10 ways Android is just better

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  • why the fuck is my subs in HINDI

  • All the people who diliked the video are probably apple fan boys

  • 5:53 hand move to pc "phone" and then hand move to phone to "pc

  • 4:20 he instant cums from his mouth

  • With all due respect I don't need Linus to appreciate the flexibility of Android.

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  • Samsung. It just works.

  • Make us the cheapest gaming PC you can. Criteria: The most demanding games default to Ultra High and run at 100 FPS.

  • Always on will drain the battery faster so no go.

  • Automagicly XD (idk if I spell it good)

  • LOL I have a £100 phone which can do face fairly quickly and fingerprint! It's obviously not as fast face as it doesn't have infrared sensor but it is quite secure and fast. As an added bonus I've also got voice unlock! 🤣

  • The Original iPhone was designed for small hands (Donald Trump) so he could easily swipe across pics of you know what...

  • *_breathes heavily_*

  • 4:20 for some nice saliva

  • coming to you via Twitter for iPhone....

  • I love this channel and materiel, but please stick to that! I mean it was funny but I didn't click this to watch a skit...

  • 10 ways Android is just better Twitter for iPhone

  • That Spit at 4:21

  • Replayed 4:20 like 50 times lmao Linus Spit Tips

  • 4.7k window licking Apple fanboys disliked this video...

  • Blown away by the quality of that intro skit!

  • When I first tried to connect my (borrowed) iPad to my PC I was absolutely FLABBERGASTED when I wasn't able to interface with it like my android devices..... I still can't believe it

  • Overclocking for games on phones... I feel old now

  • - free access to shitty and malware apps on the Google app store - becoming super laggy after 3 months - with 8+ GB can't even match iphone speed - taking a century to adapt at some features - adding unnecessary apps you don't give a shit about - putting multiple same apps that you don't even need - copy-paste almost everything Apple dared to do last year hmmm... no thank you

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Damn you sound salty as hell. And most of those things you just wrote sounds like you've never used an android before, or you've not used one in like 3-4 years lol.

  • the microsoft launcher is actually pretty good

  • You can delete alot of first party apps on iOS now

  • blog.aurynn.com/2015/12/16-contempt-culture

  • Iphone Xs in India is more expensive than in the US because of import duties. Even if Indians want to buy it, it makes no economical sense to go for one.

  • I could just use Samsung pass instead of last pass

  • If only what he was saying were right 🤦🏽‍♂️ cause you can definitely delete apple pre installed apps & apple has allowed 3rd party app support for the past few years I just wished all his facts were straight

  • 4:20 man that's a massive saliva


  • They made my gaydar overheat...

  • Some fair points but some are pretty unimportant... How about 10 ways iOS is better than Android, Linus?

  • lightning cable was made to break and gave apple so much money, because of the amount of customers having to buy new lightning cables very often

  • The Android video is 9 seconds longer than the iPhone one. Therefore there are more reasons to get an Android. Android wins. It's just logic.

  • I like on my note8 just like my first android that you can transfer files via bluetooth from anything basically. air drop was only recent and only apple to apple. and also rename bluetooth paired devices that have weird names to make it easyier.

  • 1- iOS sucks too limited 2- iPhone sucks most components And the OLED Screen are made by Samsung others components made by others companies 3- Apple sucks sells crapy phones not made by them at huge prices

  • Specs are good enough, safety is whats important. iPhone got like 0 worries for attacks

  • hi I’m a triggered apple fanboy

  • Android is better in a lot of ways Via Twitter for IPhone

  • iOS is just better due to the fact it just works much better overall for almost everything you do.

  • 2015 i got a free Apple 4s. It wasn't the newest model phone at the time, butt i needed one. After 10 minute's ill gave it back.......... I rather have no phone then a Apple (unless i can eat it).

  • What phone game was that...

  • 4k videos for 5 minutes? Yeah this ain't it chief

  • iPhones and androids are both great phones. They both have their own flaws.

