13 Details You Missed In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere

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The last season of "Game of Thrones" has premiered and a lot happens. We break down the 13 details you might have missed from the premiere.
The episode gave us a look at many of our favorite characters, the ones that are still alive, and how they're handling the oncoming threat from the White Walkers beyond the Wall. Lots of characters meet at Winterfell, from those who grew up there like Stark kids Sansa and Arya, plus Jon Snow. But we also see a host of new faces who haven't spent much time up north like Tyrion, Varys and especially Daenerys, who makes a triumphal entry to the north with her vast army.
There are a bunch of new clues to decipher throughout the episode and a lot of callbacks to earlier seasons, including the very first episode of the series. We get new images in the opening title sequence and we see Jon fly a dragon for the first time. But all is not well. There's strife between Sansa and Dany, Dany and Samwell, and Bran and Jaime. Also the White Walkers kill and reanimate another person, leaving a terrifying message for Tormund and Beric. But what does it all mean for how the show will end?
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13 Details You Missed In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere


  • Bran is waiting for Theon to return, not Jaime.

  • I didn t missed those, just the 13 th one, "he s waiting for an old friend"

  • Missed like all of it.

  • Why was Peter Dinklages name put first before everyone else's in the start credits? I think he's gonna win the game of thrones.

  • You missed the fact that they all had two eyes and a nose in all the previous seasons too.

  • "The Prince that was promised"....to the night king

  • There are 4 dragons shown in the opening credits scene

  • 13 details you didnt miss*

  • Have a feeling Dany is going to die and reunite with Khal and her son

  • Didn’t really miss any of these. You should change the title to Episode 1 recap

  • Yes..there was wolf shadow when John snow & Sam were talking...may be ghost ..I posted this on reddit, but they removed my post

  • music not the same

  • Jamie, the king slayer.... will be the one that kills the night king.

  • Who missed point 12? You’d have to be not watching at all

  • Hi! I've just uploaded my first video ever and it would mean so so much if you subbed and/or checked it out. Have an incredible day! :)

  • Hi! I've just uploaded my first video ever and it would mean so so much if you subbed and/or checked it out. Have an incredible day! :)

  • Hi! I've just uploaded my first video ever and it would mean so so much if you subbed and/or checked it out. Have an incredible day! :)

  • Somethings should be missed...to be surprised in the end.

  • Sansa now tries to act like she's tough now that she has alot of soldiers to fight her battles, but she was nothing but a wimp and follower when she was geoffrey's b*tch.

  • John fucked his auntie 😂

  • All those details, I saw them in the episode.

  • Season 1 cat :” where is Arya “ Season 8 Jon snow :” where is Arya “

  • Qyburn was a northern. Robb and talisha saved him from infection. So why is Qyburn doing things for cersei? I hope he gives her a surprise.


  • Every time I see the scene where Jon is riding the Dragon I have to think about his balls...


  • I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but longclaw actually blinks when Jon and arya break their hug

  • bran gonna control dragons ;)

  • 13 details you may have missed if you have never watched the show. God what a terrible video.

  • Bran says to Jon that he is not a man yet. Strange reaction from Jon.

  • The White Walker is the Mad king..hahaha just a guess

  • Why Drogon staring at John? That scene near the falls

  • We all know whos gonna take down the zombie dragon now...

  • Kit Harrington tho😍😍😍

  • that spiral sign was also in the very first episode and i think it represents the sun... like the sun in the intro... or maybe it represents “the wheel”

  • 2:16 is mean winter Winter STORM

  • The staff is a big dagger holder

  • Clickbait

  • It’s not the red wedding, man. It’s the night king holding the wolf head...

  • We "may" remember that Tyrion used a crossbow to kill his father??? This is so lame! We're GOT fans. You know nothing!

  • Daenerys looks like the white woman in that waterfall scene...

  • One of dragons get jealous

  • I noticed all of it myself lmao is this normal or am i just a fanboy

  • this details could miss only a person who whatched only this episode and not a single other one lol . I just waisted 4 minutes of my life for nothing . Gj !

  • okay any person who is actually caught up with the show - meaning they were dedicated enough to watch 7 seasons and wait 2 years - did not miss any of these so-called 'details'😂😂😂 sorryyyy

  • They literally covered half of this at the end of the show... give me a break.

  • You missed one thing.. When the last time new met Jon he told him that when next time we will meet we will talk about your mother, so when sam tells Jon that he is true heir of the throne, they were in front of neds statue and lyannas statue.

  • And what about Drogon staring at Jon when he kisses Dany Don't you think there is something spooky behind that stare. I think Drogon is starting to hate Jon because he dates his mother, mother of fragons

  • Any one who is a fan will have noticed all of this. What a shit video

  • 13 details you missed ... i am searching 13 missing details in this video 🤔🤔

  • missed ? who d fuq cares

  • I didn't miss any of that..this is dumb

  • Good Job! Love the summary of Episode 1👍👍

  • Danny is going to become a villian it seems

  • The comments section of this video is such an interactive conversation of all these missed details. Thank you guys!

  • The spril pattern was first shown in S01E01. The significance is this is part of the Children of the Forrest culture. This has moved down into the White Walker's culture.

