Bill Burr Loves The College Admissions Scandal - CONAN on TBS

күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 12-апр.
Bill Burr is tickled by the lengths that wealthy parents went to to get their "dumb" kids into college.
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  • This is so true. Unnecessary barriers set for candidates have been played out for too long not only in college, but anywhere else. It's justifiable only before it's turned into a prop for a sheer image of "prestige." Once you are in, you are fine!

  • naked gun! yes!!!!

  • We need more bill burr interviews

  • And I love this guy. 😂😂

  • Conan saying Harvard was as easy as any other college. Meanwhile students at UC Berkeley's College of Engineering are struggling to stay afloat. I'm pretty sure all this talk of "college is just an expensive babysitting service" doesn't really factor in the science and engineering degrees.

  • Thanks, KG-tv. For recommending this to me. Bill & Conan ftw

  • naked gun was awesome rip leslie nielsen

  • who's the bald guy with no empathy trying to tell jokes

  • Bill Burr is awesome!!!! Conan is a moron. All late night shows are garbage now.

  • They just kept cheating once they started their classes. He was acquitted. He was never "that".

  • Bill Burr, Black man trapped in a White man's body. Bill Burr is a Vanilla Oreo.

  • "Naked gun! One and two!" yeah, I guess someone remembers those better 😂

  • Cant help but love ole billy ballbags

  • When he bought up oj Simpson I simultaneously facepalmed and laughed 😂😂 you gotta love bill

  • Who is he

  • Naked Gun...1 and 2 😂😂

  • Haha, Bill is the best!

  • My like is solely for Bill Burr. He’s hilarious. 😂❤️

  • Elite universities are about the same as state schools but nobody really compares them.

  • He went to Haaaaaavvvvuuuud

  • Bill and Conan are great together . Arid y’all see bill and Colbert ? Omg that was horrible

  • That scandal was hilarious. Is it ANY scandal they want? , , , No. 💥😂 they just want to pick the scandals. You can't do that dumbasses. When a sitting president has been spied on, what does it matter that a mom lied about a kid play lacrosse. And we're all like " yeah yeah great, now what about the spying on our president and why are they trying to suppress that?"

  • I still watch OJ Simpson highlights. 🤣 Burr is savage.

  • F***! He's right.

  • What bill didn’t mention was that these kids only stay in school bc they pay people off to pass them

  • I know he’s being funny but as usual red-pilled Bill lays down some brilliant insight.

  • Coco is for spysassins ONLY!

  • @ +'

  • Conan one of the best interviewers. Bill one of the best people to interview. They should 100% have their own show. It’d be one of the best shows on television!

  • Oh, like a double homicide (com’on, you know he did it) doesn’t trump winning the Heisman trophy.

    • How many people can do the first, and how many people can do the second? I rest my case.

  • I think this is the first time I've ever wholly disagreed with a controversial Bill Burr take. If you're a murderer, then you rightfully should be defined as such the rest of your life

    • You'd think so, but apparently it's easily forgiven/forgettable when you do it in uniform.

  • Bill burr is such a drunk

  • These guys have chemistry, they are totally on the same page. Bill just put into words what Conan is really thinking but can't say.

  • Someone really ought to tell Conan that his hair looks ridiculous.

  • Bill Burr should run the country for th next 100 years

  • Bill Burr is the man.


  • Bill thrives on making the audience uncomfortable. Especially when he’s playing to a milquetoast crowd.

  • "I would be adding stuff on NAKED GUN!" Lmfao

  • Bill has a way of speaking obvious truths in a way that makes you simultaneously nod and cringe.

  • "I still watch OJ Simpson highlights." I straight up thought he meant from the trial.

  • "But you're smiling so much just thinking about it." Bill Burr's worldview explained in 9 words.

  • Sounds a bit like absolution. 🤔 Say, wE really aRe complex, this from one who echoes calls for reduction of planetarians to that certain fixed resource friendly number? 😳

  • Conan, please consider dropping the full interviews you do onto KG-tv. It'll be win-win for everyone. We get to see our beloved guest, and you guys get to put double ads on the same content! Because people WILL watch the full interview as well as the shorter clips. Please just give it some consideration. Also, can't get enough of ol' freckles combined with Coco, they make a very dynamic duo!

  • Guy Fiere here! Welcome to another episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

  • Where I went to college is incredible difficult to get it, but an even more difficult curriculum, at least in my field (chemistry).

    • +neosapiens I don't. I didn't say that. I was saying that not all schools difficult to get into have easy curricula.

    • And how we do you know that a chem degree from one of the top 300 universities in the world would be any easier? Did you study at more than one place?

  • I always thought that it was the standard in usa that if you are rich you got to better schools guess i was right anyway.

  • That set doesn't work.

  • Conan's a great guy, the kinda guy that would tip more than the bill and then not claim it on his tax returns.

