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Hi! I'm Matt from Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch!
I don't only shoot guns and fix puppies, let me show you!!!


Why Am I So Bad At This???
Why Am I So Bad At This???17 күн мурун
This Is Frowned Upon...
This Is Frowned Upon...18 күн мурун
New House Tour!!!
New House Tour!!!20 күн мурун
Thunderbird: Pt 2 The New Mods
Thunderbird: Pt 2 The New Mods23 күн мурун
New Breaching Tools...
New Breaching Tools...Ай мурун
She Got Owned!!!
She Got Owned!!!Ай мурун
I Bought Land!!!!!
I Bought Land!!!!!Ай мурун
Mere Says No.....
Mere Says No.....Ай мурун
Sorry...2 ай мурун
My Brother Has Cancer
My Brother Has Cancer3 ай мурун
The Future of Silencers
The Future of Silencers3 ай мурун
I Have Bad News...
I Have Bad News...3 ай мурун
This Just Arrived!!!
This Just Arrived!!!4 ай мурун
Finally HOME!!!
Finally HOME!!!4 ай мурун
I Need $100,000 FAST!!!
I Need $100,000 FAST!!!4 ай мурун
The Last Day...
The Last Day...4 ай мурун
LET'S DO THIS!!!4 ай мурун
Top 10 Ways To Kill Ants
Top 10 Ways To Kill Ants4 ай мурун
The Big Reveal!!!
The Big Reveal!!!5 ай мурун
Getting Ready!
Getting Ready!5 ай мурун
We Made a Big Mistake...
We Made a Big Mistake...5 ай мурун
16 Months Ago I Failed...
16 Months Ago I Failed...5 ай мурун
Mere Left Me...
Mere Left Me...5 ай мурун
It Didn't Go So Well...
It Didn't Go So Well...5 ай мурун