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Binging with Babish: Spaghetti Tacos from iCarly

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 5-фев.
BwB turns 3 this weekend, so it seemed only fitting to take a crack at one of longest and most hotly-requested dishes in the show's history: spaghetti tacos. I was always hesitant to try, as double-carbing gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I think we've got a satisfying conclusion to man's lifelong journey of incorporating pasta in tacos.
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  • Is it normal that when I’m chopping onions I chop my fingers off by trying not to cry cause I’m down to -4 fingers

  • Make snack sushi or fry bits from Steven Universe!

  • Basic meatball *lists 10 different ingredients*

  • Hogie Sandwich!!!

  • Sphgagrhettoi

  • My grandma actually let me touch her tittys

  • You should’ve added a word from our Spencer.

  • His voice is SO soothing..

  • Only the horrific mind of Dan Schneider could come up with this.

  • Alright and to make sure we ruin this dish were gonna add a shitload of ONIONS

  • Ooooh, u would make those... Lol you guaranteed me ur style of cooking Spaghetti would kick the ass of any spaghetti I ever had. It's not exactly what I like, the way you cooked it is like Cafeteria style, the butter idk it's just a very buttery style, not my thing, butter isn't allowed in my kitchen cus it tastes nasty. When I make spaghetti I have the pasta seperate and then I pour my own home made sauce, which I make with a whole lot of bell peppers, onions, garlic, a quarter of a single dried scorpion pepper, olive oil and of course these really massive tomatoes and I use Italian Sausages instead of Meatballs with lots of olive oil and a splash of limon. I encourage u to try it like that, who knows, u might like it lol.

  • I dare someone to make me some bs like this

  • Can you make the sloppy waffles from Sam and cat?

  • Ive actually made these

  • That looks like regular size meat balls to me. Best Regards, Sweden

  • Sigh this brings back memories, weird weird memories also was there any food from Big time rush i really wanna know.

  • I can't believe I'm about to say this...... Those are some good looking balls, Babish.

  • Naruto ramen !!!

  • i used to make this 💀

  • omg who killed nevel

  • Correction: the stomach does not actually chemically dissolve anything it breaks it down to smaller pieces and creates chyme, all the absorbing and digestion is thanks to the small intestine

  • Luigi:Mario Wut Yo Do with my Spaghetti Taceo? AHHHHHHHH!

  • You should make Kevin’s Chili from the office

  • Spagacos

  • Where was the cross section?

  • I think some how making a garlic bread shell would of been perfect!

  • damn, i watched this trash show as a kid?

  • can you do a basics with babish for knife skills??

  • Please do anime food

  • Who watches iCarly anyway?

  • My school serves these

  • It’s only just now that I’m realising how stupid iCarly was.

  • me and my sister had spaghetti tacos for our birthday dinner one time and lemme tell y’all..10/10 recommend

  • This looks so good it should be called spaghettio’s Oh wait

  • *did anyone else notice he changed his shirt* oh i just saw his comment lol

  • I'm new and love your videos

  • When in doubt deep fry it

  • it's 2 44 am i'm so hungery

  • Mexican and Italian gastronomy orgy.

  • That’s how big my balls are

  • What watch?

  • Did I really just watch a guy put spaghetti in a taco shell?

  • Mario what did you do with my spaghetti tacos

  • I would have added some Parmesan to the spaghetti before taco-ing it up, so it gets a little melty, but it actually looks yum~

  • G I B E Y

  • What the fuck happened Dan Schneider . What happened to all my nickelodeon girls.

  • My bois know how to stand on their own

  • This guy can make anything you can think of

  • Why is every one surprised she obviously a genius

  • Hot

  • Are you working with the React brothers?

  • Gibby is crying tears of joy

  • Mario what did you do with my spaghetti tacos, AAAAA

  • what kind of abomination is this

  • Stoner food

  • I’m a simple man. I see spaghetti tacos in babish’s hand, I click and crack my phone

  • did you aleast bake the taco shells?

  • God bless you, Babish!

  • that food was the most forced "random" shit ever

  • until shimmering

  • Hey mario what did you do with my spaghetti tacos

  • Make heaven's chicken

  • awww iCarly was my literal childhood and spongebob lolol


  • make 'chicken from the cave' or bat wings from anchor man

  • Brother, can you make a dish from “Fawlty Towers”??? Please!!

    • Brian Henry: I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right. 🤣🤣

    • Just Don't. Mention. The. War!

  • I have that same espresso machine from the background

  • ICarly may have invented spaghetti tacos but I invented spaghetti up the ass

  • to Mexico and Italy do not like this video.

  • Why did you pick that pedo show that sexualized young girls feet?

  • Hee hee


  • 0:10 *GIBBAY*

  • Only 2000's Kids will understand...

  • Is this low carb?

  • Those meatballs look like Popplers from Futurama

  • Watching icarly back over I realize how cringe it is

    • Zimmathon same

    • Idk about you, bit I've always liked Drake and Josh a lot more than ICarly. Ironically, I've always like the character Carly way more than the sister Megan.

  • I wont blend the tomatoes because motto motto like em big and *chunky*

  • Anyone else got an orgasm


  • Things that only amazing cooks can do: - Obtain magical frying pans that can cook cheese - Measure perfectly in absurd units without reference (one enthusiastic drizzle) - Make an acceptable spaghetti taco

  • Can you do Eric's Strawberry Puffs from Mystreet?

  • Did it and tasted good

  • Mario, what did you do with my spaghetti tacos?

  • *"food prossser*

  • Your version looks freaking delicious!

  • My brothers worst nightmare: *S P A G H I T T I*

  • Is here really a chef?

  • Change the carbs with cholesterol!🤣

  • can you make the food from avatar the last airbender? There’s soooo many options there and it’s one of the most highly rated shows of all time. (Also legend of korra has a lot of interesting foods too!!!!!!)

    • Gillian Stevens I hope he makes them someday they looked delicious on the show

    • +Nilay Benli yessss I know right!! I'd love to see the air nomad fruit pies/cakes

    • Gillian Stevens atla food is the best!!

  • Man that show was ahead of its time

  • Thats a really nice watch! where can i get one lol?

  • these are the best my mom made them and i haven't seen spaghetti the same since

  • What kind of mexican italian aberration is this? Why did I land on this video? Ctrl Z life

  • Wait I'm having spaghetti tonight yes I can finally make spaghetti tacos

  • ive been waiting on this episode

  • Now put them on a stick

  • Italian tacos

  • *mcdonalds wants to know your location*

  • Good lord that show was awful.