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Studio C is the Internet's favorite sketch comedy show! New videos are uploaded every Tuesday and Friday to our KG-tv channel, so be sure to subscribe! You can also watch full episodes of the show at, or on BYUtv every Monday at 9pm ET/7pm MT.


Gaming Trash-Talk
Gaming Trash-Talk6 күн мурун
A Quick Customer Survey
A Quick Customer Survey15 күн мурун
Our Favorite Throwback Videos
Our Favorite Throwback Videos15 күн мурун
Practicing For A Date
Practicing For A Date18 күн мурун
The Pharaoh's Escape Room
The Pharaoh's Escape Room21 күн мурун
Love At First Bite
Love At First BiteАй мурун
The Art of Love
The Art of LoveАй мурун
Love Is Magic
Love Is MagicАй мурун
A Massive To-Do List
A Massive To-Do List2 ай мурун
Reverse Catfishing!
Reverse Catfishing!2 ай мурун
We Must Band Together!
We Must Band Together!2 ай мурун
A Few Friendly Wagers
A Few Friendly Wagers2 ай мурун
Christmas Morning Mayhem
Christmas Morning Mayhem3 ай мурун
Man vs. Packaging
Man vs. Packaging3 ай мурун
Worst Elf Ever
Worst Elf Ever3 ай мурун
An Evil Dinner Party
An Evil Dinner Party3 ай мурун
A Very Viral Christmas
A Very Viral Christmas3 ай мурун
A Yummy Food Compilation
A Yummy Food Compilation3 ай мурун
Movie Reboot Brainstorm
Movie Reboot Brainstorm3 ай мурун
The Greatest Spy Ever?
The Greatest Spy Ever?4 ай мурун
Worst Mechanic Ever
Worst Mechanic Ever4 ай мурун
Studio C Spooky Recuts
Studio C Spooky Recuts4 ай мурун
The Return of IT
The Return of IT4 ай мурун
The Devil's Dilemma
The Devil's Dilemma5 ай мурун
Don't Go In That Door!
Don't Go In That Door!5 ай мурун
Crime Stinks
Crime Stinks5 ай мурун
Real-Life Hangman
Real-Life Hangman5 ай мурун
Office Splash Zone
Office Splash Zone5 ай мурун
Dad Jokes
Dad Jokes5 ай мурун
Overheard Dinner Date
Overheard Dinner Date6 ай мурун
Your Mom
Your Mom6 ай мурун
Something in My Teeth?
Something in My Teeth?6 ай мурун
Sketches of You
Sketches of You6 ай мурун
Feeling Insecure?
Feeling Insecure?7 ай мурун
Don't Do This
Don't Do This7 ай мурун
The Ultimate Kidney Donor
The Ultimate Kidney Donor8 ай мурун
Barbs and Rhonda
Barbs and Rhonda8 ай мурун
Find the Buried Treasure
Find the Buried Treasure8 ай мурун
Here To Help
Here To Help8 ай мурун
Batman Drives Uber
Batman Drives Uber8 ай мурун
Destructive Criticism
Destructive Criticism9 ай мурун
Don't Look At Your Ex
Don't Look At Your Ex9 ай мурун
Where Is Thumbkin?
Where Is Thumbkin?10 ай мурун
Just Like You Left It
Just Like You Left It10 ай мурун
Single Parent Romance
Single Parent Romance10 ай мурун
I Think You're In Love
I Think You're In Love10 ай мурун
Bro, Do You Even Vegan?
Bro, Do You Even Vegan?10 ай мурун
Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight10 ай мурун
Puritan Roommate Finds Love
Puritan Roommate Finds Love11 ай мурун
The Birth of Superman
The Birth of Superman11 ай мурун