  • But when you put a tweet out for this this video, you did it from an iPhone! How ironic

  • Not enough storage? Get a 64GB model or higher. Cracked screen? Be careful with your phone or get a god damn screen protector. Virus infected? WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU WANT AN ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM ON A MOBILE DEVICE? iPhone gang btw this comment is a joke

  • 4:21 I can't stop looking at the piece that flew out of your mouth..

  • 10:40 r/foundthelightmodeuser

  • While what Linus says is true he misses that thing that keeps iPhone users loyal and that is quality. There is no other smartphone option that compares to the iPhones quality the quality of there constant free software updates the quality of their hard wear and the quality of the service in there store

  • I love this intro Lol

  • Number 9 - you mentioned it's controversial, but didn't tell why: This is a non-issue for people who are not used to android back button and I believe most of them find iOS way superior. It's also unfair to say Apple didn't solve it since iPhone 6, they actually have 2 solutions for this: 1. All apps which are following Apple design guidelines (which is all of the most popular ones like Facebook, Instagram and all the well known social network apps, Chrome, Uber,... whatever comes to your mind, of course all Apple apps), allows you to swipe right to go back, or swipe left to return back, which is extra feature in comparison to Android. Only exceptions are maybe some games and maybe other special "artistic" apps that have very special GUI. But for 99% use cases you can go back with one hand, even on the biggest iPhones, with ease. 2. As for the bigger size of the screen and problems with one handed operation, when Apple came up with iPhone 6, they also introduced a feature in iOS called "Reachability", that allows you to swipe down on the bottom part of the screen to bring the upper half of the screen to the bottom part, so you can easily reach it with one hand. Again, a great feature for one hand operation that Android does not have (at least not by default). So yes, this is a non-problem for iOS users, only if they recently switched from Android and have different habits. But I believe that iOS solution is actually much more elegant and natural.

  • Sd card?!

  • 4:20 spit

  • You can use the accessibility feature to drop the screen to reach the back button :) google it!

  • I love how I’m watching this on an iphone

  • I prefer Macs over Windows because I'm a programmer who needs Unix and MacOS but I'm starting to hate my iPhone after the mic broke for no reason...makes me feel bad, next time I'm gonna buy some cheap phone like the Poco Phone and call it a day.. if it breaks then at least it didn't cost 1000 bucks


  • Do we even need a video about the reasons? Lol

  • 4:21 ew the spit

  • Slow ass android users

  • This video is literally retarted

    • retarded*

  • You're just biased because it's running a kernel made by someone who shares your first name.

  • Now also Android has apps that you simply can't disinstall...

  • You forgot the voice unlock

  • Microsoft Launcher is Awesome....

  • 7:00 2 years ago I wanted VR so went Galaxy. This year I wanted a phone that sounded decent. The V40 had a shocking advantage - DTS sound both for it's decent dual speaker and output for my car? WOW. Needless to say I swapped.

  • You can get iTunes on Android. Enough said.



  • Desktop? 2:17

  • iPhone hardware barely changes with every model, yet they continue to raise the price.... Yup, I'm done with Apple.

  • Whenever the views on channel goes down, these cliché videos come out 🤣👌🏽

  • Jailbreaking an iPhone (or any iOS device for that matter) allows you to do more than you could on stock unrooted android. You can also sideload apps on iOS, look up cydia impactor. It uses your apple ID and password to sign the app and install it. There's also custom stores for iOS such as ignition.

    • Oh really can you -remap your hardware buttons -play gamecube and Wii games -share the download file of an app right from your phone -set default apps for video,alarm clock,music player etc. - develop apps right from your phone(sketchware) -use usb otg Name the tweaks that allow you think do these things

  • via Twitter from iPhone

  • 4:21 Spit. WutFace

  • Apple fanboys will say all of these are fake **insert salty Apple fanboy**

  • Android is better than iOS. vis KG-tv for iPhone.

  • 5:47 wait what? Someone who used ios in the past care to explain?

  • Android = just mehhh 😰

  • better than what. android is a slow unreliable piece of crap. the hardware it runs on would have uses if it came with full datasheets, which, it does not. car radios that take 30 seconds to start up are completely useless, tablets and phones that randomly lose wifi and bluetooth connections and don't automatically reconnect instantly to either are even worse. and why the hell do we have to turn on the only core function such a thing would have (usb ethernet or bluetooth tethering) every time again it starts up or gets plugged in again. why the fuck doesn't it contain a usb hub to do all of it's functions at the same time (file storage, usb ethernet and preferably, also usb seral port to access the simcard with AT commands, something they usually can't even do, at all). it's absolute garbage. simple.

