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I make videos documenting my life. I intensely enjoy creating an experience through my videos that draws from my own, while also playing with that dynamic and making it interesting for both of us. Often included are my girlfriend Jenna, and the furry kids; Peach, Kermit and Marbles.


making a giant aries cookie
making a giant aries cookie24 күн мурун
my new animal friends
my new animal friends3 ай мурун
home improvement
home improvement4 ай мурун
crying for no reason
crying for no reason4 ай мурун
my tribute to buttercup
my tribute to buttercup5 ай мурун
stress day
stress day5 ай мурун
back in the tattoo chair
back in the tattoo chair5 ай мурун
a struggle at dinner
a struggle at dinner6 ай мурун
an excited boy
an excited boy6 ай мурун
an aries in the kitchen
an aries in the kitchen7 ай мурун
peach and a pelican
peach and a pelican7 ай мурун
coming up for air
coming up for air7 ай мурун
i got a new car
i got a new car8 ай мурун
kermit fell into the pool
kermit fell into the pool8 ай мурун
something fun i'm doing
something fun i'm doing8 ай мурун
family dinner
family dinner8 ай мурун
dog massage
dog massage8 ай мурун
the second part
the second part9 ай мурун
kermit got stung by a bee
kermit got stung by a bee9 ай мурун
too thicc
too thicc9 ай мурун
kermit’s 8th birthday
kermit’s 8th birthday10 ай мурун
peachy's 4th birthday
peachy's 4th birthday10 ай мурун
mr. marbles 10th birthday
mr. marbles 10th birthday10 ай мурун
a new chapter
a new chapter11 ай мурун
we bought a house and moved
we bought a house and moved11 ай мурун
insecure dog
insecure dog11 ай мурун
the most ratchet salon
the most ratchet salon11 ай мурун
an aries birthday
an aries birthdayЖыл мурун
hey sisters
hey sistersЖыл мурун
we got tattoos
we got tattoosЖыл мурун
a tribute to our hamster
a tribute to our hamsterЖыл мурун
backpack boy
backpack boyЖыл мурун
aries season
aries seasonЖыл мурун
lossЖыл мурун
kermit hurt his leg
kermit hurt his legЖыл мурун
top secret j&j's kitchen
top secret j&j's kitchenЖыл мурун
the 24 hour surprise
the 24 hour surpriseЖыл мурун
we've become vet regulars
we've become vet regularsЖыл мурун
looking back
looking backЖыл мурун
a brief update
a brief updateЖыл мурун
gotta go
gotta goЖыл мурун
what even happened today
what even happened todayЖыл мурун
pizza break
pizza breakЖыл мурун
beware of hamster
beware of hamsterЖыл мурун
cooking show for our dogs
cooking show for our dogsЖыл мурун
net neutrality
net neutralityЖыл мурун