  • Harvard is not hard. It just looks good on a your resume

  • You gotta love Bill Burr. He gets better the older he gets lol. I swear me and him think just a like

  • Say curriculum in your mind then say it out loud

  • I still watch oj Simpson highlights. Perfect landing

  • College is such a rip

  • God that transition was Gold

  • what about the dumb ball players that got into college that can't pass the entry exam the rich payed for them, we all know it but people turn their heads.

  • OJ is a top 5 runningback of all time tho...

  • Naked Gun 1,2 AND 3. 3 was 3 months before his trial, though.

  • So refreshing to watch new burr

  • [me shouting from the parking lot] "NAKED GUN TWOOOO!!!!!!"

  • OJ didn't kill his ex wife. His son did. Thats why he got off. He was innocent.

    • He got off because the idiots on the jury couldn't comprehend DNA.

  • “What do you that of the admissions scandal?” “Well, here’s what I think about OJ Simpson.”

  • Yeah he's a trump voter.

  • I love bill burr. That is all.

  • I used to love Bill Burr. But he and Carolla have become the same person to me. They both scream about all the money they make. Yet try to come off like an average guy. While they're screaming about not having their own lane on the highway.

  • Naked Gun!! Lol great reference

  • The Conan comment about Harvard, dude. Honesty. I love ya, Conan

  • Bill burr is turning into a snowflake

  • Conan team where’s the full interview? Lol you reduced it down to like five 2min clips

  • I like the new settings of the show

  • Bill burr is comedy I’m glad he’s using this outlet to pick up more fans so they’ll watch his stand up And from there they will find, Dave Chappelle

  • OJ was once more beloved than Magic Johnson. After the murders, eh, not so much.

    • +KomamuraSajin Really, people are so fickle, sheesh.

    • Funny how murdering your wife and friend changes people's perception of you, isn't it?

  • Bill Burr clearing up the OJ Simpson identification dilemma.

  • It’s crazy how nervous he makes the crowd. They pull back so easily now.

  • Aaaaaa the naked gun trilogy

  • Bill Burr is degenerate

  • I think Bill’s lost a bit of his sharpness lost his edge a bit

  • If I didn’t know any better I’m pretty sure I saw Bill Burr in the new Star Wars tv show

  • naked gun! LMAO

  • These two are really good together! 😂😂

  • Haha "1 and 2"

  • So the propagandaists say if your good at sports it doesn't matter that your an idiot.

  • Cmon bill you cant compare this scandal to O J dont be a douche all the time when you went bald I guess some brain cells got swept off the floor too smh

  • Ivy league (or IV league) schools have never been known to be "hard" schools. The only thing that differs them from "easy" schools is their acceptance rate. The average college accepts 10-15k students, while Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth only average like 2000. They're just more selective. However this also drives up the tuition. So tuition for the schools are actually the same overall as a regular college but the weight sits on the students. (actually the rich parents) But they also get a ton of donations and sponsorship programs, so they're not hurting. Their acedemics aren't hard at all, however the class routines are. You may only have 2-3 classes in a typical day at college, but at Yale you'll average 6-8 classes a day 5 days a week. This ensures the students to keep busy and show they are capable at doing everything on their own. But you can't buy your way into harvard or'll need to graduate valedictorian with a 4.0 to even get a chance. The chance is even higher if you are found to be "special" in a way of showing that you may have created an App program or have some special BS ability.

  • Bill burr Patrice louis ck dave Chappelle GOAT

  • "I still watch OJ simpson highlights" LMAO

  • Love Bill Burr!! 😂

  • You pay all that money, you bought your grade.

  • What’s said in today’s world is we completely separate political sides as if both believe each is 100% factual!!! I grew up in the 79’s and 80’s and understand there is right and wrong and both sides have actual facts to there arguments.. to bad liberals have gone so far left they made democrats embarrassed to stand for there beliefs..

  • I went to Duke and high school was much harder.

  • The Naked Gun franchise was the bomb, so was the short-lived Police Squad. Respect.

  • I'm glad these liberals didnt change bill burr

  • Bill Burr you're so cool because you're so relaxed about stuff and people are complex? You blow mind with your staggering intelligence and worldly perspective.

  • Geeze stop helping!!

  • Smart man Bill Burr 2020. Just please Bill when you carry out you de-population plan don't include me. I vote for you.

  • I am the woman version of Bill Burr. thought I may be too extreme so thankfully he proves its relatable and funny as hell. Thank you Bill Burr

  • Comedian who literally cannot read (look it up, he can’t) tells colleges they need to make workloads harder........

  • The compartmentalization thing is a breath of fresh air to hear somebody talk about. I felt the same way about Michael Jackson. I always appreciated his music, regardless what was going on with his personal life.

  • Did Bill Burr shave his chin to look like a ball sack?

  • Jay Leno made sure getting in wasn't guaranteeing anything. Why isn't his big jaw not yet removed? F... that guy.