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ACTUALLY HAPPENED is a digital platform that gives people the chance to have their personal stories turned into animations and shared around the world.
Whether it’s a story of triumph or heartbreak, of challenge or failure, about something deadly serious and sad or just for fun, we want to hear about it!
This is what to do so that your story becomes a video:
1. Make your story as detailed as possible and send it to
2. We'll turn your story into a full script, and send it to a professional voiceover actor
3. After that, an animator takes control and your story gets transformed into a video!
Send us your story! And enjoy your stay :)

Tags: Animated Stories. Story time. Real Life Stories.


I Am Obsessive And Compulsive
I Am Obsessive And Compulsive18 күн мурун
I Babysitted A Monster
I Babysitted A MonsterАй мурун
I Saved My Dog From Death
I Saved My Dog From Death27 күн мурун
My Life With Dwarfism
My Life With DwarfismАй мурун
I Can't Talk To Girls
I Can't Talk To GirlsАй мурун
I'm Ugly And Proud Of It
I'm Ugly And Proud Of It2 ай мурун
I Hate Mondays
I Hate Mondays2 ай мурун
My Life With Diabetes
My Life With Diabetes2 ай мурун
My Mom Is Gay
My Mom Is Gay2 ай мурун