  • Brandt is the knight king. He always knows what’s happening and that the dragon was coming so was ready to capture it. He sees all thorough Brandt’s eyes. Apologies for the spoiler people.

  • Jon flying dragon refers that only a Targaryen can fly a dragon.

  • No I didn’t missed anything

  • The pattern left by the Night king is the same pattern of the house Targaryan, the Night King is Dany's father...

  • jaime and Bron talked after Bron saved Jaime for the Dragon (he wanted to kill Danni in Season 7.5) he said Jaime will not die through a Dragon, or another man, till he gets his Castel ans his Gold from him, Bron said he himself is the only Person who is allowed to kill Jaime

  • Total crap

  • Night Walker's king was actually a targaryen...

  • But GAME OF THRONES is good to watch

  • Waste to watch this..

  • You missed out Negan killing Glen and Hershal getting beheaded.

  • Hihihi.. I prolly didn't watch same E01 S08 as you mehn.. Was so excited watching without paying attention 😂😂 No doubt a friend say that will wait till all 5 Episodes are out... Naa.. Can't anticipate this long just to wait again before watching 😂😂😂 I guess I needa rewatch of S08E01 to get these clues

  • Dany is way too smug. Like cool she has dragons and an army but at this point the Lord's of the north and wildings trust Sansa who has been groomed by little finger who was probably the best strategist in the series. Arya is a master assassin who single handedly killed an entire castle and is possibly the most dangerous character in the show. Bran has literal god like power with the capability of seeing through time and controlling animals and humans with his power growing each day. Also Danny is just as tyrannical as sersei with just as much of a self righteous bloodthirst for the iron throne. I'm calling it now. Danny will try imprissioning or executing Sansa because she refused to submit in which case John will remember where his true alliance lies and Danny will be revealed to have been like the mad king all along.

  • You called this "13 details you missed" but all i see is pretty obvious shit sprinkled with scenes from past seasons.

  • All of these things were easy to catch

  • In the introduction, the Weirwood Tree at Winterfell has a new face. It's round in shape and reminds me of Samwell Tarly.

  • Dude I don’t think anyone missed these points...

  • Greyjoy tells his brother to kill the bastards after... Hmmm

  • I really wish that at least one Dany’s advisors went up to Sam and said “ yes, sorry about your Dad, and your too loyal brother, but they were just coming back from destroying Dany’s ally, Oleanna (who Jamie murders) and her entire clan and family at this point! Stole every bit of zig old and food, and it was obvious POW medical care from the Tarly-Lannister army was non-existent! Sam’s Dad was even offered a chance to bend the damn knee! She doesn’t deserve the crown? She is the one ruler in Westeros that has constantly fought to make the people’s life’s better...freeing entire cities of slaves! This is one if the only iffy writing points I have seen... Jon should have jumped down Sam’s throat and told him the whole damn story!

  • I thought its a blow gun lol

  • mad king is the dead king and thats why he is using targarion sigil he wants revenge

  • This show is epic and will definitely warrant a prequail (spelling).. You get what I'm saying, the happening before the happenings. 😁😘 We want more!!!!!

  • Jon asks sansa where's Arya? How does he know that Arya returned to winterfell?

  • 3:59 This is the reason why people make fun of these types of channels. What are you gonna say next? "If you look closely you can see some of the characters are breathing, this could be a throwback to season 3, when some of these characters were breathing as well"

  • i think all GOT fans including myself is very keen in noticing these things 😂. . what i really dont know are the names of those 3 girls with Bron 😸😉

  • Arya's dragon glass piece looks like it can be removed....How did Benjen survive beyond the wall? He told Bran the children of the forest shoved a piece of dragon glass into his chest...It has said Arya's new weapon is a game changer...Could that piece of dragon glass be shoved into someone's chest to save them...

  • A lot of people might no like this idea but I hope Cerci or white walkers win, cause THAT is what makes Game of Thrones Game of Thrones!

  • Didn’t miss a thing. The episode was so dull, how can you miss anything.

  • I forget the last sceen, and i remember after wacth this. Thank haha

  • Bran says the dead are marching South which means people in the south will die first. Winterfell will be the last kingdom to fight.

  • A man is no one.

  • Thirteen details you'd need to have slept through to miss.

  • Didnt miss a single thing

  • Season 1 episode 1 titled: “Winter is coming”.... Season 8 episode 1 titled: “Winterfell”

  • Interesting commentary yet I heard Bran say that he could see the past and the present - not the future. Will watch again to make sure but you're right his powers have advanced.

  • No one missed any of these they were all .... obvious

  • I’ve watched this episode 3 times. I’ll watch another 5 times before I fully understand.

  • We have yet to see any white spiders, the size of hounds, but the spirals have eight legs

  • That is THE crossbow that Tyrion used on Tywin.

  • In the intro the tiles flip to blue letting us know where the white walkers are currently

  • I understood the last one when I saw Jaime and Bran get eyecontact. But I do wonder what Arya is going to use a dragonglass-weapon for, possible kill white walkers - but I feel like Arya have a lot of other people on her list to kill xD

  • Arya will wear the face of the dragon.

  • how does a horse beat a dragon from the wall to winterfell

  • where is ghost

  • if you missed any of these things you’re a bad game of thrones fan