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Ain't no stopping the 'Doot. Hope you guys are ready for two more decades of headshots.
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  • I heard capcom now i only want another lost planet

  • Call of Duty stop being a good game about 10 years ago.

  • not sure if anyone ever said it before, but Activision is the Nickelback of gaming.

  • I want Dragon's Dogma 2 Capcom!!!

  • when u say a company needs to stay in business this would be true is there actual gross revune was falling there doing these cuts and milking there core games more to make there actual gross revune go up cause they will have less spending even if it stays the same. that doesn't mean th ere going under.

  • i thought they didnt cut the jobs there was a post where they decided NOT to cut the 800 jobs

  • Singularity was a fantastic game

  • Good stuff

  • More Dead space, plz and thank you.

  • I love how proud Lawrence was of that podcast burn. lmao

  • Plz that he joins PlayStation and continues his idea since I do like dead space from him

  • I loved singularity. Great Concept and play through. Maybe they should revisit that and do a soft reboot?

    • Singularity was incredible. Heavily underrated game.

  • Sweet MST3K shirt!!!

  • Id rather have both of my hands cut off before I play another COD.

  • Activision is legit retarted

  • It seems Activision has fully been taken over my the brain tunneling parasite Callofus Dutius.

  • Advanced warfare is the best cod

  • Not surprised.....

  • You forgot about Doritos

  • Imagine a year without cod...


  • It’s always gonna be King COD and Queen Battlefield. Sad.

  • Its always morning somewhere.

  • Before you take your own life, hit that sub button. Lol

  • And???? What’s the new news?

  • Bruce "Time of Duty" Greene.

  • Well of course they would do that. They been selling the same shit with a new paintjob for years already

  • Hello, Humans. Sometimes in life, you end up on KG-tv. What does it mean? TERRANCE OUT

  • Are the people at Inside Gaming on Cocaine? This format is horrible, =3 style, with a squeeze of Philip Defranco for good measure. Uninteresting! Bland, Justin Bieber level of awful. Reformat your show please.

  • As someone who hasn't watched much funhaus or much of inside gaming back in the day I wasn't a fan of the Know getting absorbed but this is better.

  • Lol good luck with that Activision

  • Oooh so we trending now?

  • this editing is annoying

  • I do remember Advent Rising Damnit!

  • I HAVENT HEARD THE NAME ADVENT RISING IN YEARS! Holy shit guys... game of my childhood, first introduction to choice in a video game.

  • I hope we get dead space 4 that would be a dream.

  • Dam the guy with the laptop is has the chrimson chin

  • Did you know that we epic -lewd- gamers are being oppressed by KG-tv's demonetization? Like where's our -porno graphics gaming content- freedom?

  • Ok I am confusion, I was subscribed to this channel and haven't been on this in a bit, it used to be the know...right? Either way as informative as they are they are so much more funny lol

  • Wait you know it’s activision, what was the last time they made something new? Yeah there hedging there bet on a false hand, I foresee them failing hard

  • Cod is becoming worse and worse because of activison making everything with micro transactions they are starting to pull an EA. But nobody is calling them out on their shitty business choices.

  • I am proud of myself for not buying this garbage anymore

  • singularity was awesome. Glen gave the world the masterpiece known as dead space. we need more games from him.

  • The reason big publishers are risk averse when it comes to new IP, is because none of them recognise a good game, or a creative idea that will engage the player when they see it. They only see games that sell well after release and like brain-dead chimps point at it and say "That's selling great, make one just like it for me!" Even Call of Duty started it's life jumping on the bandwagon of the popularity of WWII shooters at the time. Fuck Activision. They are creatively bankrupt.

  • Wait did you guys jus vouch for micro transactions?

  • Activision needs to try new IP all the time

  • Dragons dogma is a fucking masterpiece for its time. And is GOOOOOLD if Capcom does dragons dogma

  • Anthem cough cough

  • Why risk something new when they can guarantee profit from call of duty ?

  • I'm in Africa, it's morning when I watch this show!

  • Every time They say New I.P. or Call of Duty shout "Fahk Yuu!" at the screen.

  • Ps4 call of duty sucks hackers in it. i played a guy that went 103 and 2 ,94 kills and 3 deaths in team death match. Like come on. Lots of people just hide it better but this guy rubbed his balls to my teams face with hacks.

  • I miss the know...

  • I actually bought Dragons dogme three times.

  • We all need to stop buying cod

  • I’m still incredibly confused as to why OG Inside Gaming, now known as Funhaus, are now back doing Inside Gaming? Can anyone explain?

    • Inside gaming isn't replacing funhaus, IG have their own new channel including the funhaus members and some of The Know members. Maybe they wanted to do more news again and incorporating IG with The Know was a good idea.