    • the damn things already crack and bend if you look at them too hard. like wtf. we invented perfectly fine field telephones made of solid steel in the 1930s already. so wtf is up with all the plastic flimsy shit in shops.

    • but i guess we're better off just buying from lockheed martin and the likes than buying from 'apple' or 'samsung' anyway. it's becoming rather hard to buy PROPER products nowadays, we even have to import our cars from iran because we don't want silly can-bus driven shit that's made of plastic and will poop out it's airbags in dispair whenever it jut sees a pedestrian. shops are filled with shit we'd simply throw into the shredder instantly nowadays. whatever happened to solid engineering.

    • their whole tendency of selling you things and then acting like you rented it of them or they would retain any rights to it (end user licenses and shit like that, or samsungs tendency to demand that they get used with a european sim card on a european network for 5 minutes after pulling them out of hte box and refusing to document how to program that out of it) is annoying like hell and borderline conspiracy to defraud, after all the guy in the shop never tells the user they are not BUYING the phone and would have to engage in some sort of 'contract' the moment they turn it on.

    • 'software updates' are not needed on a finished product. simple. security (AND something android does not do at all, completely wiping out data in ram and on storage after it no longer has any use, and in most cases, not storing it in the first place (nobody ever asked them to keep track of every single number the owner (not the 'user' - the OWNER) ever dialed in the first place) should be in mind at every step of development, products that are not 100% finished should never get shipped. both the hardware and the software. the memory map should be -perfect- (no 'holes'). the electrical engineering should be -perfect-, and the software should not be written in some lazy higher language but in assembly. we don't pay for 8 core 2ghz cpus just so programmers can get lazy and use 'java' and give an end result that is even slower than a c64 running on 1mhz.

    • keep in mind, 'android' didn't replace 'iphones'. android replaced analog and isdn phones. which have -no- boot time, work all the time, instantly do what the user wants, and can survive a nuclear impact and then still last 50 years. none of those things, either an android or iphone can do. however, they would do a lot better job at it if android could be completely wiped off of it and replaced with a firmware that would basically fit in the cpu cache alone (8KB should be more than enough to make it run even something like the macos on the mac classics and load in microseconds). and why7 the hell do we have to keep the power off key pressed for 10 fucking seconds like some fucking retard. if we press the off button it should go off. NOW. not in 10 seconds.

  • *watches video on iphone*

  • First time I've ever seen ARK: Survival Evolved in a tech video before.

  • Anyone notice what flew out of his mouth at 4:22 lmao

  • i want to switch to android, but i don't wanna lose all my progress in clash of clans so iphone it is :(

  • i use the microsoft launcher LOL :D

  • But you tweet from an iPhone. Bitch!

  • And the award for worst fitting turtleneck goes to... LINUS!

  • you can see spit fly out 4:20 lol

  • Not all android phone allow you to change launcher.

  • The way Linus handles sponsors are just perfect!

  • How Linus was when he was born: Mom: Now say i-Phone Linus: i-i-i Mom: Honey he's gonna say i-- Linus: Android Dad: fuk

  • Most of your points only apply to nerds.

  • Not an android-specific comment, but: Samsung Pay allowing me to use my phone at almost ANY card reader is the best thing ever! That would be a most-missed feature for me if I ever switched. Also, using split screen when doing taxes on my phone is a huge time saver instead of flipping back and forth between sheets or using a notepad.

  • All these idiotic comments about how someone at LMG tweeted this video from an iPhone.....why isn't anyone asking _why Twitter shares that info to begin with?_ Can someone please educate me on what _possible_ benefit there is to everyone knowing what device you use?

  • I hate iPhone always have and I'm sure I always will. 😁✌

  • Can't you access the top of the screen easier by double tapping the home button?

  • Android is ass

  • Watching on my oneplus5t 💪