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We make videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects.
There is excitement found in discovering the unknown, so join us and let’s build something great together.
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Making a Flying Foam Toilet
Making a Flying Foam Toilet8 күн мурун
Can Dry Ice Carbonate Steak?
Can Dry Ice Carbonate Steak?15 күн мурун
How Much Heat Can It Take?
How Much Heat Can It Take?21 күн мурун
This Liquid DESTROYS Plastic
This Liquid DESTROYS Plastic28 күн мурун
Extreme Spray Painting
Extreme Spray PaintingАй мурун
Can You Melt Ice Melt?
Can You Melt Ice Melt?Ай мурун
Under Water Waterfall
Under Water Waterfall2 ай мурун
Turning Dry Ice into Fuel
Turning Dry Ice into Fuel2 ай мурун
Rainbow Ice Cubes
Rainbow Ice Cubes2 ай мурун
Don't Powderize a LATTE
Don't Powderize a LATTE2 ай мурун
We Made a $5 Sandblaster
We Made a $5 Sandblaster2 ай мурун
Micro Lightning Storm
Micro Lightning Storm2 ай мурун
Grant Likes To Make Fire
Grant Likes To Make Fire2 ай мурун
LEGO in a Blender
LEGO in a Blender3 ай мурун
We Tried Boiling Dry Ice!
We Tried Boiling Dry Ice!3 ай мурун
Oh! It's So Nasty Though
Oh! It's So Nasty Though3 ай мурун
We Blended up Glow Sticks
We Blended up Glow Sticks3 ай мурун
We Turned Dirt into Iron
We Turned Dirt into Iron3 ай мурун
Molten Metal in a Vacuum
Molten Metal in a Vacuum3 ай мурун
We Got Beat Up By a Girl
We Got Beat Up By a Girl3 ай мурун
We Powderized SLIME!
We Powderized SLIME!4 ай мурун
We Boiled Way Too Much
We Boiled Way Too Much4 ай мурун
That's How You Carve It
That's How You Carve It4 ай мурун