  • *You might as well you’re dead*

  • Cod for life

  • Hold this L, Kotick

  • i actually played White Night back when it released and it's honestly a pretty good game. i think a new IP would have done Activision/Sledgehammer some favors

  • I get that this game is a joke at this point, but the whole smug, holier than thou attitude towards CoD isn't edgy or hip anymore. To clarify, I despised the last few CoD games and am proper burned out on the series for good. But, if people want it, they can have it. Being a gaming purist doesn't make you cooler or better.

  • Talking about the risk and difficulties of making a new IP and doesn't even mention Anthem. I'm impressed by your restraint. This was just the bash Anthem channel for like 3 weeks in a row.

  • A code is farts

  • Activation is now a total joke. And no one is in for the joke. Money is not a joke. So as the consumers, they’re not in for the laughing game.

  • Thank you Bruce for he fun fact while I take my evening dump ❤️

  • Activision only focusing on Cod? Jesus cant save us now

  • Other than the microtransactions I actually liked Glen Schofield. I felt he really cared about his game and both him and michael condrey worked hard on it. However, that's all overshadowed by the dawn of microtransactions (given the benefit of the doubt, I'd hope it was activision who decided it.)

  • I hope Blizzard just breaks away from Activision. Activision has been nothing but a leech that saps Blizzard's vitality all this time. Blizzard had to help them out so many times without getting any benefit in return that seemed as if it became a master-slave relationship and not a partnership anymore. Even when the merger happened, it happened because Activision was having a tough time and Vivendi had to help them out with the merger.

  • They're moving all their games to mobile! Isn't that wonderful? We can match the quality!

  • Activation will have multiple studios working on a single cod title at a time. They’re all in on a franchise that does good even when it does bad.

  • I personally loved singularity, too bad there were just too many mishaps along the way. To sum it up: Brilliant idea, but a most retarded execution.

  • That sucks. Cod is garbage and only gets worse n worse. It hasn't been good since Black ops.

  • Activision can't rely on CoD forever. Itll have to branch out eventually.

  • Can you guys try to be like The Know? This format sucks

  • Advent rising was awsome. They should completely reboot it and follow through with the original vision

  • The dude at the beginning looks like a Bogdanoff twin

  • People like Treyach should just make an entire game dedicated to Zombies. The Aether story is really interesting & the only reason I come back to COD. It's such a shame only a little bit of people will ever see it. Because it's buried under a COD title & randoms just assume it's shit like everything else for the past couple of years...

  • Michael Scofield escaped prison to become a game dev?

  • I like the know

  • don’t worry they will change their minds once call of duty starts to fail

  • Every COD is better than the last. This means COD: 27 will be the best gaming experience ever crafted!

  • I would be mad but sledgehammer has consistently shown themselves to be the worst cod developers

  • That's a pretty misleading title. I don't see a comment from Activision saying that they only want to make COD games from now on, they just said "no" to one pitch by one developer... And we don't even know what the pitch was. For all you know, it was a bad idea. And especially with how much gaming stocks have dropped this past year, it shouldn't be a surprise that companies have been a little more cautious than normal. What we need is new publishers to rise up and take risks, not expect established publishers with risk-averse stockholders to be rolling the dice all the time. EA tried two new IPs, one was a success in Apex Legends, and the other was a disaster in Anthem. So why did they take the risk? Because COD is kicking Battlefield's backside lately, and EA screwed up Battlefront as well. If the big EA brands were doing well, they wouldn't be taking risks either. I'd say give it a couple years and after Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward release their terrible COD games, Activision might be green-lighting a few new projects to potentially pad the profit margins until the next Treyarch COD comes out.

  • I love Singularity and I understand it had its flaw but I want a sequel to it sooo badly.

  • I missed u guys

  • The milk is still moist

  • #trending

  • they don't officially own the IP for sekiro

  • Really liked Singularity! Got it at EB Games for lile 7 bucks during 'red tag days' back in 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Wtf no women...? Sausage infestation...unsubscribe! Peace oot.

  • They are one bad monetization system, away to be forgotten.

  • Too bad for RAVEN in my opinion they are pretty damn good developers Activision should let them make there own game

  • I'm 21 now, but I've been watching since you Spartan in Halo 3. Don't know if that makes feel better about your audience.

  • i am personally offended. Advent rising is a great game. It failed cause it launched beside Halo 2 and they lied about a 1million dollar sweepstakes that wasnt real and they got sued into nothing. also majestco didnt advertise the game at all. they published the game made by two people. who loved the game but majestco wanted to focus on Psychonauts. instead of advent rising.

  • Well just like every game they touch. They run it into the ground so good luck with that

  • Here's the thing, making new IPs is a risky and expensive venture. Very risky. So stockholders generally veto any and all new IPs unless you have basically a game (with all the necessary research) up and ready from the word go.

  • I’m gonna die so I better buy a toothbrush

  • I wonder what happened to the know. This one is still better.

  • Why isn't alanah on this show...

  • Why yall bitching? isn't' the point for the devs and people work on the game to secure JOBS and income? this is a GOOD THING.