but this one was the worst. 😂😂

    • +Alex James for real?. Hahaha What a game

    • there is not shot clock

  • The Ref smoked a fat doink before the game Only explanation

  • dude they look very small are these hoops standart height?

  • 23 has a nice shot but he needs to work on layups, and that center could probably lose a couple pounds

  • Overrated

  • Why isn’t trae at the game

  • That 360 dunk was a travel though

  • Dudes 300 pounds cant body some little kids

  • The big dude needs to play football he ass

  • Idk #34 is booty cakes

  • The big guy socks

  • love how Bronny just talks to the ref lol he’s just like sorry man my big man just got a little excited 😂

  • Yo #7 on the black team is a flopper🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • They need Mikey Williams

  • That big nigga ass

  • We boutta act like 2:40 wasn’t tough

  • These refs are trash ☠️👎🏽

  • Blue chips vs everybody for real

  • 2:40 that was smoove asf

  • Those refs suck

  • Yoo tbh that number 8 for blue chips is under rated that 34 getting all the hype cause of his height?

  • 180

  • 180🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 360 my ass bish

  • Man them refs was doing big boy dirty...neither of those calls were charges, and that wasnt a travel either

  • Bruh did their team call a pick & roll once?

  • Who’s the kid at 2:39??? That was nice as hell

  • *180

  • I died at 1:10

  • Bronny Doing 360 Dunks? Really. Wow😅 His Dad cant even Do 360 Dunks

    • Vadne Graves it was a l80 for 1 and 2 LeBron did 360s when he was younger still can

  • I don't know if anybody else is noticing but that basketball is small as a mf lmfaoo. That's not a regular boys ball

  • 4:02 stupid ref

  • white boy a bucket

  • There was no 360. Nice clickbait as usual.

  • Horrible call

  • Is the no. 16 on their enemy is lamelo ball?

  • at 6:44 LeBron shout he said "FILIPINO'SSSS"

  • Def not a 360 dunk

  • I am the kid with the blue hoodie on and rad and white and blue hat in at (2:50)

  • I was there

  • He gets it from his mom

  • 1:34 where did that foot locker employee buy his whistle? how TF do you travel diving on the ground for a *LOOSE BALL!?* 🤦🏾‍♂️ on second thought he might be more likely to make the league than most of the kids playing. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Refs are trash

  • If 23 miss one more wide open ass layup I’m taking his shit my mf self

  • That 6’9 center is big booty buns😂,missing all them layups

  • There center is soft💯

  • Who knows is the rim on 10 feet?

  • Clickbait or what? didn't remember seeing bronny do 360 dunk🤔

    • +Cody Pearsall Yeh man fr

    • Liam Brown I know that was a 180

  • Bronny traveled

  • Does anyone know where to get those knee bands they wear???

  • We need Mikey back

  • 5:27 too tall to be beefing small

  • Preffesor 2.0 shooting like bread and butter

  • Reverse dunk, not close to a 360

  • She said they gon do nun withlut a screen and the next moment her team gets blownby a whiteboy who only really has shooting highlights 😂

  • that number 4 dude ballin'

  • That’s a 180

  • that kid that wears #4 on the black squad is nice no lie

  • #34 is big for nothing. how you miss 2 easy ass layups and get out-rebound by kids smaller then he is. He needs to switch to football.

  • How did blue Chips lose smh

  • Have u ever taken geometry, Jesus Christ that’s a 180

  • cant wait for Bronny to be in the nba next to LeBron himself

  • tbh,i think Bronny James looks a bit like Micheal Jordon

  • #34 just taking up space and is getting frustrated..

  • Bronny gotta be at least 6’2 at this point

  • _no way a Triple_ *OH BABY*

  • Why did i watch this boring video. Rip my time.